How to Build Reputation for your Blog

Building your blog’s reputation is very important to your long term blogging success, it makes people believe what you say, it makes you easily achieve blogging success and it helps you make more money from products you create (if at all you plan to create any). Building a reputation for your blog is not a must and in fact it is possible for you to make money online without building your blog’s reputation but having a great reputation for your blog will go a long way to help you achieve your blogging dreams.

In case, you don’t know, if you need to build a reputation for your blog.  How will you feel if you just mentioned a product on your blog and gave your review about it, just to see a large percentage of people buy the product because of your review? It means you are respected, your blog has a reputation and people are always willing to hear what you have to say.

Be Personal: Yeah! You have to be personal in order to have people put their trust in you. Can you ever put your trust in somebody you don’t know much about (I can’t). Try to be transparent, let your readers know more about you, and let them know you are also human like them, let them know you face the same problems as them, let them know you also have weaknesses. One of the biggest mistakes a blogger can make is trying to let your readers believe you are perfect. I try to make myself personal on my blog, I let my readers know who I am, what I hate, what I like and even in which country I live. Take for example, you are a Nigerian blogger, you pretended to be in the United States using a Fake name. One day, you became so successful that people started looking for ways to interview you both on TV and radio, is it then you will begin to tell them you are a Nigerian (which will eventually destroy the reputation you have built over time). Think about it, your personality adds more credibility to you.

  • Quality: This is also another important factor that should not be left out. You want to have a great reputation, you just want people to trust you, you want them to believe all you say, but, how can they believe you if you don’t provide quality. In the first place, your readers won’t have reasons to continually visit your blog if you don’t give value, and how can you have reputation with someone who only visited your blog once. You are what you do, what you write, your readers will get to know you more through your content, they will put their trust in you if you do your best. They wouldn’t even know you exist if all you do is to load your website with all the rehashed junks all over the internet. Think about it. We are all humans, we love the best for ourselves, we don’t want just anything, but we want the best. The quality you produce should be able to distinguish you from other bloggers in your niche, you shouldn’t just write keyword stuffed articles for search engines but you should write well thought out articles for your human readers. If your content should go viral, then human beings would bring more traffic than any search engine in the world can. Google (the biggest search engine) is a great example of viral marketing.
  • Network: Yeah! Sure you want to build your reputation, why don’t you try networking with some folks out there? Move closer to other bloggers in your niche, try to network with them, follow them on twitter, and always appear on their blogs, they will be more than happy to promote you outside there. This world is a world of mutuality where people don’t care about you if you don’t care about them, they will even be happy to hear that you love them more than yourself. You also want results? Sure! So you have to dance to their tune, I mean satisfy them. Let them know you care, always be there for them, the results will be so great.
  • Branding: You hardly can have a great reputation if you don’t have a brand. What is your brand? You want to build your reputation i.e. when anybody hears about you; they will have that great assurance of trust. You have to brand yourself because people will remember you with your brand. Take a look at coca cola or Mc Donald’s, they all have a brand. Your brand will also determine a lot about you, your brand will determine how people will like you, and your brand will determine the types of reviews you will get from people, whether positive or negative. If you could satisfy the steps #1, 2 and 3, you will not have problem building a great brand because you already network with others, meaning you are everywhere, you are personal, meaning people will get to know more about you, and you give quality, meaning people will always give positive reviews about you. If this happens, it means you will be successful, and you will have great results in no time.
  • Research: Researching is a vital thing to consider when building your reputation, imagine people considering you to be the ultimate source of information just to be coming to your blog everyday to be receiving their daily dose of junk and information that is less than accurate. You should always try as much as possible to verify the accuracy of any information you are using from as many sources as possible. You should always be loaded with information and let people know about it. Let your readers know that any information found on your blog is the final, correct and most accurate about the subject. This is very demanding, but you will not regret doing this.

Building a highly reputable blog is so demanding but is not impossible, the above are 5 great things to consider when trying to build reputation for your blog, they will help you now and later in the future

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