5 Golden Rules of Relationship Blogging

handshake-relationship-bloging-5-golden-rulesThe state of blog-o-sphere has been changed drastically due to the advent of social media websites like twitter and facebook. Now being a blogger and just writing and promoting articles will not work. Relationship blogging is the new trend in the blogging realm, and to become an influential blogger in the present blog-o-sphere, a blogger should be very good at building relationships. Haven’t heard of the concept, I will clear the air.

Relationship Blogging is a method of blog marketing, which is done by creating really good relationships with people. Relationship building is the requirement of this time where social media is at it’s peak. By Building good relationships you increase trust and build credibility for your website. As you build a good reputation, people start recognizing your blog as a brand and also start sharing your content with others. If you build good relationships with social media hotshots, then it can help in bringing lots of traffic to your website.

As a Relationship Blogger I have learned a lot in the past year,  I have built relationships with a  lot  of social media enthusiasts and according to me a good relationship blogger should follow these 5 Golden Rules of Relationship Blogging:

1. Start a Conversation

Everything starts with a simple conversation. When you are in a coffee shop and you meet a stranger, then what is your next step? Starting a conversation. Similarly, the beginning of every relationship starts with a conversation. It doesn’t matter what the conversation topic is or whether conversation is meaningful, but where the conversation is headed? An engaging conversation will be a stepping stone to a new friendship.

2. Be Polite

The reason why this quality is stressed upon a lot because it is a key element of every conversation and hence it is a key element of building a relationship. If instead of being polite, you start being blunt and rude, then you can’t expect any relationship to be formed. Being polite is always helpful in building a healthy relationship.

3. Random Acts of Kindness

I have learned this concept from twitter. It basically means that instead of promoting your articles first, you show an act of kindness and help a person randomly. The effect of this gesture would be that the  person would be taken aback, in a good way and will start liking you and then he will be happy to help you. So, you will get an upper hand in the relationship as being the one who is very kind and generous.

4. Give and Take

No relationship works if it is only one way. It should not be all about meme, it should be about the person too i.e shameless self promotion will not work in these type of relationships. It should be a give and take relationship, where  there is a mutual sharing.

5. Thank People

It is very important to thank people even if there is a give and take relationship. It just shows that you are obliged to be part of the relationship and for getting their help .

These Golden Rules are must follow and along with that bloggers need to strike a balance between blogging and social media.

What is your opinion on Relationship Blogging?

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  • I always try to thank as many as possible on my blog when they comment, I also follow those that leave their Twitter as another act of kindness 😉
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Blazing Minds – Guest poem by Justin Germino =-.

  • Wonderful insight, Gautam! This is something I really missed as a new blogger and still need to work on =)

    I was modeling my blogging on the giant news outlets and there are rarely interactive authors on those sites. I suspect they will need to change that in the near future.

    Anita @ModelSupplies

    • I think we all need to change according to the circumstances and to be ahead, you need to be flexible. Relationship blogging is a tad bit new concept but it is still good for building subscribers

  • A good relationship with a blogger will surely help a lot in many ways

  • Good point. Nobody really write about those things. they are important and you made it 🙂

  • Love the phrase relationship blogging. You certainly can’t go wrong with that because it’s more personal and long lasting. Great insight. 🙂
    .-= jan geronimo´s last blog ..Here’s Why I Unfriended Darren Rowse in Facebook =-.

    • Yes you really can, if you are not good with interacting people. The essential part is networking and that is to be mastered here.

  • neo

    That right, mutual sharing is point of blogging. 😀

  • I think the ideas are good and I would almost suggest you add a number 6 to the list:

    6. Attend Conferences

    I know they can be expensive, but there are others that are cheaper. I paid $6k to go to Elite Retreat back in October but I met so many people that I can bounce ideas off and they are very responsive and helpful. If I didn’t start a relationship with them in person this would have been nearly impossible to do.
    .-= Chris Guthrie´s last blog ..phpZon Pro Plugin Review and Contest Giveaway =-.

    • I think attending conferences is even better than all these networking techniques as it is more personal and it is a better way to build a relationship.

  • It’s clear to us that blogging has becoming a main relationship building platform, especially if one is to look for consistent networking and support from one another. Personalities and ethics always come in mind to maintain a beneficial relationship blogging, it’s impossible to do everything alone like before. We need friends, audiences, clients.. wherever there are conversations, there will always be a relationship to maintain.

    Give and take, think on behalf of others, be respectful – exactly how we shall treat anyone, on or offline.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How To Receive Notification for New Responses in Facebook Discussion Board =-.

    • Actually blogs are more like businesses to us and we take readers as our customers. And in order to become a great business, the support should be really good and that is in the form of interactions that we do in blogging.

      Give and take and respecting each other is a must!

  • Nice article man. thanks. And Good title.
    .-= Mifas´s last blog ..Google Buzz Share Count Button Add to Blogger =-.

  • I try and make as many friends as I can when blogging. By being friendly and helping others out. When I can, I will thank my commenters. I will great all new bloggers and thank them for stopping by.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Coffee With Hesham of Famous Bloggers =-.

    • Greeting all bloggers is a great gesture and is greatly appreciated by readers and bloggers alike.

  • This can’t be done only by adding a friend on facebook. That does not mean that you made a relationship.
    Some people think that if they have more people as friends in facebook they have good relations. It is not true, a relation means much more than adding someone as a friend, which means nothing.
    .-= Lucian Apostol´s last blog ..Use a caching plugin on wordpress to avoid server load when =-.

  • This is a great post on relationship blogging. Relationship with other bloggers is one major way to achieve blogging success.

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  • Gautam nice write up. I’m not sure where it started being important to build relationships but I think I noticed a big change in 2007 right near the end of the year. We have so much competition in the blogosphere building relationships is the only way to keep a competitive edge.

    I’m always writing about building relationships even within social websites such as the ones you mentioned. This will help you get votes, engages etc…

    To be honest I’m sure my online blogging relationships is what has made blogengage as large as it is today.
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..How to make money from blogging =-.

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  • Hi Gautam, you have touched really an important and useful aspect of blogging.

    When I started blogging, it was my fortunate luck that I happened to meet some nice souls like Ileane, Imran (bloggingJunkie) and the good relationship with them helped me to run the road much faster.

    In fact blogging is helping each other and working cooperatively. When you are ready to offer, you find other more eager to help you.

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