How to get any Job you want using Social Media

Let’s face it. Job-hunting today is tougher than it’s ever been before. Not to mention just getting an interview can be a chore once you’ve found a job of semi-interest. So how do you find a job? How do you get an interview once a potential job is found? Believe it or not you can get any job you want by using Facebook, Twitter and by blogging. I should also mention there is a lot more work involved than just setting up an account. If you really want to use social media to get a job, there is some serious commitment and work involved.

Getting control of your name

Most HR managers today typically are more likely to search your name to see what pops up first, and then go over the paper resume. Even if it’s vise versa, they will perform a search on your name. If you don’t agree then I say it’s better to prepare as if they are looking. So the question now becomes, what will show up? What is the first impression a potential employer will get of you before even meeting you? Go ahead and search for your name to see what pops up. If you have some social media accounts most likely those will appear first, and if you have a website that may also appear. But if not, I would check it out. Things like winning a pie contest at the local county fair could show up or in some cases, something a little less flattering like a mention in an article about ‘Your name here’ being a drunk driver in a hit and run.

Author is on the far right (note bottles of IBC Rootbeer)

Let’s start with the profiles you’ve already got up and running. What photo do you have in the profile? One of you and some buddies chilling at Mardi Gras or something your mother would be proud of? I’ll be the first to say, if it’s the right job keep the photo of Mardi Gras up. This is where knowing what field your going into comes into play. You want to present yourself as an individual ready to work in the desired arena. So if it means you want to be a social worker, get a photo up of you playing with kids, if you want to be a rodeo clown, think Ronald McDonald. The point is to portray the role you want to have.

A last point on this section is that if someone else with the same name as you is showing up in the results it can be pretty tough to jump ahead of them. But a way to do this is to either buy your domain,, or if you need a cheap way start a blog at either wordpress or blogger. Then link to your social media profiles from there so whoever finds it knows which profiles to pay attention to.

Keeping privacy private & publicity public

I’ll start off this section with plugging a post from a pretty smart guy I stumbled across on twitter. Mike Halvorson wrote a great post about social media tips for his unemployed friends. Pay close attention to the section about setting Facebook privacy settings. When an account is set up you need to determine what information is made public to those you aren’t friends with. Any inappropriate photos, or other information you don’t want potential employers to see just yet should be blocked. This demonstrates two things:
1. You are aware of what is being presented to the public about you.
2. You are telling the potential employer what areas to pay attention to.
Twitter and blogs can be a little more difficult to control as to who looks at what information. I mean come on, the reason employers are searching your name online is so they can get to know you without alerting you they are looking. If nothing inappropriate is being tweeted, leave the account un-protected, if you don’t think information on the blog will hurt your chances, let the pages get crawled by the search engines.

To keep it simple, only post online what you want to be seen.

Optimizing current social media profiles

This is surprisingly easy, or it should be anyway. If you’ve sent out the resume already then take a quick pick at the copy you should have to see what name you placed on it. Sounds funny, but my resume has my name as Joshua Titsworth, and my profiles have either Josh or JT those profiles might not appear where I want them to in the searches. It’s all about keeping it consistent. Don’t just stop there; if possible change any screen-names you can to ‘firstnamelastname’ as it appears on the resume. Only change the profiles you want found and don’t edit what needs to be kept private to the potential employer.

As with normal SEO, changes in the search results will take some time. So be patient. In the mean time I’ve got some homework for those who don’t have a blog just yet.

Setting up a blog

GET A BLOG UP AND GOING. All caps excessive? Perhaps, but I hope you got the message. But what better way for an employer to get a great first impression of a candidate than by reading his/her thoughts and opinions. When writing a blog to get a job there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

A wrong way to blog is by writing about only personal thoughts, ranting on and on about how much you want a job in a certain industry. Also avoid writing about anything inappropriate or extremely controversial. Lisa Barone recently updated a few blogging rules one of which used to be, “You must blog every day”. For the type of blog you are setting up I’d say 1-2 times a week is plenty. But keep it consistent.

A right way to begin blogging for a job is to mix up your posts with industry opinions and personal thoughts. Show the readers (potential employers) you are actively researching and learning more about the industry in question by writing about it. I’d also add a page devoted to your resume, while browsing the posts he/she may decide to read over the resume again and what do you know? There it is at their convenience to read.

Don’t stop at just posting on your blog, find other blogs/publications in the industry you are seeking employment in and participate. Check out the guidelines about contributing and contribute if you can. If you do post elsewhere on the net keep an archive listed on your blog for others to check out.

Lastly and most importantly let your passion shine through in the blog posts. And if you get called in for an interview, bring that same passion and personality to the interview. They don’t want to get mixed signals from reading about a bright confident person and before them is someone shy and intimidated. The blog and all other social media networks you are using are to compliment your efforts in getting a job, you still need to bring it.

In closing, I’d like to mention don’t stop at just regular social media accounts. Search for online communities within the desired industry to start networking online. Resources like that can be invaluable when looking for a job. Again, using social media to get a job is only part of the equation. Have a good resume to hand in so they go look for you online, if you are exhibiting confidence and intelligence online show it at the interview.

I hope you found this informative, if you have anything to add to it I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading, good luck and happy hunting!

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  • There is a lot of reputation management that can be done through social media and blogging that will aid you in finding a job.

    If you are entering into a company that takes social media marketing and writing seriously, having a strong profile on professional networks like LinkedIn (or ones that are industry specific like Active Rain for real estate agents) and a strong blog demonstrating your industry knowledge will make you a much more wanted candidate.
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..My Favorite 2010 Search & Social Awards Nominees =-.

    • I agree with you Kristi, LinkedIn is good if you’re looking a good job opportunity and the one that can be easily done. Optimizing social media is really important for both job hunting or wvwn if you are blogger or entrepreneur. So joshua’s techniques applies to us as well
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..9 Quick and Easy WordPress SEO Tips =-.

  • Thanks for the comment Kristi, I agree completely.
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..CAUTION: Shamless Plugging Ahead! =-.

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  • What I done, just search with my name and well Google index “26,200” page for my name. Al though I don’t willing to do a job but I can use your explanation and tips for my own purpose. Thanks Josh.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Update Facebook status with a universal voice using =-.

    • Arafat,

      Since you aren’t looking for a job, I’d focus more on what Kristi mentioned above in regards to reputation management. You’ve done the search, that’s the first part to determine what is being shown about you. The next step is to figure out what exactly you WANT to be seen first. What is the first impression you desire someone searching for you name to get when they see it? The tips I mentioned could easily be applied to what you are trying to accomplish. I’d also check out, its run by Andy Beal a ORM expert. He also has some great writers like Frank Reed that have some keen insight as well.
      .-= Josh´s last blog ..CAUTION: Shamless Plugging Ahead! =-.

  • Dee

    I strongly agree with being aware of what your privacy settings are, especially on Facebook. People are not aware the most social networks are against privacy settings. The founder of Facebook said it himself that he doesn’t believe in privacy. This is why it is important that we know what is out in cyberspace on us.

    Go to It will show a picture of your address, e-mail, phone number, and other private information. I had to find this out the hard way. Nothing is private anymore.
    .-= Dee´s last blog ..What Does An Illegal Alien Look Like? =-.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dee.

      It doesn’t surprise me much that Facebook’s founder believes that. But it is good they offer some protection. I do agree that we need to know what is out in cyberspace about us. Even if someone doesn’t use Facebook/Twitter or whatever, just because you aren’t active in social media doesn’t mean something isn’t floating around about you good or bad. To think other wise isn’t smart.
      .-= Josh´s last blog ..CAUTION: Shamless Plugging Ahead! =-.

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  • I loved reading this Josh.
    It makes a lot of sense. Frankly, I’ve given up hope when it comes to privacy setting on social media, so I just end up not publishing stuff I don’t want people to know. If I think about publishing something first, then I don’t publish it at all. Better safe than sorry…
    Nicely written!
    .-= Tola @ SEO for Beginners´s last blog ..Twitter and Me – Trying to Survive the Madness =-.

    • Thanks Tola, you are right if you don’t want it out there don’t put it up. I laugh everytime I hear a person claim no one can see what they have on facebook because they have it set to private. If big brother wanted to see what was on your profile, I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg would stop them.
      .-= Josh´s last blog ..Slow weekend ahead =-.

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  • Thanks for the plug Josh. I appreciate it. Just wish you would have spelled my name right 🙂

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  • Hey Josh excellent article and tips. Especially today, as more and more employers are looking at everything. I hear some employers look at your credit history, including DNA? Wow I can “maybe” see how that would have an adverse affect on the employer but come on that’s a bit much.

    Needless to say last time I worked in corporate America was back in the early 90’s. I was already having issues about taking any sort of test whether a drug test (pee test) that to me is so freaking perverse that I just refused. It’s not that I’m a drug addict BUT I am not going to pee at command for any employer. Sorry not going there. Not sure how I got on this topic but there is my rant for this Saturday. I hope you win this contest. You deserve it even if you did misspell Halvorsen’s name 🙂

    • Gabriella, Gabriella, Gabriella…JUST SAY NO! Kidding lol. From your story I can see now why you started up your own business, pee when you want where you want. A few industries require fingerprints, so DNA isn’t too far away. One of my last jobs required me to get fingerprinted, the officer that processed my prints said I leave full prints no matter how light I touch an object. “A life of crime would be a bad idea for you” he said. So rather than become the next cat burglar I turned to SEO & SMM.

      • Hell that’s as bad as a cat burglar to some people. Look at the NYT they went as far as comparing us to crack dealers on the corner. If we get busted we just go to another corner… LOL

  • Hey, Some great ideas and notes in the article! I agree with all your pts regarding profile avatars and privacy concerns! It does make sense a lot!

    • Thank Mercylivi! glad you like it!

    • While I’m not that experianced with video resumes, some fields do require them. I’d probably go with YouTube or Vimeo and set te privacy settings of the video being uploaded. That way you can send the potential employer a specific link to view the video that is otherwise unviewable to those you don’t wish to see it.

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  • Really nice post on getting job using social media website. I have created Visual Resume on Slideshare. What about privacy when one create Video resume to get a job. When applying for job some company asking for video resume. Now, How to handle privacy on that is bit confusing for me. But I know i am not going to have a video resume.

    Getting job using social media fails for me. 🙂

    • Sorry meant to reply to your comment here Sweta.

      While I’m not that experianced with video resumes, some fields do require them. I’d probably go with YouTube or Vimeo and set te privacy settings of the video being uploaded. That way you can send the potential employer a specific link to view the video that is otherwise unviewable to those you don’t wish to see it.

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  • Great post Josh,

    Learning how to use social media for personal branding is much more valuable than any kind of generic career development course. In fact, creating a strong personal brand for yourself online is more valuable, and far cheaper than a graduate degree, especially an MBA.

    For example, only did I leverage social media to get to job I wanted, it helped me double my salary in 2 years. An MBA won’t do that, it will only put you into debt, and it will take you years to earn back that investment.

    Here’s a deck I created on How To Use Social Media To Get Your Dream Job

    • Wow Lorna Li,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment, that means a lot. I’d be inclined to agree with you about personal branding vs. an MBA. I was actually considering an MBA a few years ago before I got into SEO, which actually helped me learn about personal branding. I gotta say, I like the results about using social media to get a better job than getting an MBA to potentially get a better job AND using that better job to get out of debt. I read through your deck you created and I have to say you’ve got some good information there. I wish I had read that before I wrote this article to reference it. Again thanks for comment 🙂

      If anyone else reads these comments go read the link Lorna Li’s link she mentioned about How to use social media to get your dream job, because she’s right.

  • I agree that one should differentiate what information is private and what’s not. I also do research for information regarding people I meet for the first time or people that I want to know more and obviously, there are a lot of people doing it. So it’s important to mind what you’re posting on the web because you never know who’s looking.

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  • These days so many people are struggling to find a job. Most fail to understand that there’s an easier way to get your name and face out there. A large portion of jobs are acquired through connections, so you can make it a numbers name through social media and blanket far more space than you could otherwise.

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  • Diaphy Lee

    What you shared is great. There are lot of programmers who is just abusing their social media to torture others. They should really come over here and have a lesson.

    As for SEO, that is the thing I am learning right now…looking forward for your post:-)

  • Amit Singh

    Great Article..I strongly believe social media plays very important role in job search.Now a days many employer check the social media accounts of applicants to get a feel of their personality.So it is very important to get your social media accounts in order.You should be very careful about posting anything on facebook or linked in.
    As a recruiter at Perito HR Solutions I always make it a point to check the linkedin and facebook profile of the candidate before sending his/her resume to the client.