5 steps to building a power blog

There are blogs and there are blogs but the truth remains the same, whether you believe it or not, all blogs are not the same, there is always a difference between them. Some blogs are power blogs while some are mediocre blogs, some blogs don’t even know what they are talking about… but you know which blog you own. You might not own a power blog yet but taking these tips into practice will produce a great result and will catapult your blog from the mediocre level to the power blog.

  1. Quality content: This is essential for the success of any blog. In order to be a power blogger your blog must not lack in terms of quality content, your content should add value to the users. Power bloggers don’t just go all over the web to scrape other peoples content, they only write high quality, high standard well thought out articles. You have to have the mindset of impacting your readers through the quality content. You have to separate yourself from the audience, you have to be unique. You shouldn’t only strive on how to get people to visit your website but you should also strive on how to retain those people and make them loyal readers.
  2. Branding: Yeah! Branding. Just think about many of the popular products out there such as coca cola and the likes, they are all a product of branding. You might say branding is not necessary to build a power blog, but can you ever imagine how it would be if you could just make your readers to be thinking of you almost everywhere they go, won’t you be happy if your readers always have the image of your blog in their head, that is the effect of branding. Branding your website will make your readers to tell others about it even if they don’t want to. “The masters know that branding is the key”. Some people even used branding to get out the negative impression about their products from the head of some people. Brand yourself! Brand your blog!
  3. Professionalism: Have you ever thought of this: you saw two blogs; one is a .blogspot.com blog while the other is a .com blog, they are in the same niche and they both provide valuable information, which one do you think you will always remember to visit? It is the .com one of course! Take it or not, some people believe free blogs are not quality blogs. Why not sacrifice some bucks and gain that extra trust and gain professionalism for your blog. Self hosted wordpress blogs are the best way to go! Forget about the free hosts; establish yourself, after all, the free host can decide to close down anytime. Don’t think about the benefit you will get now, think about the future!
  4. Personality: If I may ask, who are you? This particular question rings in the mind of your users. Go to the wordpress plugin page and search for the plugin “count per day”, after some days, go back to the “pages” tab in wordpress and you will discover the most viewed page on your blog is the about page. You don’t need to let your users ask before they know who you are. Include your personality in your blog, get yourself a solid about page. Let it be in such a way that if people meet your content anywhere on the web, they will be able to say “I know this post is written by him”.
  5. Interaction: Have you ever thought about why you created your blog, or why a blog idea was brought? The main reason behind this is interaction and that is why we have the comment section! Let you readers be able to interact with you, let your readers be able to ask you questions, humbly answer all their questions, make them feel welcomed and they will all help you build a power blog!

Do you have any other tips? We would all like to hear about them in the comments section

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  • I would say that part of branding and building a powerful blog would include guest posting. If you can get quality content out there on bigger sites, then it will help build up your credibility and you will naturally get more traffic and readers from those sites as well as backlinks.
    .-= Kikolani´s last blog ..How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers Fast =-.

    • Kikolani, you are absolutely right and I think I am taking thsi very seriously. I have seen your guest posts and they are awesome and I think I would certainly build credibility online by guest posting more often.

    • Hi Kikolani,
      Guest blogging is a great way to build your brand, just that you must excersise some patience when contacting the A-list bloggers.
      Thanks a lot.
      PS: I will be sending a guest post to your blog very soon.
      @Guatam, Thanks a lot for publishing my guest post, I really appreciate it.
      .-= Onibalusi Bamidele´s last blog ..You have to read this =-.

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  • Hi Onibalusi! I always see your guest posts recently. You are doing the good job. Well done!

    I think quality content is still the most important thing in building up a powerful blog. Thanks for your sharing! 🙂
    .-= KS Chen´s last blog ..Win the Prizes for SEO =-.

    • Yeah! quality content is very important for building a powerful blog, thanks a lot for the nice comment.
      .-= Onibalusi Bamidele´s last blog ..Study your audience =-.

  • Another excellent article Onibalusi. I think I have everything down pat except the personality part. I tend to keep my identity hidden in my blog and that may be what keeps people feeling like there’s true warmth or a real person behind my blog.
    .-= quickbooks hosting ´s last blog ..Quickbooks Hosting Solutions and Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting with Myownasp.com =-.

    • Hi,
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment, I really appreciate it.

  • This is a great part of blogging and then making money. Just stumbled your blog and got many help full and interesting stories to share about blogging and all. Thanks and keep posting and have a great readership.
    .-= Praveen´s last blog ..10 BEST WAYS TO GET MORE BACK LINKS =-.

  • I highly agree with points 4 and 5 in particular. Interaction is particularly important and it’s hard to maintain as a blog grows. Personality attracts readers, too.
    .-= Mark Dykeman´s last blog ..Someone stole your toolbox – what do you do? =-.

    • Yeah! both interaction and personality are very important to the success of a blog.
      Thanks for the nice comment.
      .-= Onibalusi Bamidele´s last blog ..Study your audience =-.

  • You really made some good points here, especially about brading and interaction. Something I often do to interact with as many readers of my site as I can is by not only replying to comments but also interacting via Twitter. I think that if everyone took the time to reply to @ replies and start conversations with their followers they’d get much more traffic to their blogs. Plus by interacting it helps to see the “blogger behind the mask”!

  • Great Post Onibalusi
    Btw retweetd
    .-= Dev | Technshare´s last blog ..33% Discount Offer on $365K Blog Traffic Formula =-.

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  • @Onibalusi
    May I please add something to this discussion? I have learned that either by intention or by default, branding starts during the design and strategy stage of creating a new blog. That’s when the blogger chooses the niche (subject matter and keywords) and lays the foundation for what kind of a blog they intend to create, selects a url, blog title and blog tagline that reflect the intended “brand”. But thereafter, branding begins to shift as a reader community develops and grows. Ultimately, the blogger and the reader community become co-creators of an ever evolving brand.
    .-= timethief´s last blog ..Social Bookmarks for WordPress.com Blogs =-.

    • Exactly! you are absolutely right. Branding starts from the creation, your website name will determine how fast your website can be remembered even more than your website logo.
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment.
      .-= Onibalusi Bamidele´s last blog ..Get over 1000 new unique visitors to your website every month =-.

    • @timethief What a great point about a blog’s brand evolving as the community builds. I haven’t seen that point stated so clearly before. I hope you don’t mind if I use the concept as a blog post.

      @Onibalusi – You have provided me with even more incentive to bite the bullet and get a picture of myself that I can stand looking at to use on my blog. Will definitely be adding that to my seemingly endless to do list.
      .-= Michele´s last blog ..Label Your Work =-.

  • Hi,
    This is great! thanks a lot for your nice comment.
    .-= Onibalusi Bamidele´s last blog ..Why you should not use pop ups on your blog =-.

  • Nice article little brother. All your tips are a foundation of a blog. You include it in one article and that is really nice to read your tips.
    One thing I want to share here is how you manage your passion, energy and motivation for your blogging journey.
    Thanks for this awesome article Onibalusi.
    .-= Latief´s last blog ..Free WordPress Themes From WPREX =-.

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