Creating Top Quality Blog Reader Relationships

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Without readers a blog is nothing, they interact, create, share and develop an environment in which the blog author can share what he believes is most important. Engaged readers often are the reasons as to why we blog. Not because of the money, rather, because we have a passion for sharing information. Without readers, why would we blog? Blogging is all about sharing, and this is only possible with readers, people who actually care about what you write. Because of this, it is the duty of every blogger to create good quality relationships from within a blogging community. Here are some of the best ways of establishing good quality relationships with people.

Reply to everything

Building strong relationships with readers can be best achieved by directly engaging with the readers themselves. If a reader has a query or problem, reply to them, tell them how to solve a problem. Set a goal of devoting as much time as you spend on writing blog posts towards replying to comments and emails which people share on your blog.

Study what readers want

Blogging can often lead into many new areas of interests. The most important thing to remember is to not stray from what you always write on your blog. If you discover that you have a new interest and you want to blog about it, create a separate blog as your current blog readers will want to continue reading what you always publish. The more you remain on topic, the more readers will engage with you because they know that you are a professional in what you talk about. The best way to find out a specific topic which you should be blogging about is to hold a survey discussing what you should be blogging about. If you come out with mixed results then incorporate everything together.

Introduce guest posting

Your readers might actually have something to say or expand on which you might not have covered but others might be interested in. The best way to let your readers become fully engaged with your blog is to allow guest posting. Guest posting allows readers to directly contribute to your blog. They can publish blog posts on topics which you might not have covered yet.ย  Not only do they increase the reader interaction with your blog but they also create a strong community where everyone can participate.

Follow them through

Nothing more delights a reader than when the author of a very successful blog starts reading and commenting on their blog. Follow your readers through. If a reader leaves a comment on your blog and they have left a link to their blog, visit their blog and publish a comment on theirs. The relationship between you and your readers will develop 10 fold, especially because they will discover that you are an outgoing person rather than just participating on the comments in your own blog.

Give something back

If you share a specific interest with your readers and you want to develop strong community well being with them further then share something with them. Give them a reason to be participating in your blog rather than just subscribing to an rss feed and never visiting. Write an e-book, start a competition; share something of value with them. Put your readers in a situation were if they actively participate in your blog then they will be given something of importance be it, free backlinks, reviews or free hits. Give readers a reason to participate. This will surely maintain a good relationship with you and your readers.

Developing a strong relationship with your readers will open both them and your blog to greater discussion. The more actively you engage your readers, the stronger relationship you will develop with them a one road ticket to your promotion.

This post was written by Peter, the creator and author of ideas bubble, tweet, blog, post, link and share your way to success.