Mixing the Right Ingridients

blogging-is-like-cooking-foodWriting a post is like the making of  a dish. You can easily screw it, or make a hell of a meal, it all depends on your skill and experience and also on your mood (because sometimes a spoiled mood can mess up any work). Cooking is an art and creating a mind blowing meal requires a lot of hard work. Similarly in blogging, to make each and every article a work of art requires a lot of  perseverance and consistency.

But why do we need works of art, why not simple general articles? Take an example of a restaurant. Now, if restaurants starts serving normal home food than those delicious pizzas, would anybody go there? Never, if people wanted to eat home food, why would they pay triple the money. Same is the case with your blog. If you treating your blog as a business, you have to deliver the best or else you will never gain an authority and will constantly lose on quality traffic. In this highly competitive field of blogging, standing out is really important for a blog to succeed. And here’s how you can do that by learning how to make a sumptuous meal.

The Recipe

The recipe lists all the ingredients along with its quantities and also how the dish should actually be prepared. Making a recipe and noting it down on paper beforehand makes the task of making the dish a very simple job and it reduces the redundancies. Similarly planning the post beforehand makes the writing bit a lot easier and less time consuming.

The Main Ingridient

Without the main ingredient the dish does not have any existence (example: a pizza without a base). Similarly, the article ceases to have an existence if there is no content. The food will never be good if the main ingredient is not good  and so the content is the key part of an article, it has to be good, otherwise it will not be liked that much.

Cooking a dish in the right manner is really important. If the timing is not right, the food will not be good enough. Likewise content is the King, and it should be shown in a manner that it is able to make it’s point correctly.


What is life without a little spice? Spices, though may not be necessary but they are added to enhance the flavor of the dish. They make an ordinary dish extraordinary. Images and Videos are not required but they add value to posts, they act like spices and make the post even more interactive.


Garnishing is the most important. Putting all the pieces together and presenting the dish is what is garnishing all about. Garnishing makes an impression on the consumer. Even if the dish is disgusting and the garnishing is good, it will still be able to attract a lot of people, but if the garnishing is pathetic, then it will sure lose on a lot of potential consumers. Similarly, the presentation of the post is equally important. Formatting the post and presenting the content into readable paragraphs makes the post reader friendly and hence attracts a lot of readers even if the content is below average.

Mixing all the right ingredients in appropriate proportions and along with it cooking it well and garnishing it beautifully will make it a true piece of art and then you can expect your blog to make an impact on others.

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