Why you Should Become a Niche Blogger

Being focused is very difficult and people try to regain their focus by meditation or yoga, but a few are able to achieve it. Once you reach the focus or you are focused all the time, then you start tasting the sweetness of success.

Niche blogging is a similar concept and requires complete focus. In niche blogging, the blogger writes on a particular topic and his blog revolves around this topic.

It is difficult to write on a specific topic all the time and that is why niche blogging is not simple. It is harder than it seems. And I am being frank about it, you need to be motivated and productive to survive as a niche blogger.

Many bloggers start as niche bloggers, writing enthusiastically about the topic they love to read (or apparently they think they love it). They write a few articles about it and then after some time they either start writing about the something else, going off topic or they end up quitting their blog.

There are plenty of reasons why this happens, but the main reason behind it is that they have not picked the right niche for them. What I’ve learnt from my blogging experience is that even if you like a subject, it doesn’t mean that you can write about it. Reading and Writing are two very different things. Reading about a topic regularly does not make you an expert in writing about the same topic.

Finding your Niche

  1. Quick Search : Think about certain topics that you like to read, before starting your blog.  Make a list of them and mark off the topics that require a lot of research, for the simple reason that topics that require intense research cannot be continued on a long term basis, at least by most of the lot.
  2. Experiment : Experimentation is required to mark off the other topics. I had started two blogs before I started this blog. I blogged on two very different niches and I found out that it was becoming really hard to keep up with them and so I started this blog which I still like. Without experimentation, you may not be able to decide the write niche for your blog. It is a bit time consuming, but it is worth the effort.

You might be thinking that why bloggers stress on niche blogging, whereas there are many blogs that don’t have any specific niche, but are still doing really well.

I might  answer by the following 3 points

  1. Become an Expert: It is difficult being an expert in many topics, but it is easier being an expert in one. Through Niche blogging you can easily become an expert in your field. You just need to be consistent and eager to learn and then you can easily become an expert at your niche.
  2. Building a Reputation: Once you are blogging on a particular niche, then people start reading your articles. As you slowly start improving at your work with experience, people start liking your articles and they eventually start following you and your blog. So, by niche blogging, you are improving your influence in the world wide web.
  3. More Earnings : Niche Bloggers have an upper hand at making money. Once they become experts at their niche, they start recommending relevant products which help them earn huge sums of money through affiliate incomes. And it is a fact that affiliate earnings can be way bigger than earnings from ad sales or clicks.

I don’t deny that niche blogging is the only option, but is a very viable one. The bottom line is that niche blogging is the pathway to success in blogoshpere.

Are you a Niche Blogger? What do you think of Niche Blogging?

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  • I went all over the place until I decided to focus on technology… but even that..I still throw in a few posts about Blogging here and there oops
    .-= Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com´s last blog ..11 days of winning a free domain name and hosting accounts contest =-.

    • A little bit diversion is sometimes good, but you can also have a seperate blog where you throw your blogging tips once in a while. The reason why I think we should seperate out some posts is because the audience may not like it.

      But sometimes, you can try a little bit of blogging tips in your articles

  • Hi Gautam,

    Excellent point about niche blogging being more challenging yet a potentially more lucrative venture.

    I am a niche blogger. I write about a work at home activity called cash gifting. In the beginning I posted once a week if that. I believed that i had “run out of material.”

    7 ebooks and 100 blog posts later I’m still going strong. I meditate heavily and do my mental homework in the form of visualization and performing affirmations. I also research like a madman, finding out all I can about cash gifting.

    There is no shortage of ideas only creativity.

    Great insight!
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..How Can Cash Gifting Programs Prosper You? =-.

    • Oh That’s great work Ryan. Keeping motivated is one of the toughest challenges faced by bloggers and you seem to have overcome it.

      Once you reach a certain level, you don’t “run out of material”.

      By the way, great work on your ebooks and stuff.
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..Content is the Real Superstar =-.

    • There is no shortage of ideas only creativity.

      Well said, Ryan! Couldn’t have agreed more….


      Awesome post, pal. Niche blogging is more focused (and often more profitable) if you choose the right one.
      .-= Thesis Tutorial´s last blog ..Preview =-.

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  • I think it is wiser to choose low competition niche for newbie.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Lightened Your WordPress Security, Please! =-.

  • the best part about niche blogging is that if you really are struggling to write content then you can always bring in guest posts. Something which everyone should strive for. Niche blogging isn’t impossible, all it needs is a strong community to back you up and help you push on.
    .-= Peter´s last blog ..Twittering for beginners =-.

    • You made a good point here.
      Guest Blogging does ease up our work, but you can expect guest articles, only if you have already posted a no. of articles and gained a good reputation in blog-o-sphere.

      But you can expect help from your blogging friends. That is best support you can get. You can get them to write for you and also help you in marketing your blog
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..The Best Blogging and Social Media Articles Around the Community – Weekend Love =-.

  • The long tail strategy is surely one of the most effective. With information saturation on the internet it is almost impossible to stand out. By targeting niche subjects, you’re blog will stand out and be much more highly targetted for certain users.

    • Actually certain niches like making money online are already very saturated. But making a mark among this saturation is not very difficult, if you a firm paln in your mind. you just need to execute it.

  • I would also add that geography makes an impact. Even if you are not blogging on a niche topic, if you’re one of a few blogging in your country / region, you’ve created niche.
    .-= Warren´s last blog ..warrenholmes: RT @yuppiechef: Fancy yourself a bit of a baker? Ice your way to victory in our Cupcake competition. Find out more here: http://ow.ly/1xlVC =-.

    • Yes, but the exposure will be a little less. You will be a hereo in your locality. But overall web presence will be very less.

      Obviously, if you continue to blog and other bloggers in your locality start blogging, then you can expect to rise in s few years
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..No Instant Success In Blogging And The Solutions =-.

  • I run several niche blogs. I know it is hard to keep update niche blog so what I do is hiring people to write for me. 🙂
    .-= Fazreen´s last blog ..My Secrets to Dominating Blogengage.com =-.

    • Hiring other writers is a more of running a business. And you are blogging as well as running many businesses.

      Niche blogging can be a lot easier with a little bit professional help
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..How I Lost Lots of Traffic and How to Fix It =-.

  • I feel niche blogging is a great way to master a subject but that is good for people who have mastered something and then sharing. If you are passionate about blogging I doubt sticking to a Niche will be satisfying in the long run.
    Eg: if you are a programmer then having a java or php niche blog could make sense but if you are looking to write and share what you think about on anything then sticking to one single niche might not work.
    .-= Aditya Kane´s last blog ..Search for interesting Twitter users with new Google tool =-.

    • Hey, I’m not talking of a small niche. In your example you have taken java and PHP as the niche. But I am saying that instead of taking that as a niche, you should take programming as a niche.

      A niche should be broad. If it’s scope really limited, then you cannot expect it to grow. A little bit variations are good for as blog.

      I blog on the niche of blog tips. But I also cover blog marketing, search engine optimization, web design. All this because they are related to blogging ad required for a blog’s success.

      So, keeping a broader niche is very important, if you need to learn the subject whole 360 degrees
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..How to Create and Monetize a Blog through Pay Per Click Advertising =-.

  • I agree with the article. I write about my experience on food at various restaurants and recently starting blogging (at the same address) of my travelogues too because I felt food and travel go hand in hand. And honestly, it hasn’t been a bad decision. Have reluctantly stayed away from straying from my stream as it is giving me good traffic and the fact that people who read the short description on various directories come over only after they know what they will find here and that has helped in increasing the time on site too :)..

    • That is a really good thing that you have found yourself a niche on which you can blog on and continue it on a long term basis.

      And you do fit into a person who is reaping the benefits of being a niche blogger

  • Hi Gautam,

    I would guess that, from most people’s perspective, blogging about a specific topic is a good thing. After all, if you want people to visit your site, it would be easier if they have an idea of what to expect beforehand.

    For whatever reason, people seem to like knowing that they will find something that they expect and like when they go in search of something to read (or eat, etc).

    I am working on determining what my niche will be, so I am experimenting right now. So far, it is really fun.

    Have a good day!
    .-= mark´s last blog ..Thinking and Finding Balance in The New 3 =-.

    • Experimentation is a fun period. I remember reading a lot of blogs to just the pump the blogging bug in me.

      Take your time and you will surely find the niche of your liking

  • Hi Gautam,

    I agree with Mark that it’s fun experimenting while you are trying to decide on a niche.

    You also need to put in the time necessary to study what questions about your niche people are searching for on Google.

    .-= Ileane | The Podcast Blog´s last blog ..HootSuite’s Ow.ly Shortener Just Got Better =-.

    • Ileane,
      Actually some people use google trends and keyword research before starting out with a niche. This is the best way to start with a niche that would be profitable in the future 🙂

  • G,
    niche blogging makes a lot of sense . it much easier to dominate in niche blogging than in a niche filled with top bloggers and top players…but like every thing a lot of experimenting and trial will help in selecting a great one. there is surely high risk of failure but failure is just a part of success.
    a good example is http://www.gapingvoid.com by Hugh McLeod

    • Akan, actually it gets really difficult to make profit in a very competitive niche and I would agree with you that -less competitive niche are easier to enter and make money on 🙂

  • Niche blogging is great for anyone that wants to begin blogging because there are so many available without competition.

    You could swoop in and become a recognized expert in a short while by providing quality content for those seeking out more information in the niche.

    Definitely a consideration you should consider when you begin blogging.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Use Twitter To Find New Blog Post Ideas =-.

    • Yes murlu, niche blogging should be a consideration when u start a new blog 🙂

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