How to Become a Blogging Idol

What is it like to be a superstar? People following you madly, noticing each and every step taken by you. It feels really great, right?. Now becoming a celebrity takes a lot than just luck. It is not a child’s play to reach the top, if you think there is a shortcut, then you are mistaken. Luck may just help you in reaching goals faster but other than that, it is just you and your work.

A lot of bloggers dream of becoming a web celebrity one fine day. The difference between a celebrity and wannabe is that  they both have the same dream, but the way they approach to achieve it is entirely different. A wannabe looks for instant success without any major efforts and that is a possibility only if he is god gifted. The celebrity makes serious efforts to make his/her dream possible.

A web celebrity in a blogging field or what I refer to as a Blogging Idol is supposed to have something different from others. He/she should have a spark, an X-factor that you normally don’t see in many people. This X-factor will drive them to success. It would seem very difficult to have an X-factor, but in my opinion, everybody has something different in them and they only need to convert it into their special ability or X-factor.

Some of the things you should in order to become a blogging idol:

1. Motivation

Blogging is not an easy task and keeping it consistent is one of the toughest things faced by rookie bloggers. The fact of the matter is that you cannot expect each day to deliver results according to your plan. There are days when nothing goes right in your way. You just need to keep motivated,  because at some later point, a day will come when you will be able to taste the sweetness of success. You can keep yourself motivated by seeing some of the case studies of famous bloggers who are earning their living through blogging. If they can do it, so can you!

2. Inspiration

Blogging is an evolving process, you learn a lot through blogging. Not everybody is a good writer, but that doesn’t mean you cannot blog. Writing can be improved by taking inspiration from some of the famous writers. Studying how they write and how they use the words can be a real help in improving your writing.

3. Productivity

A day consists of 24 hours and each hour consists of 60 minutes and each minutes consists of 60 seconds and within this time you have to write articles, edit them and promote them and along with this you need to read other blogs and do things other than blogging. Now, that is a lot of things to do and to do all of these, you need to increase your productivity. The difference between a professional and an amateur blogger is only in terms of productivity.

4. Relationship Pro

The ultimate guide to success is to build awesome relationships with bloggers as well as readers. Building a connect, helps in improving your engagement and hence glues your readers to your blog.

5. Take a Different Road

Becoming a blogging idol doesn’t mean that you always have to follow what other famous bloggers have done. The reason why you shouldn’t always do that is because time changes and so does the rules of blog-o-sphere. Ideas which were relevant 2-3 years ago may not be relevant at this point of time.

Taking the best point out of each blogger is a good strategy because it saves you from all the trouble they had faced. But you need to think different and take a different road. Being unique makes you standout of the crowd. For example, using humor like how Jordan Cooper does can help you stand out as a blogger and he is one type of blogger who is very difficult to find.

These are just some of the ways that can help in you chasing your dream to become a blogging idol but it doesn’t guarantee success. The only thing you need to know is to constantly strive to make this dream possible.

Image Credit: Scott Beale