Boosting your Google Adsense Earnings using Google Certified Ad Networks

Google Adsense has been a source of income for many bloggers. The reason why it is the most preferred ad network is because it is able to get the maximum returns. And also, because it tries to outdo itself by adding new features to make even more money online. A lot of six bloggers like shoemoney and Problogger have used Google Adsense to make a living from their earnings.

Google Adsense had recently opened adsense to google certified ad networks to compete for ad space. It was only available to users form North America and Europe, but now it is available to everybody. Here’s what was on adsense’s post.

Allowing these ad networks to compete for your display ad space means that more ads will be eligible to appear on your pages, leading to potentially higher earnings in the long run. Our system will show the ads that will generate you the most profit, whether they’re from these Google-certified ad networks or the AdWords program. As a reminder, all Google-certified ad networks are required to adhere to our standards for user privacy, ad quality, and speed. In addition, you can use the controls in your Ad Review Center to specify which ad networks can appear on your pages.

Finally, some ad networks use tools similar to Google’s interest-based advertising to show more relevant ads to users on the sites they visit. We’ll allow certified networks who comply with user privacy guidelines to show ads using these tools, but they won’t be permitted to collect data from your site for the purpose of subsequent interest-based advertising. You’ll be able to opt out of receiving ads based on user interests from these certified networks, and we have changed our requirements for third-party ad serving to reflect this. We’re dedicated to providing users with a positive experience, while helping publishers effectively monetize the ads appearing on their sites. We believe you’ll find that more competition translates into better ads and increased revenue in the long run.

This feature seems to be the best one in a long time and it has great money making potential.

Google adsense is trying to aggregate more and more ad networks to its list to increase the earning capacity of the readers and secondly, to make it an even bigger ad network (A one stop place for all the ad publishing solutions), so that each and every publisher uses adsense for displaying ads. As it is a relatively new feature, so one might not see a change in his earnings instantly, but it may start increasing in a month or so.

If you log into adsense and then click on Ad Review Centre, you will see a list of Google certified networks which will be competing for your ad space. These networks are some of the leading ad networks in the online business.

Some of the prominent networks in the list are:

  1. ValueClick, Inc.
  2. Chitika
  3. BrightRoll
  4. Mpire

As you can see, the ad networks mentioned above are pretty huge and in my opinion, it will be even better in the future as the list will be constantly updated, as and when more ad networks start complying to google’s guidelines.

What it means for publishers:

If adsense is able to bring all the major ad networks together, then it would mean more money (moolah!) in your pockets. Secondly, it would save a lot of time, as you would not need to login to multiple ad accounts and monitor your earnings. Also, adsense earnings can be integrated with google analytics. So, you can easily analyze your earnings in the analytics dashboard.

The only negative point with this collaboration of ad networks can be that a group sometimes try to take advantage of their unity and start changing the rules for their own benefit. For example, they may decrease the commission a publisher gets on each ad which is clicked or displayed (i.e the overall money per CPC), which may lead to a decrease in earnings.


What do you think about this new adsense feature? Will it be able to make more money?

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  • I never really thought about using certified ad networks before, I have to give this a trial on one of my blogs.
    .-= Onibalusi Bamidele´s last blog ..How To Backup Your WordPress Blog =-.

    • Actually if you are not doing anything on your adsense account, then you are already giving it a try.

      If you want to block some ad networks, then you need to change it in the adsense dashboard

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  • How generous of Google, surprisingly. 🙂 I have yet to check my settings but good to know. More choices, more relevant ads, more revenue opportunities. I hope the ad networks won’t be modifying any existing rules; still user can change back the settings anytime if they’re not satisfied with it.

    Thanks for the heads up, Gautam.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..Link Love: Have You Thanked Your Angels Lately? =-.

    • Ching, this came as a surprise to me when I saw this news in my email and then I decided to publish about it in my blog.

  • This is great news. Thanks for the heads up. I need to go check my account see about make any changes to get this up and running correctly.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Guest Post: On-Page SEO Tips =-.

    • I think it should be running just fine, but yes you can filter out some ad networks, and the list is so long that I prefer not blocking any of them

  • I hope that the payout level will go up. More advertisers results in more competition. More competition means higher paid ads,

    This friday i received a $8 click. Well, i tracked it because i use channels for every ad spot and it was somewhere in the morning and for that ad spot it was only 1 click.

    Probably is a mistake, but if it is, there must be 2 mistakes to make this possible.

    If one advertiser bids 8$ for CPC he will not actually pay that amount. He will pay with 1c more than the next advertiser viable for that spot. This means for that click, someone bidded 8$ and other advertiser bidded more.
    .-= Lucian Apostol´s last blog ..How many words your articles have =-.

    • 8$ for a click is huge and if we have earnings like that, we will easily reach six figure incomes in less time.

      I think you are right, it might have been a mistake because 8$ for a click is a bit unusual

  • Great news for all the publishers. I will do the needful when my blog is ready or better I say come online.

  • I stopped using Googl Adsense because most of their ads had nothing to do with my content. I may go back to it for a while, but I really want to find something else to get revenue.
    .-= Alex Monroe´s last blog ..Keep On Hustling! =-.

    • Alex, I would suggest you to come back to Adsense as well because it is the leading source of earning for people like us!

      But don’t break the guidelines of Adsnese otherwise it won’t work for you!

  • Well,Adsense is not everything. You can make more money online with Adsense. Try Affiliate products till you get Adsense. If it works then it will be a revolution.

  • I stumbled upon this a while back whilst navigating through my account. Never saw it come online though. It certainly makes good sense to have more advertisor competition for keywords, but the expected results – bigger payouts – hasn’t really happened for me.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.