Guest Blogging – A win-win situation

guest-bloggingBlogging collaboration is the best technique that actually bears fruit. One aspect of collaboration is guest blogging. Now bloggers who are new may not be aware of the concept of guest blogging, but it is not so difficult to understand. A blogger instead of blogging at his/her own blog, blogs on a blog which is more influential and which will be beneficial for his blog in the long term. Guest Blogging is a win-win situation for both the guest and the host.

Benefits for the Guest

Act as an expert

If a blogger blogs on a subject as a guest, he instantly becomes an authority in the eyes of the readers. Being treated as an expert, makes a person worth following  and so people start following the guest and also give importance to what he/she writes. Hence, guest blogging can help develop a quality following.

Share your experiences

Bloggers that blog on different niches (for example photography) other than blogging cannot share their blogging experiences on their blogs as they are not relevant to their niche and also can put off their readers, and so blogs like Blog Godown that are centered around blogging are a great platform to share blogging experiences.

Expand the influence

The sole purpose of blogging at an influential blog is to expand the influence and build an online presence. More  and more people start recognizing the blogger and his/her web presence starts to grow.


Guest posts are also done to gain traffic and they actually bring traffic in two forms. Guest posts gives quality links that improve the seo of the pages and so they initiate the organic traffic train. Beside this, guest posts also bring instant traffic from the subscribers of the host website, who liked the post and want to read further. This traffic also increases  by two folds as two people promote thesame  post, the host and the guest 🙂

Benefits for the Host

New Vision

Articles from a single author can be a bit boring and repetitive. Even if they are not very repetitive, they will be based on similar ideas and thoughts coming out from the same human mind. A guest post gives a new dimension to a blog. It brings with it, a new perspective which broadens the span of the blog. These fresh ideas are very refreshing for readers as they read something new and different.

Quality Content

This is a really big plus point and that is why a lot of bloggers invite guest posts. Guest posts are like free quality content for hosts. This acts as a breather for hosts as they can take a break or they can utilize this time on other things like SEO and blog promotion.

How to find Blogs to Guest Post?

This a valid question and is the one that is frequently asked. There are many ways to find blogs to guest post, some of them are listed below:

1. Go to the blog of your niche and digg for links such as “write for us”, “Submit your article” etc.

2. Use forums to find blogs. Nowadays, a number of forums have been created that stress on blogging collaboration and have been very useful in finding quality blogs to guest post. To name a few:

a. MyBlogGuest : This is a forum created by Ann Smarty and it is the place to find guest post and blogs to guest post on. The forum also has a rating system. The rating system rates sites based on various metrics (Page rank, Alexa Rank etc) and it saves the time of finding out the best blogs out of the lot.

b. Problogger: Problogger Darren Rowse has started this great forum. It is a paid forum, but it is the hub of very influential bloggers. The collaboration section is dedicated towards getting and recieving guest posts.

There are other ways to find guest posts listed on this great article at Famousbloggers by Ann Smarty:  Top 3 Ways to Find Great Guest Contributors for Your Blog

If you are interested in guest blogging at Blog Godown. Take a look at our guest posting guidelines.

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  • Another benefit for the guest is the backlinks. This is probably the most important part because after all the traffic stops visiting that posts you will still have the backlink to your blog (hopefully with a targeted keyword).
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..The 4 Reasons People Unsubscribe Mailing Lists =-.

    • Yes kewyword rich links that you get from guest blogs help in seo and so bring some organic traffic through search engines

  • Dee

    This is a very good and informative post. Per your suggestion, I went and joined the site. It is a great site to look for guest bloggers. I have been looking for a guest blogger for my blogs Each Others Keeper and Her Money Maker for quite some time. Thanks for the info.
    .-= Dee´s last blog ..Bishop Putting A Twist On Love Songs =-.

    • If you are looking for guests this forum will get you more posts than you can get by asking people personally or posting at your blog

  • These are fantastic tips, Gautam! Great resources as well. I did not join ProBlogger’s hub at a discount when it was first announced and find myself regretting that inaction every day. Time to join at full price! Thank you for the info & links =)

    Anita @ModelSupplies

    • Yes, joint the forum, it is a great learning experience and you will get to learn a lot more blogging strategies.

  • Exactly Guest blogging on popular blogs helps in improving the SERP rank as well as bring in decent traffic.
    .-= Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Grab a Re-tweet button for your blogger blog =-.

  • Agree, as long as they’re not done too often on the same site guest blog posts are a great way to build traffic. The blog owner gets a break, the guest poster gets traffic and a chance to share some of the other blog’s readership, and the readers of the blog get a new outlook (and hopefully an interesting post to read!).

    I should really start doing it again, heh. 🙂
    .-= Jason @ Make Money At Home´s last blog ..How I Plan To Take This Blog To 10,000 Subscribers =-.

    • Yes guest blogging at the same blog is not a very good proposition. But it all depends on the traffic the blog gets. If it is huge then you can expect more out of it and so can have more than 1 guest post.

  • Thanks for mentioning MyBlogGuest and thanks for participating and helping us grow!
    .-= Ann Smarty´s last blog ..The Internet According to Nan =-.

    • I think it is a really great concept and I think it would be a revolution in the blog-o-sphere

  • Nice post buddy. Guest posting is beneficial for both the sides
    .-= Rahul Jadhav´s last blog ..25 Blogs That Create Beautiful Blogger Templates =-.

  • As Tom said above, the greatest benefit for the guest poster is the quality and authoritative backlink followed by the traffic.

    Recently Daniel of DailyBlogTips said talked about Massive Guest Blogging. I am yet to try this out, he says, guest blogging with 20 articles in one week would give more results that doing those 20 articles over 6 months.

    Here is the link:

    .-= Arun Basil Lal´s last blog ..Blogging to the Next Level =-.

    • I think that might be a great Idea and also saw that post, and I sincerely think that it is a great startegy to build an authority.

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  • I haven’t done much guest blogging, but took it on as a challenge recently. I really don’t have a ton of time for it, but it can be a good idea if it fits your situation.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Guest Blogging =-.

    • It is a good idea and is worth investing time on. Once you are able to build a good reputation, then you can start concentrating on your blog.

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  • There really isn’t too much downside to offering others a Guest Blog spot. Remember that “content is king.” If the content is strongly related to the Blog’s niche specialty, you are providing more meat for search engine optimization, in addition to a fresh perspective on what you normally write about.

    Just be sure the content isn’t too salesy or offensive to others, in any way.

    Marc LeVine
    Director of Social Media
    RiaEnjolie, Inc.
    Follow on Twitter @RiaEnjolie

  • You changed my mind about Guest Blogging. Till Now I was working only on my blog and never bother to write guest posts on other blogs. But now, It will write blog posts on several blogs including yours first.

  • Jademoniquetaylor

    I’d like to try guest blogging but am not really keen on having others guest post on my blog yet. Is that okay?

    I’m planning on joining ‘my blog guest’

  • rndtechnologies786

    Your blog is good.