2 Ways How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Make money blogging is the dream of many people out there, choosing the right blog niche to write is the key, many beginners used to follow the big guy on the web and choose the “make money online” niche which they think it would make them rich. It seems complicated for beginners who just want to make money online but don’t know what to write or they can’t find a blog post topic to write.

Usually the blog post idea comes from our mind and imagination; it would be your experiences or inspirations from other bloggers. Sometimes we might get lost and have no idea what we can write about, or as we call it writer’s block. There are many ways where we can find blog post idea, but it’s complicated to write exactly what people are looking from Google search.

How To Know What People Is Searching?

As we know, Google is the largest search engine on the web and it has the most users. People use Google search engine to search what they really want, you know when you’re typing the keyword phase, then Google is trying to show you the complete query which you’re looking for. With that said, you can pick the exact search term that you’re looking for.

This is an example in which I search “how blog” and Google shows a few keyword results which other users recently searched, therefore you’ll roughly know what other people are searching for and you already get a blog post idea now.

Now you search the same keyword phase, says “how blog”, with a free search term suggestion tool from which you can get to know the number of searches of the keyword phase and some other suggestion keyword phases.

With the free search term suggestion tool, you will get tons of blog post ideas. As you can see from the screenshot, there are 891 results for the search term “how blog”, it’s not necessary that you must follow the title for your blog post, you can create your own blog post title, but at least you have some ideas on what you can write in the blog post.

Wrap Up

Now you already got rid of the writer’s block, you got tons of writing ideas with just a very simple technique and search term suggestion tool. Other than using the tool, you can also read more blogs by others which have similar niche with yours, then you’ll have some ideas on what you can write in your blog too. If you’re writing about make money online, then you should read more make money online niche blogs to get more writing ideas.

My final word, if you don’t want to fight with writer’s block, then you should try to pick a topic that you’re passionate, or you have a wide knowledge on that, then you would be able to write non-stop and get rid of the writer’s block.

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  • There comes many a time when I get that dreaded “Bloggers Block” and get completely stuck for a blogging idea, this is some great advice for those awkward times and something that I am going to try the next time it happens to me, many thanks 😉
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Monthly Round-Up April on Blazing Minds =-.

    • Thanks for your comment Karen. There are actually many ways that we can get rid of the bloggers block and I personally find this way quite interesting and effective. You may try it next time when you face the bloggers block. 😉

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

    • Hey karen, if you are a facing a blogger’s block, then take a walk and listen to some music. It helps a lot if you are calm while you are writing an article.
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..2 Ways How To Find Blog Post Ideas =-.

      • That’s a great idea Gautam. Sometimes I listen music when my mind is dead, or I’ll go facebook and chit chat with friend or watch some video clip that shared by my friends. After my mind is clear then I’ll come back and write again.
        .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

  • That’s another neat way to use Google Search as a hand blogging tool. Google is a also a quick handy spell checker!
    SEARCH posession: Did you mean: possession?
    .-= Grampa Ken for social change´s last blog ..Ads, Contracts and Fine Print =-.

    • Thanks for your comment Grampa. Yes, Google always upgrades their features and therefore it helps us especially blogger. You may try this method to get blog post ideas next time too.

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

  • I must say the way you have shown will return us only posts with already saturated ideas. Which means there are many posts already present to be read and then we have to beat them somehow to get listed.

    • This may or may not true, people might not get the exact result that they search for. Says someone is searching “How To Make A Cheese Cake” and there is no related result for that search term, if you write about that article then you’ll gain some visitors from there, this is just an example.

      What you mention here is also true Hami, the post title might be same with others, but the ideas might be different right? Unless you’re copying their ideas.

      Thanks for your sincere comment here Hami. 🙂

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

  • HI Lee this is really one fantastic post. The above mentioned idea is very effective to know what people searching on google and we get idea for write post on our blog. Well Lee I have change my blogging platform to self hosted wordpress blog, please have a look at my blog and hope that all blogger now support me to improve my blog. Thanks.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Search freelancing work at home jobs =-.

    • Glad to see that you have your own domain name right now. Between, what web hosting that you sign up chandan? Or you host your domain in blogger free hosting?

      Yea, sometimes we might out of ideas and this might be a good way to find some post ideas and write exactly what others are looking for. You may try it too.
      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

      • Hey, I have said good bye to blogger and my new blog have no any relation with blogger now. I have bought domain from godaddy and hosting service for one year from one of my friend here.

        Please I want support from all of you now. Thanks.
        .-= chandan´s last blog ..Search freelancing work at home jobs =-.

        • Great! You made a great move now, own a hosting and domain is the best choice for your online business.

          What kind of support that you’re looking for Chandan? I would definitely help wherever I can. 🙂
          .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

  • I never try something like that Lee. This is very-very new to me, and its very useful, I’ll try it for my next post 😉
    Thanks Lee
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..5 Tips For Writing Article For SEO =-.

  • Google Wonder Wheel is…wonderful!

    It’s an advance option when you search, it brings up a nifty interface where you can visually see related searches.

    If you type in a keyword phrase you plan to write about you can get dozens of ideas once you begin to dive deeper into the various suggestions.

    It’s really helpful and inspiring.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Choose A Great SEO Company =-.

    • You’re absolutely right Murlu. Even you get tons of post idea which have been wrote by other bloggers, but you may have different point of views with them and you can easily draft out an unique post.

      Google Wonder Wheel is a good tool too, thanks for your suggestion Murlu!

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

  • Gosh, I have been using Google Suggest for what seems like for ever and it is a great fun way to come across interesting search phrases.
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..Why Computer Threats Can be Interesting [Infographic] =-.

    • Google Suggest would be a good tool to find blog post ideas too. Now you may have another way to find blog post ideas, so you will never out of ideas.

      Thanks for your comment TechChunks.

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..50 Free Professional Blogger Templates =-.

  • Twitter trend should be able to provide what is hot now.

    • Yeap, perhaps. Nevertheless, Twitter trend only shows particular 1 word keyword or two, so it’s difficult to justify what they really look and it might be complicated for us to write a blog post too.

      Thanks for your comment here.

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..70 Sets Free Social Bookmarking Icons =-.

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  • Both ideas are good. Also, you can install a search box ( http://www.lijit.com/ ) Is just another search bar, but shows what are people searching for, and therefore, find issues to write about.
    .-= David´s last blog ..Video: Keynes Vs Hayek "Fear the Boom and Bust" =-.

    • I’ve seen some of the blogger use the Lijit search box on their blog too, that might be a good way to know what readers are searching about.

      Thanks for your suggestion David!

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..70 Sets Free Social Bookmarking Icons =-.

  • This is a good idea, I also use the Keywords Tool form AdSense to search for a keyword and see how people search around it, but this gives you a good idea to find a totally new topic to bring in some search results.
    .-= Justin Germino´s last blog ..Ultimate HootSuite Tutorial =-.

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