Social SEO – A New Age Search Engine Optimization Technique

What happens when the rules of the game change? You have to abide to the new rules and stop protesting. That is the whole point behind change. It is inevitable and the best way is to embrace it.

In the past years the scene of blog-o-sphere has changed a lot as though an era has come to an end and a new era has started taking first steps in the online world. The new era being referred to here is brought by social media. Social media has made it possible to find articles related to the topic you are looking for and that too in minutes. It has also brought a lot a people to the world wide web. So it is not actually an evil, it  is more of a boon for bloggers who were looking for a medium to promote their blogs.

As Social Media has gained acceptance of  the mass, it has started revolutionizing the online world. So much so that search engine giants like google have started developing real time search engines which are using social media shares like tweets as a criteria for showing results. The more the number of shares, more is the chance of getting noticed.

Now, as search engines are evolving to real time search engines, the SEO strategy needs to be  modified in order to stay in the game. The new SEO strategy is to use Social SEO techniques. As the name suggests Social SEO is the SEO targeting social media. The main aspects of Social SEO:

Catchy Title

Each and every social media site displays the title and gives it a lot of importance ( for example, twitter displays the title with the shortened link) . A title is like an advertisement to the article. Therefore, the role of the title is to attract a lot of eyeballs and to do that one needs to spice it up with adjectives like superhero, kickass etc. Spicing up the title does not mean that title goes off topic, ideally it should be very catchy and still be very relevant to the topic.

Targeting content

Previously content was targeted towards search engines i.e using keyword rich title tags and adding meta tags, but now it needs to be targeted to the audience. The articles should solve a purpose or provide something unique, so that readers like the article and hence share it on social media websites. The Title’s job is just to bring the visitor to the site, the content is the one that should impress the readers. It should be top notch, unique and informative and should have minimum grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Images & Other Media

Adding media to articles adds value to the article and makes it even more user friendly. According to a study, readers prefer watching a video than reading a block of text because the video is very interactive. So, by adding relevant media to the article, the interactivity and the overall user experience can improve by many folds. And a good user experience will lead to more sharing.

Social Media Rockstar

Being a social media celebrity can always help in Social SEO as it will help in massive sharing of articles and that too, without any extra effort.  It will also make indexing in real time search engines pretty easy. Becoming a social media rockstar is not very easy and one needs to be very active to become an influential one (i.e the one that is able to obtain a large number of shares) .

Add a Share Button

Majority of readers are reluctant to share a post if a vote button is not present on the article, This may be due to their laziness or because of paucity of time. By adding a social media vote button, the time taken to share a story decreases and so it encourages more and more people to share.

Build Relationship

Building relationships is very important if one wants to decrease the load of social SEO. Good relationship make good friends and good friends can help in dividing the workload of Social SEO.

As Social SEO is a relatively new concept, therefore there may be other techniques which may work, but these are the ones that always work and are the stepping stones to the path of social SEO.

Do you perform Social SEO? Do you think it is relevant in these times?

If not, then. Hire an agency for professional search engine optimization services.

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  • for sure, the game is changing. its not just seo/ppc/ppm anymore. we’ve to set ourself in a better place on social media too. otherwise, its like following old beacon.

    • Seo is not dying at the moment, but who knows, it may end.

  • if the current status continues Microblogging and SMO will take over Blogging very soon..

    wat’s ur opinion ???
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline´s last blog ..Tips to Boost Pagerank – Next PR update March-April 2010 =-.

    • Yes, Microblogging is taking over blogging, but i don’t blogging will be over becuse there are some tips which cannot be given in 140 characters and that is why blogs are made, to help you 🙂

  • At the begining we had portal sites like yahoo or AOL. We were new to the Internet and not sure where to start so we had to let others to give us some guidance.

    Most users learn the paths of search and that the Internet brings huge information to one click distance. I want to find how to do something, i search on google. I can’t wait until a portal or a news site post an article to tell me how to do that thing, or to do things only when i hear them on a portal or news site. This is TV style and we needed a way to get used to the internet.

    The social media is the replacement of portal and news site, now if i want to see what happens in the world i watch twitter or facebook.

    I like social networks and bookmarking sites, they provide entertainment, but when i want to lear how to do something i won’t get trough all my friends profiles to see if they ever shared something relevant. I will do a search. When i’m tired of doing things i start to entertain myself looking at what others shares, funny or news or informational stuff.

    Social networks are now the place where people make their entrance to the internet. They are not sure how things are going or how to search for info, or what to expect to find. They need to be guided and they will start to look at their friends activity.

    While it is the best place for begginers, it is also good for experts that want to read some news or entertainment, or just to be in touch with friends or people in their field of interest.

    Social networks replaced news sites, portals, games sites, web directories. Soon, they will replace normal search. People don’t want just to read something about a topic, they want to read what others consider best content for that topic.

    Google algorithm provided us a replacement for human voting, a voting by links. Well, people don’t want to see sites recommended by other websites that no one visits, they want sites recommended by people.

    Soon we will talk about social search optimization 🙂
    .-= Lucian Apostol´s last blog ..How many words your articles have =-.

    • It will be really soon and we will see how it will impact how we use the web.

      Change is got to happen, the time is what we have to see.

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  • SMO or SMM is not new concept, its that people are using is more recently
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Using Podcasts To Increase Traffic Flow To Your Website =-.

  • I don’t think that SEO will become completely useless and die. Social networking is very popular and seems to be the main stream.

    As long as there is search engines, there will be a need for SEO optimization.

    I like your flow chart. It gives me a better visual of social networking.
    .-= Spunky Jones SEO´s last blog ..How Do I get Listed in the DMOZ Directory? =-.

  • SEO is still very important and not dying, but things change really fast so the aim is to keep learning.