The “4 Move Checkmate” of Blogging

If blogging was a game of Chess, then a “checkmate” would be when you’ve finally become “successful“—however you personally define that. In the classic game of Chess, there is a tactic commonly known as the “4 Move Checkmate”, where you have a chance to beat your opponent using just four carefully planned moves.

Likewise, in the world of blogging, you can also achieve “checkmate” by applying four moves that can drastically impact not only your level of success, but how quickly you achieve it.

For many people, blogging success is defined by the amount of money you make. For others, it’s having a solid following of readers who are genuine “fans” of your content. Regardless of how YOU personally define success, this post will describe four powerful “moves” you can make to drastically increase your chances of achieving it.

Move #1: Regular, Quality Content

This first move sets the foundation for the other three moves to work. You need to write quality content that is genuinely useful to your niche. You must also do this on a regular, consistent basis.

There is a lot of debate on the “best” posting frequency for your blog. I think it’s not a matter of what “the” best is, but rather, “your” best. What’s do-able for you? Whatever you decide, make sure you’re consistent and you stick with it.

Whether its 3-4 posts per week or per month, keep it that way!

Move #2: Consistent Promotional Efforts

This is another area where there is a lot of debate on what the “best” way to do it is. Once again, I think you need to get into a regular habit of what works for YOU, and just do it on a regular basis.

A simple traffic “tip” is to find blogs in your niche to post comments to on a regular basis. Another technique to build back-links and get even more traffic is to submit short articles to article directories with a link back to your homepage and individual posts (also known as article marketing).

One of my favorite methods of promoting my blog is obvious: guest posting. This involves contacting the owner of a separate blog in your niche and asking if you can submit an article to be published on their blog. If you give them an article of high quality, you have a good chance of being accepted and in-turn, getting even more exposure for your blog.

Move #3: Retaining Your Visitors

This is something that is crucial, but so many bloggers fail to do. If you want to see success anytime soon, you NEED to retain your visitors—which is the act of attracting repeat visitors BACK to your blog.

Repeat traffic is WAY more valuable than your first-time visitors because most people don’t follow through with your intended course of action (such as a purchase) on their very first visit. The problem is, if you don’t make a conscious effort to retain your visitors, most of the people visiting your site will click off and NEVER return (by no fault of your own either).

The best way to retain your visitors is to provide an incentive for your readers to join your mailing list (or subscribe to your feed). You can write a short report (doesn’t matter how long, just make sure it’s useful) and give it away for free in exchange for their subscription. And that takes us to the next and final move…

Move #4: Checkmate (Earning Reader Trust)

Your first step to building trust is writing quality content on a regular basis (see Move #1); however, it goes much further than that. Once you’ve retained your visitors, your focus should be on convincing them to trust you—and for good reason, you’re not going to “con” them in any way.

If you retained your visitors by using a mailing list, then I suggest sending an email every six days. Make two out of three of your emails be a link to a high quality article posted to your blog. Every three to four mailers should be a promotion, such as a product recommendation or a review.

The six-day schedule ensures that you are not annoying your list with too many emails, but you are also not forgotten. When you send two high quality articles to your list before sending a promotion, you are letting them know you are interested in providing them value before you are interested in their wallet.

You can also apply the above strategy if you’re retaining your visitors strictly by RSS subscribers as well. Just follow a similar posting schedule, but make at least 1-2 of your posts per month be a product recommendation or review. Make sure you only recommend high quality products!

In Conclusion…

Although blogging and chess are two completely different things, there are some significant similarities that can be drawn between the two. They both require a great deal of patience and personal strategy, but if you remain persistent and follow proven techniques such as the “4 Move Checkmate”, success may just be a lot closer than you think.

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  • It seems that the key is lay on mailing list, and I agree about it.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Eight Free Software For Better Blogging Life =-.

  • Solid tips Jonathan. I’ve seen the importance of building a list recently. It keeps readers in touch with you.

    Persistent bloggers are successful bloggers. I agree that frequent posting and marketing are the 2 keys to running a great blog.
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..Who Do You Think You Are? =-.

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  • Thanks for this post. I am fairly new to blogging and getting my post listed in Google and stuff is something that I have not done successfully yet with my blog. So this has helped
    .-= website traffic´s last blog ..Our Weekly News is Changing – What Do You Want? =-.

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  • Consistency is always a key point if anyone want to get success in any type of job. You just explain things well to me and that Checkmate word just remind me my early days when I play online chess via Yahoo!
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Download EVEREST Ultimate & Corporate Edition with free product key =-.

  • The title is really attractive! 🙂
    I think consistent quality content is the primary factor to win in blogging. Building up our own brand is important too for a long run blogging. Thanks for your interesting sharing! 🙂

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  • You know when you play a game of chess and everybody tries to play as white? Well this automatically gives you an advantage over the other player and it effectively prepares you. As move “0” or even as a ‘pre-move’ , planning your blog ahead of time, before you set it up can help you with the other moves.
    .-= Jasmine Henry from System Fail News´s last blog ..Skate 3’s Improved Hall of Meat is Brutal! =-.

  • If you think of your blog as a business, these are very much the same fundamentals of eCommerce as well.

    1. Regular content would be like releasing a new product. It drives new visitors to your website.

    2. Promotions is like advertising, it drives more people to your blog so they can find your posts and hopefully come back.

    3. Retaining your customers is like having a login area for reordering, it keeps your readers coming back for more and more.

    4. Earning trust is the goal for any business, trust keeps customers for life 🙂

    Once you think of it in a business sense, you can really see where you can put your efforts.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Show More Posts With CommentLuv =-.

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