5 Ways to Decide on How Many Posts to Write!


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The other day as I was replying to a few comments on my blog, I found a comment from one of my readers commenting on the frequency of posting that I was using. After about a couple of days, I found an email in my inbox from one of my subscriber, who decided to unsubscribe. She had written a detailed email and as I read the email, I was surprised at the reason she had mentioned for unsubscribing.

This was what she had written –

Your blog is very informative and I liked reading your posts. But for the time being, I have to unsubscribe from your feeds because I do not want to lose my focus. Your blog covers a wide variety of topics, which includes 2 of my interests. I get about 8-9 posts on an average every week and find short of time to scan through your posts to find posts of my interest. I might want to subscribe some time later once I have set up my online business“.

I was startled at this revelation. I had always read that the more frequently you post the better it is and that it keeps your blog fresh. This was contrary to all that I had read. I wondered as to what had changed in my case?

The blog posting frequency is a debate that has been going on since long. Browse through 10 different blogs posts and you will find 10 different suggestions and advices. Some say that you should post at least daily. Some of them advice that you do it once in about 2 days and yet others would advice that the blog posting frequency should be at around 2 posts every week.


What is the ideal posting frequency? How many posts should you write and how often?

An ideal posting frequency

There is nothing called as an ideal posting frequency. Your posting frequency is determined by quite a few aspects and these aspects guide you on the number of posts that you should make in a week.

Your posting frequency should be based on the following critical aspects of your blogging.

  1. Blog topic – This is one of the most important aspects. Your blog topic should decide the number ofย  blog posts. If your blog is about internet marketing or, making money online, then there is quite a few things that you can write on. Your readers would also want to read more and more information, hence calling for a higher frequency of posting.
  2. Blog type – Though this might sound same as the first aspect, it is actually different in the sense that this means the personal, professional or, a combination of both. For e.g.: Shoemoney is a combination of both, whereas Daily Blog Tips is a professional blog and Daniel might have a personal blog for things that are less professional. As is the case of Shoemoney, you might want to push out a couple of posts every day because you are not just discussing business but everything including something interesting happening in your life.
  3. Subscriber count – For a blog that has a few hundred subscribers, the subscriber interest base is not wide and you might not want to bore your readers with content every day. It would be difficult for them to remain up to date with your blog and they might choose to ignore your blog. But if your subscriber base is as huge as that of daily blog tips, your subscriber interest is wide and you have an option of publishing more than one post on the same day as well.
  4. Blog authors – For a blog that has a single author, it is preferable to stick to about 2-3 posts every week. More posts would mean a stretched schedule for you and lack of research time which in turn could lead to poor quality posts. For blogs that have multiple authors, you can choose to publish one post every day.
  5. Author credibility – To a great extent your posting frequency should also be determined by your credibility. I as a reader will ensure that I check back every day or, check my feed reader every day for posts from Daniel. At the same time I would not mind skipping a couple of days before checking back on a blog from an XYZ who is not that credible in the blogosphere.

You decision on posting frequency should be based on a combination of these factors and not on individual aspects.

I had once read in a blog post that a tenured blog can afford to go without posting a single post for a week or, two because the search engines would not mind it. Neither would the readers, who knows that the blogs churns out exceptionally good content. The search engine rankings also will not be affected too much. They will more or, less stay at the position they are. But if the blog is less tenured then one should churn out a few blog posts every 2 days at least in order to keep it fresh with content.

Though I agree to the fact that fresh content is required regularly and you need to keep your blog fresh in order to keep the search engines happy, I do not see too much of an advantage that a tenured blog can get in this aspect. That’s just a personal opinion, though.

What’s your opinion on blog posting frequency?

  • I usually post once a day and on the odd occasion I let it slip and then only post once every couple of days ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I do hope that the readers of my blog do enjoy what I blog about..
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Are We Spending To Much Time On The Internet? =-.

    • Hey Karen,
      Quality content and informative posts can keep your readers engaged. It can also push them to keep visiting your blog. So I am sure that your readers will enjoy what you are writing till the time it provides value to them.
      Since your posting frequency on an average is about once per day, you should not be too bothered about posting frequency.
      .-= rdilipk1´s last blog ..Micro Niche Finder can explode a business โ€“ Proof attached! =-.

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  • I tries to post one post a day, but often I fail to do so. I’m a student and lots of thins gets into my way everyday which prevents me from daily blogging. But normally I write at least a post in two days and sometimes it takes 3 days which is very painfuk ๐Ÿ™

    -Roshan Ahmed
    .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Get paid for sharing at Flixya =-.

  • One post per day is okay but more is great. Just don’t do more than 3 post per day bro. Saving the article for the future ๐Ÿ˜€
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..Interview With Aswani Srivastava From Future Perfect Blog =-.

    • Yes Latief, you are right. I was subscribed to copyblogger and I always enjoyed reading it until a few days back when I decided to unsubscribe. I thought I would visit the blogs a few time every week and read what is to my liking. The reason why I decided to unsubscribe – there were too many posts dealing with a lot of things and I found that most of these would just sit in my inbox and I would not get the time to read it.
      So one post per day for me works but not more than that.

      • That’s so true. So I don’t subscribe to so many tech blogs out there which add lots of posts a day. Instead I read them visiting the website (bookmarking in my browser). But I guess with feedburner every post made in a day comes together in one mail (I am not sure about it anyway)!

        -Roshan Ahmed ๐Ÿ™‚
        .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Mturk: Get paid for completing small tasks =-.

  • The email you got “sounds” quite diplomatic and respectfully given you her reason why she decided to unsubscribe. That is commendable as it is a very rare case. Posting frequency can also be determined by your type of audience and who you are writing for (users, search engines or both). This can be complicated to determine unless you constantly analyze your websites visitors behavior. In my case, I have decided that two or three post should be sufficient per week provided they are pillar articles (those that can sit fresh for a long time). If they are “news” I try to squeeze those in the agenda. What good is there to write about something that already happened “a long time ago”, right.
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..New Google AdSense For Search Ads =-.

    • A frequency of about 2-3 articles in case of pillar articles is good enough. And as rightly said, news that is stale is irrelevant and of no use. So selecting the best and appropriate news is important if you wish to include news in your posts. That would mean that in total you are publishing about 4-5 articles on an average in a week, which is an ideal posting frequency as per me.

  • i have always got the problem with an IDEAL POSTING FREQUENCY…in fact my main problem have always been revolving around this,….after a long time i have found a remedy..

    .-= Tushar´s last blog ..Who are You Writing For- Google Spiders or Real People? =-.

  • Am I the only one who feels that you perhaps missed her point? I do not think that she minded the frequency with which you posted, as much as she did the lack of tighter focus.

    She said that of your 8 or 9 posts, she has to go looking for the 2 that match her interest.

    I would posit that if you made a schedule (like: Mon. the media, Tues. Twitter, Wed. the Web, etc.), so that she would know when you’d be posting to her topics, you might have kept her as a subscriber.

    I didn’t think she minded the frequency as much as she did that she got a lot of content that wasn’t relevant to her.

  • I love this post because I’ve been feeling guilty about keeping up with the competition and not posting every day. I agree with the person who emailed you. I have unfollowed blogs because they posted 2 or 3 times a day. It made me feel overwhelmed and pressured, like I was missing out on something if I didn’t keep up. Also I think sometimes the quality goes down when you post that often because unless you don’t work at all, you can’t possibly have time to do three quality posts every day.

    I think no more than once a day but for most people, every other day is ideal.
    .-= smittenbybritain´s last blog ..Wry Smiles in Tilling-and Rye =-.

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  • im doing a tech blog but kind a newbie…i normally post articles on weekends ๐Ÿ™

  • My blog covers recipes, saving money, & crafting/needlework for the most part. I like to mix it up with some of each but sometimes I’ll post mostly recipes when a particular holiday is coming up. I guess I post too often, about 4-5 posts a day, but that’s after cutting back from 10 a day. My posts are mainly links to other articles, but I add my own comments. I wonder if this type of blog is ok with the # of posts I put up a day. I have plenty of time to post. Any suggestions welcome.

  • Firstly thanks for the links…
    My question is that is commenting on blogs better then posting on forums for seo purpose. I have a blog and it requires better link building.

    reply required