5 Tips to Increase Productivity while Blogging

Blogging as a profession is a very hectic one and it is difficult to keep focused all the time. Writing articles and tasks other than blogging like blog promotion, web design and engaging in discussions can easily eat up your time, and in order to be ahead of the crowd, you ought to produce a greater output. And the only method to produce better output in the limited time available, is to increase productivity by planning your work.
The difference between an average joe and an experienced blogger is the way they approach their blogging.  One wastes all the time in trying to make a penny from his work, instead of focusing on the bulls eye i.e the content. Without it, the blog cannot progress. An experienced blogger knows that content is extremely important and the focus is always on quality content and updating the blog frequently.

The transition from a rookie to an expert blogger comes with time and extensive reading and this article will help you stay productive at all times.

Tips to increase productivity while blogging:

1. Planning and Organizing

Organizing the work helps in reducing inefficiency, reduces the work load and hence increases the productivity. The whole idea is to break up all the tasks into smaller ones to reduce the effort. A good method would be to follow a blog posting workflow which streamlines the job of writing a single post. Along with that maintaining a schedule would be even better, though it has been my experience that strict schedules can be very difficult to follow.

2. Multitasking is not for you

A lot of bloggers say that they multitask and do more than one job at a particular instant of time. As productive as it may sound, it is the actual opposite of it. During the multitasking, the efficiency goes very low, and hence takes more time to do a job. If you are able to multitask and also be very productive along with it, then hats off  to you. But for average human being multitasking is a strict no!

3. Start Early

It is always better to start in the morning, because at time your mind is fresh and hence the productivity is at its peak. The quality of content increases rapidly in the morning  and deteriorates as the time passes by. Blogging at night should be only restricted to promotion and engagement purposes as they don’t require that amount of attention and so it will not affect the productivity.

4.  Decrease Distractions

Keeping focused can be a hell of a task if you are addicted to something. Distractions are time killers and initiatives should be taken to get rid of them. Some of the common distractions are watching TV, social networking and chatting. These activities are a waste of time and these can be the sole reason of being unproductive.  The only way to get rid of them is by getting cut off. For example, switching the TV off and closing all the unnecessary browser windows.

5. Increase Concentration

To keep focused, the concentration level should be very high. There are a number of techniques that can keep you focused, some of them which are very helpful are as follows

  • Yoga – Yoga is the best method to increase concentration. The breathing exercises help to clear your mind and you feel fresher than ever.
  • Take a Break – If you get tired of work and no ideas come to your mind, then there is a need to clean up. Physical exercise is a great technique to clear the mind.
  • Listen to music – According to a study, listening to music can actually increase the productivity. Not all types of music have the same effect, but light soothing music is really good for your productivity.

Now, the next step is to follow them and make it a part of your daily routine, which is not an easy task to do, but who said blogging was easy!

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