Traffic Building Tips For Designers and Developers

As most web developers know once a site is indexed with Google, their organic traffic increases. One of the easiest way to get quickly get indexed is to use social bookmarking sites. If done correctly, a site or new blog post can easily be indexed in less than in hour.  I use bookmarking sites for three reasons;

  1. Getting articles indexed within hours
  2. Link building for off-page SEO
  3. Find new blogs and designers to follow

For designers, finding the right bookmarking site can be difficult. Most sites are niche specific or so large their work never gets a chance for readers to find their sites.  As a designer and blogger, I write articles for several different niches and I found that there are bookmarking sites that work great for one niche but the traffic can be limited for design and development. Originally, I mostly used Blog Engage and MMO Social Network to share my work and get more traffic to my site. These sites are great for almost any niche but, web design, graphic design, and development is hit or miss. Some of my articles got a lot of traffic and some not so much. But both of these sites are still my favorites and I am seeing more designers and developers signing up for these sites. Eventually these sites will be another great way to get traffic if your a designer.

Once I decided to move toward design and other new media topics, I decided it was time to find another way to get more referral traffic. Through my research I found ten sites that have driven more traffic to my site or other designers have found successful. As with any bookmarking site, you have to spend the time and build your network and make friends on these sites. These sites won’t send you a large amount traffic from the first few posts but it will send you more traffic and all of these sites will help you get indexed within an hour. Be patient, submit useful articles along with your work, vote and make friends on these networks and you will see a difference in your traffic numbers.

I listed StumbleUpon and Digg to this list because I do get a large amount of traffic from these sites. Digg does have section for designers and developers that with time will drive traffic to your site. I found StumbleUpon to be one of my higher referral traffic sites, with minimal amount of work.

Take a look at these sites and try them out. If you have already used these sites, let us know what you think about those sites and how well they work for you. What sites do you use?

1. Design Float

Page Rank: 5/10

Alexa Rank: 7,250

2. The WebBlend

Page Rank: 3/10

Alexa Rank: 19,883

3. Design Bump

Page Rank: 6/10

Alexa Rank: 10,121

4. DZone

Page Rank: 6/10

Alexa Rank: 2,506

5. DesignGIZER

Page Rank: 4/10

Alexa: 639,206

6. faqpal

Page Rank: 5/10

Alexa: 20,266

7. WP Scoop

Page Rank: 4/10

Alexa: 88,374

8. Blogger Den

9. StumbleUpon

Page Rank: 8/10

Alexa: 204

10. Digg

Page Rank: 8/10

Alexa: 102

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