Content is the Real Superstar

A lot of schemes crop up in your inbox with the idea to skyrocket your blog to success giving loads of traffic to your blog. But what is the use of such marketing if the content is not worth sharing. If it the lacks the basic quality, that a well written article should have, then how will it be able to sustain the blog.

Why Awesome Content

Take for example, a situation where a visitor comes to your website from the various traffic sources and takes a quick scan at your content. If the content is not up to the mark, then the visitor will be let down and may never come to your site again and even if he does come back, he will not read your blog and will just click on the big X button on the right side of the browser.

Do you want your readers to back out when they see your blog? If your answer is no, then awesome content is very important for your blog. Bad content may survive for a few days but awesome content has a very long lifespan.

Features of Great Content

Quality Content has certain key elements in it that make it better than others :

  • Expert Advice – Quality content is always a reflection of the personal experience. If you are really bad at twitter, then you cannot expect your twitter articles to be good. Similarly, experience in the relevant niche is really important for your articles to have certain value for the readers. If your articles provide value, then you can expect people to like them.
  • Resourceful – Good articles are equivalent to valuable resources, ones that can be used at any point of time and are kept in your private set.  They are literally like guides which help you through your work and give some useful advice. They never lose relevance and that is why they are readily bookmarked.
  • Simple and Clean Language – Keep it Simple!. This is the best mantra for your blog. Through your blog you are teaching people form around the web who may not be well versed with the language ( for most cases in English). As their vocabulary is a little limited, so you cannot expect them to comprehend “Big and Heavy Words” and you will also not like your readers to take a dictionary to look for those words. Keep your language really simple so that each and every reader is able to understand what you’re saying.
  • Grammatically Correct – “To Err is Human”. Yes, I too make mistakes. The only solution is to fix those mistakes. Grammatically correct articles are really important if you want to please the really intellectual class, who are always looking for grammatical errors in your writing. Articles written in a lot of hurry and not cross checked are classical example of articles of grammatical mistakes. Make a point to cross check your articles before submitting them and make it a part of your blog posting workflow.
  • Uniqueness – Having a unique view is a great way to stand out among other bloggers. It is your unique selling point and is sometimes the major reason why people start following your blog.

Benefits of Awesome Content

Awesome content has some really cool benefits which play an important role in a blog’s success:

  • Encourages Comments –  Articles are like products and a customer is satisfied when the product gives it’s value’s worth. Similarly, if your articles are totally worth the  reader’s time, they will surely leave a comment to show what they have learned from it.
  • Increases Subscriber Base – Excellent Content is a great motivator for readers to subscribe. A satisfied reader is always wanting for more and they subscribe so that they get more of your awesome content.
  • Treated as Expert – Authority Blogging starts with delivering top notch content. Once you achieve a certain consistency and level, you are treated as an expert in that field.
  • Lesser Marketing Needed – Good quality content does not require a lot of marketing, because even if it gets minimum exposure, it will be able to cover up by the marketing done by it’s readers.
  • Makes More Money – Once you are treated an expert and once you get desired subscriber base, you can easily monetize it to earn a living from it.

Bottom Line

Quality content sells. No matter how less it is marketed, it will reach it’s targeted audience eventually. So a blogger’s primary focus should be on providing useful content and rather on other blogging tasks which may not be that important.

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