The Best Blogging and Social Media Articles Around the Community – Weekend Love

How was this week for you? Was it productive for you? It has been a very productive week for me. I have started a guest blogging contest which has now been extended to 15th May and the prizes have increased to a worth of 1452$. If you have not participated in it already, then do so now!.

Finally, weekend has arrived and it is the best time to take a break and relax for some time and pump in some inspiration. This article is just for pumping the creative juice in you. A resource of the best articles that are shared in the community.

To be included in this roundup, you just need to participate in the discussions by commenting on the articles at Blog Godown and also you can start interacting to me at twitter and I may go to your blog and link to your article in the next link roundup.

Blogging Tips From Community

Following articles share a different perspective on blogging and these articles can help you be an improved blogger.

An Untraditional Look at Blog Commenting

A different approach towards blog commenting. Comments are often seen as a sense of validation of their work. It just explains why there is a need of discussions, why should one leave a comment. Why commenting for the reasons of links is not a very good thing.

How NOT to lose your mind blogging – what to do when you have a block

An insightful article on what to do when you face a writer’s block, i.e when you don’t know what to write or you are just out of ideas. Writer’s block is faced by many bloggers and one just has to face it. This article shows you how to do it.

Is your blog a failure or a success?

This article answers questions like What are your thoughts on blog success and blog failure? How do you define a successful blog? How do you determine whether your blog is successful or not? How do you make failing blog a success?. It talks about being consistent, taking breaks and inviting guest bloggers in order to succeed.

Blogging Jobs – 7 ways to find one

As a blogger, you would like to make money from your writing experience. This article gives 7 tips to find a writing job as a freelance blogger.

Social Media Articles From The Community

8 Ways Businesses Should Use Social Media

This article presents 8 ways that businesses can use social media to learn more about themselves and their industry as well as get more involved with their clients and communities interested in what they have to offer. A must read if you want to grow your business through social media.

How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers Fast

Building a quality following is hard. This post explains how to build a following and how to maintain it. An important point to note is that it gives importance to conversation to build a relationship.

How to Optimize Google Buzz for Social Network Benefits

An article on how to make the most of google buzz for blog marketing and social media marketing purposes.

Blog Godown – Blog Post Rewind

A weekend capsule of the articles published in the previous week at Blog Godown.

How To Use Email Marketing To Draw More People To Your Website

An article that talks about how to run a successful email marketing campaign if you are starting a business. Some tips that will increase the click through rate of your email marketing campaign.

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Bloggers are always thinking about ways to increase the level of engagement in their blogs. The article focuses on tips that help in decreasing the bounce rate and in increasing discussion in blogs. These tips are very important for a design that wants to attract the attention of the reader.

Additional SEO Tips to Gain More Organic Traffic

Each and every blogger tries to maximize their traffic. To improve their organic traffic they use search engine optimization techniques. They don’t target image search, which can be a good source of traffic. Also an important tip on nofollowing links to prevent penalization by google.

The Great Social Media Debate : Twitter Monetization. Is it Ethical?

It is the second dose of the popular social media debate series. It starts a discussion on the most debated matter, making money via twitter. It lists the pros and cons of making money via twitter. A lot of people have shared their experiences in comments.

5 steps to building a power blog

Millions of blogs are launched each year and making an impact in such a competitive online world is very difficult. This post lists 5 important steps that should be performed if you want to develop a power blog of your own.

8 Twitter Mistakes that can Destroy your Twitter Reputation

Many Twitter users are unaware of the things they do that tick off people. Twitter is considered in terms of quantity instead of quality and that is what is considered to be there biggest mistake. Some of these twitter mistakes, if repeated can totally demolish your twitter influence

Articles Shared on Social Media

These are links that were shared on my twitter stream and were often retweeted.

What you have in mind?

What do you think of the articles shared above. Has it inspired you to do something good or to blog better. What are your plans for the weekend? For me it is a little promotion for our blog and also some work regarding the guest blogging competition.

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