You Can’t Do Everything…. If You Want Everything Done Right!

I am sure would have noticed by now that blogging seems to have an extremely high turnover of people. A lot of people start blogging, but the majority of these new blogs become abandoned within a few short months – and I think I know why!

Have you ever met one of those people who cannot let anyone help them, because nothing ever meets their standards?

They are run off their feet trying to get everything done right, but rarely do they have the chance to complete everything and if they do – they are left worn out.

This Is Exactly Like Most Bloggers…

They start out with such vigor , ready to create the biggest and best blog the world has ever seen. And to be the best, they need to have the best!

  • The Best Unique Design – And no one design as good as them, so they design it!
  • A Heap Of Fantastic Posts – It’s THEIR blog, so THEY have to write all the content!
  • A Truckload Of Commenting – Because people need to know about the blog!
  • Link Building Like Crazy – Because they want to be number one on Google!

And they couldn’t possibly get someone else to help them – because no one can do it as good as they can!

Here Is A Little Secret!

The professional bloggers don’t do everything themselves!

Once you realize this, it will be like a massive weight has just been lifted off your shoulders.

All you have to do is visit some of the biggest blogs around to see that the majority of posts are not written by the owners. In fact a lot of them don’t even moderate their own comments.


They have learnt that they are not the best at everything – and sometimes it is good to focus on what you are good at (and let other people do the jobs that you don’t really need to be doing.

I find it funny that new bloggers who have absolutely no design skills, will spend hours upon hours, just to learn how to edit a blog template – when they could have spent a couple of dollars and paid something who knew what they were doing (and have it fixed in 2 minutes!)

You Have To Treat Blogging Like A Business

I was always told that with anything:

If you want hobby-like results, treat something like a hobby. But if you want business-like results, you have to treat it like a business!

You see, I think a lot of bloggers treat their blog like a hobby, but expect business-like profits! But it doesn’t work like that. If you want you blog to provide you with a solid, predictable income, you have to treat that blog as if you were running a business.

And This Is What Business Owners Do:

  1. They Value Their Time

    I don’t know one serious business owner who would try to fix their own photocopier – that is because they value their time too much.When I was completing a traineeship at a local real estate office, I can distinctly remember the owner of the business telling the sales agents, ‘If the job you are doing now is not a $100/hr job – then get Tom to do it, and start working smart!’

    To my boss, an example of a $100/hr job, was prospecting new clients or closing a deal. This meant if they wanted fliers designed or distributed. or sales copy written – I would be asked to do it. Not because the sales agents couldn’t do it, but because they couldn’t afford to do it (their time was too important).

    Imagine what you would stop doing if you starting valuing your blogging time at $100/hr!

  2. They Focus On What They Do Best

    Business people know what they are good at, and focus their attention of that. Bringing it back to the real estate example that I was just using. My boss knew that the sales people were exceptionally good at sales and customer relations – so why would we have them designing flyers?

    Doesn’t it just make sense to focus on what you are good at? If you start trying to doing everything –  you just end up wasting a lot of time on little things that are not really that important (when you could be focusing on the things that are!)

  3. They Outsource Often

    So what do business people do, when they have all these jobs that are not things they need to be focusing on? They outsource to those who have  that as their focus!

    A lot of people see outsourcing as something that only big businesses can do, but if you hire someone to mow your lawn – you are outsourcing. All outsourcing simply put, is the: ‘Contracting of non-core activities to free up cash, personnel, and time for activities where you hold competitive advantage.’

    As a blogger, things you may consider outsourcing are:|


    • Blog Development & Maintenance
    • Link building
    • Article Writing
    • Graphic Design

But Doesn’t That Cost Money?

If you are going to treat something like a business, of course you are going to come across things that are going to cost you money – it is inevitable!

I think this is what sorts out the serious bloggers, from those who are running a hobby but expecting business results.

People who ask this question obviously didn’t read my first point about business owners. If you are ready to do every job yourself, just because you might have to pay someone to do something – then can you honestly tell me that you value your time and your skill?

And outsourcing doesn’t have to be expensive! I have hired people for as little as $1.33/hr! So if you won’t outsource some of your blogging for as little as $1.33/hr – what does this say about how you see yourself? Is your time worth more than $2 an hour? Think about that, for about $3o a week, you could have your first employee for 20hrs (sounds a little crazy, but it really is that simple!)

Why Are You Still Doing Everything For Your Blog?

This is the final thought that I want to leave you with! No I understand that this post may not be for everyone, but if you are serious about building a large, influential and profitable blog ( that is still around in 3 months time), you really need to find what areas of blogging that you are good at, focus on them, and just wait to see what happens to your blog!

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