Why i Like StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon-LogoI started using social media when i joined twitter. Twitter turned out to be a great medium for meeting new people and marketing my blog. After some time, when i attained a decent reputation on twitter, I decided to increase my online presence by joining other major social media websites. The one that stood out among them was StumbleUpon. The meaning of Stumbleupon is to stumble on something i.e. to come across something useful. That is what you have to do. Just stumble across a useful post or article and thumb it up. You can also review it and post your comments.

From this description, it may seem that StumbleUpon is just like any other social bookmarking website, where you can vote and share. But there are a lot of things that make StumbleUpon different from other social bookmarking websites.  In StumbleUpon you can easily find users from similar niche or topic.  You can easily interact and befriend people using the message inbox provided to you. But there is also a flip side to it, that this messaging service can attract a lot of spammers.

Welcomes New Users

The best part of being at Stumbleupon is that you don’t need to be a very active user to be popular. You just need to be regular and make friends with other stumbleupon users. Unlike social media websites like Digg, users on StumbleUpon are very friendly and will add you, if you provide good content and if you are not a spammer. But yes you have to keep in mind that you need to thumb up useful posts and maintain the quality of the content that you are stumbling. As you’re favorites will increase, so will your reputation and friends.

Feature Rich Toolbar

StumbleUpon Toolbar Features

StumbleUpon Toolbar Features

Stumbleupon has a really useful toolbar which comes as a firefox addon. It comes loaded with a lot of features, making stumbling a one minute task by just having to “Thumb up” or “Thumb Down”. Through this toolbar you can stumble upon articles according to different categories and also check out random pages using the “Stumble” Button. Besides this, you can view all the shares sent by friends and also share articles via this toolbar.

Easy Sharing

Sharing articles among friends is really easy. You can share using the Stumbleupon toolbar or from the Stumbleupon website. If you want to share it to all your friends at the same instant, you can do that using the su.pr website.

It’s Not Very Time Consuming

In StumbleUpon you don’t need to visit the StumbleUpon website everytime to see the shares, you can do that using the toolbar. Unlike Digg, where you have to first visit their website and then click again to view the original article. And along with that you don’t need to stumble 1000 websites wach day. In fact, it is better that you stumble only 100 pages which are good and are worth sharing.

Good Source of Traffic

Because of StumbleUpon’s random stumbling feature, you constantly receive traffic on your stumbled posts. StumbleUpon has been a very good traffic source for my blog, ranking just after twitter.

Spam Free

StumbleUpon is comparatively less prone to spam than twitter and facebook.  StumbeUpon moderates user activities. If a user is excessively spamming, he/she can get banned. Also, If a person is using multiple accounts to promote a website, the website too can be banned from StumbleUpon.

Visitor Tracking

This is a very small feature in StumbleUpon website, but i like it because you get noticed easily when you are viewing other user’s StumbleUpon pages. And it also increases the chances of getting new friends to your network.

You can add me on Stumbleupon

That’s just my view, what do you think of StumbleUpon? What is your story?

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  • I have to agree. I like Stumble. I like its firefox extension. I also notice that since I started using Stumble to market my blog, its now in my top 5 traffic makers on my site.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Tips to Help With Time Management =-.

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  • I followed you on StumbleUpon. Here’s my link:

    .-= Larry Brauner´s last blog ..Neglected Stepchild of Social Media Marketing =-.

    • I have subscribed to you. Great Meeting you 🙂

  • I tried leaving a comment the other day and I got an error… and I just got another one… Rats!

  • I signed up. Stumbled, fell, didn’t know what I was doing. I have the toolbar installed but I just look at it and say “how do I trust these sites won’t give me a virus?” lol

    • No, you will not get a virus, if you follow influential stumbleupon users. They will always share useful content.
      And, if you can get a virus from stumbleupon, then you can get a virus form all other social media websites

  • I used only twitter for traffic generation. I dont no how to use stumbleupon because it totaldifferent from other social network. But now i get clear idea from you
    im going to use Stumbleupon also
    Thanks for sharing

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  • I was shocked when I first used StumbleUpon and clicked on the “I Like It” button on the toolbar.

    It brought massive (1,000 new visits) traffic within a day to my previous Blogger’s blog.

    StumbleUpon helps to expose our blogs and actually “put it online”.
    .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

    • That’s huge. I had got a spike form stumbleupon, but that was only 500 visits. But now i get more visit, because of my activity on stumbleupon

  • I love StumbleUpon because it has been so good to me. Without even knowing of the bookmarking sight the traffic just started coming, about 75% my daily visits now.
    This is for my website http://www.32keys.com/index.html – it has been reviewed 140+ times to date.

    About all I do is the occasional review of sites main entry, not individual posts. Now if I could just get lucky with my blog…
    .-= Grampa Ken for social change´s last blog ..Store Shopping: Feels Like Theft =-.

    • Yes getting stumbles is a great traffic turner. I too got a lot of traffic for my twitter icons article

  • I have been using StumbleUpon for 3 weeks now and I can not get any traffic to my site. I have only 1 view…and thats me. I want to be able to get thousands of views also 🙁 It seems to work so well for everyone else. Is there something I am doing wrong? Any tips would be so greatly appreciated! My StumbleUpon Profile is:

    • First of all: be patient. Traffic will not come at first. Mkae a lot of friends and stumble great articles. start sharing your posts with your friends and you will get traffic.

  • This sounds like a nice sharing tool. I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

  • I wasn’t fond of using stumbleupon, maybe I am scared of other sites except twitter. I was enlightened with your article, perhaps i’ll use stumbleupon in the future.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view.