Bloggers: Are You Making This BIG Mistake?

Blogs are all over the place. Take a look around you and you will know exactly what I mean. 5 years ago, the number of blogs is nowhere near the number today. In every market you go, there is always at least a blog covering that subject.

However, do you know that LOT of bloggers commit one BIG mistake that is drastically ruining their income? Though not every blogger is after the money (although a lot are), I’m sure anyone can surely appreciate the extra cash that blogging can bring in.

The big mistake I’m referring to is that a lot of bloggers do not build a list of subscribers. This is especially true in markets that are outside of internet marketing or make money online.

Yes, I’m talking about putting an opt-in form on your blog where you collect your visitors’ email.

No Leverage

NOT building a list of subscribers is a BIG mistake because you can’t LEVERAGE your previous hard work and effort.

You engage in marketing activities (seo, blog commenting, forum marketing, social media, ppc, etc.) and you drive 100 visitors to your blog today and you make a sale. In order to maintain your level of income, you need to do the SAME tiring and boring work the next day so that you can drive another 100 visitors to your blog and make another sale.

The cycle continues in a never-ending loop.

If you spent all your time doing blog commenting and forum marketing, when are you going to have the time to grow and manage your business?

Work ON Your Business

As cliché as it may sound, you want to work ON your business instead of IN your business. You want to have an aerial or bird’s eye view of your business so that you can see the big picture instead of immersing yourself in minuscule details.

By building a list of subscribers or leads, you can contact them whenever you want simply by emailing them. In other words, you can command traffic at will.

You might say: “But I have a RSS feed that readers can subscribe to.”

Not everyone uses RSS readers to read your feed, especially in markets where the audience is not tech-savvy.

Everyone (even those in non tech-savvy markets), however, has an email address.

Use An Email Autoresponder Service

By the way, when I said putting an opt-in form on your blog, I meant using an email autoresponder service like AWeber or GetResponse, not using a ‘subscribe to this blog by email’ feature from FeedBurner or some other similar applications.

Asking your audience to subscribe to your blog by email whenever a new post is made is different than putting up an opt-in form on your blog where you give them a valuable freebie in exchange for their email.

The former scenario (subscribe to blog by email) means you ONLY contact them via email whenever you create a new blog post. If there is no new post, you can’t contact them.

The latter (subscribing via an opt-in form where you give them a freebie) means you can contact them whenever you want.  Even if there is no new post, you can still contact them. Want opinions and suggestions from your subscribers? No problem. Just send an email to ask for their feedback. Want to sell them your latest product? You got it.

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Image Credit: Zack Clein

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  • You forgot to mention how much auto responder service for a month

  • I totally agree that in order to grow your business, you need the advantages that email marketing offers. However, i prefer to do it with feedburner. I actually ask them to subscribe to RSS for each post that i create and have an opt-in form for emails. Maybe i’ll have to rethink that strategy, but i kinda believe that it works well.
    .-= Spyros´s last blog ..Are You a Non Native English Speaker ? Here Are 6 Tips to Write Better Blog Posts =-.

  • Pay for a premier service to leverage a freebie?

    When looking at an opt-in service like AWeber or GetResponse as opposed to a free service like Feedburner, leveraging these subscription / e-mail lists may not provide enough conversions to cover the ongoing costs.

    Source Blogger
    “Determined to make you a better blogger”
    .-= Source Blogger ´s last blog ..Problogger Told Me a Secret! Here’s the Proof! =-.

    • The freebie is there to capture leads. Of course you want to monetize your leads by selling your own and/or affiliate products and services.

      In business, you almost always lose money first. In online business, you’re luckier because the amount of money you lose is significantly less.
      .-= wellymulia´s last blog ..PayPal Dispute – Does PayPal Favor Buyers Over Sellers? =-.

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  • This is one HUGE mistake I have made by not having a mailing list for for the first two years of my blogging. I have rectified and just joined the mailing list game. I chose MailChimp as my mailing list subscriber and using FeedMailPro as my RSS subscriber now which allows manual updates for free as well. I liked some features of MailChimp and allowed up to 500 subscribers and 3000 credits of blasts per month for free, didn’t want to start Paying Aweber right off the bat.
    .-= Justin Germino´s last blog ..Dragon Blogger iPad Video Converter Contest =-.

  • Thanking for pointing out the importance of lead capture.

    Lead capture applies just as much or more to “traditional” websites, yet most of them lack such conversion mechanisms, as well.

    I want to add that I use AWeber. I tried others including GetResponse and found that their through put was not on par with AWeber. Aweber also has excellent customer service and training.
    .-= Larry Brauner´s last blog ..Facebook Fumble Draws Broad Rebuke =-.

  • Great article. I am kicking myself for not having built my list yet, but will be getting started sometime next month. I even have the first draft of my freebie ready…Not looking forward to the self editing process.

    Aweber will pay for its self in time. You just have to know your audience and then give them what they want. Make your own products and/or promote those you know are a good match for them and you will see profits before too terribly long. Just be sure to send emails out to build your authority and credibility PLUS sustain the relationship between you and your audience that have no other purpose, and you will be golden.
    .-= Gurl´s last blog ..5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Blog =-.

    • Yup, you better start building your own list VERY soon because the longer you put off doing this, the more money you lose.

      Good luck!

      Welly Mulia
      .-= wellymulia´s last blog ..Blog Commenting Plus (+) =-.

  • Excellent post Welly.

    Building a list is an excellent way of building long-term relationships with your readers and prospects. I don’t have much experience with the official auto responders so I will be trying Mail chimp as soon as I finish my e-book. What are your thoughts of Mail chimp?
    .-= Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide´s last blog ..10 Brilliant Tips For Creating Killer Content For Your Blog =-.

  • Tia

    GREAT tips. There is a strategy to building a list, though, and the freebie can’t be junk. It has to be worth it.

    I don’t offer a freebie and won’t until it’s something I think is really worth it. So for now, the people on my list are there because they really want to be there. I’m tired to seeing people offer “free” stuff that is so worthless they should actually be paying to give it away!

    I use Aweber and can attest to how awesome it is, and I have also used MailChimp and can attest to how awesome that is, too. They are both fine.

    Thanks for the great post! Good luck with your contest!
    .-= Tia´s last blog ..Common Sense Blogging: BizChickBlogs’ Guide to New Post Ideas (5 Ways) =-.

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  • Building mailing list is very essential..I just signed up with Mailchimp and looking forward to it..

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice blog.