The Art of Commenting

Stand-Out-Art-of-commentingIf one is a very new blogger, it is really hard to get noticed in the initial few months. But all this can change if one masters the art of commenting. Though, it is not one of the conventional methods that bloggers employ to get traffic, but it is the one that can build a really great relationship with fellow bloggers and bring some loyal readers to one’s kitty.

I am a comment freak and I have read a lot of articles and participated in many discussions. Besides the learning aspect of it,Ā  I have used commenting as a tool to get traffic and also to build relationship with far more influential bloggers than myself. Not only traffic, my comments earned me a lot of link juice.

An important thing to note is that not all comments get noticed. You need to add something special so that it grabs the attention of people. It is similar to selling a product, you need to advertise it in a manner that it grabs attention of the consumer.Ā  Once it gets noticed then it will automatically get traffic to you. It is important to make each and every comment count. The ‘art’ is in the way one makes his comment count.

The art of posting comments that get noticed is an art that can be mastered easily, if we follow these points :

1. Use Actual Name

A lot of bloggers comment for the sole reason of SEO and so they use keywords as the name instead of their actual name. This does not bode well among readers, and they perceive the comments as spam. Using the actual name, builds an authority and shows that the commenter is real and not a spam bot.

2. Add value

By adding value, I mean that the comments should be pertaining to the article. It should not be about abstract topics and should not be as small as a single sentence. Comments like “useful post” and “I like it” are completely useless and it is better to leave the idea of commenting if you are thinking of using these comments.

3. Be Original

The heading may be a bit misleading, but by being original, I mean to be yourself. Comment as if you are talking to a relative or a friend so that you can comment freely and the comment is a true reflection of what you are.

4. Ask Questions

In my opinion, asking questions can be a good way to get the bloggers attention. By asking a question, you are not only starting a discussion but also learning along with it.

5. Be Opinionated

Being opinionated is good. Even if the post is the about the praise of some product, you don’t need to agree with it. If you differ with the point, then back it up with your experience with it and don’t be rude (because that is not very nice). Comments that are opinionated get noticed easily and grab the attention of the reader.

Following these simple steps will help you stand out among the crowd and increase the chances of getting some quality traffic to your blog but you can always try something different.

  • Great post Gautam.

    I do have some questions for you. I enjoy commenting and I try and comment on blogs daily.

    1. How often do you comment for the link juice and get the traffic.

    2. How many comments do you try and make a day. I have heard the ideal number of comments is around 50 day. I can only get around 10 – 15 day.

    3. Do you think okay to comment on only a handful blogs but you comment on multiply posts and replying to other comments that were made or do think that we should try get reach our daily comment goals by commenting different blogs?
    .-= element321 @ evolutionary desings´s last blog ..Blog Engage Goes Invitation Only =-.

    • I think commenting for link juice depends on which blog you are commenting on. commenting on Problogger will not get you link juice but can get you traffic. You get link juice from bloggers that visit their commenters website and link to them if they find their article useful.

      I think commenting on different blogs is better than commenting on the same blog many times, so if even if you have 15 comments on 15 blogs then it is better than 50 comments on 10 blogs. (But yes all these comments should be quality comments)

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  • neo

    yes.. now i know how to commenting a blog, it’s mean we must understand red thread of every article was posted.
    .-= neo´s last blog ..Berbagai hal yang harus dikerjakan ketika tidak Blogging (ngeBlog) =-.

  • Hi. I am new here and this article caught my attention. I’d love to visit back. Keep up the good work. I rarely post comments and now I learned something new from you. Thanks! See you around!
    .-= Liezl´s last blog ..Valentine Pisobilities =-.

  • We are relatives, aren’t we, Gautam? lol

    I dislike those spammy comments “I have gained much insight from this post. I look forward to being a regular poster.” There are tons of those now! I think your idea has definitely caught on!

    I had no idea I should be commenting 15-50 times per day, element321. Looking forward to what Gautam has to say about how often and where =)
    Great post as always!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

    • It is not the number of comments, but the quality and the number of blogs you comment on is more important. I think commenting on blogs which are more influential than you and also engage in discussion.

      There are tons of spam, but I am happy akismet is able to remove that easily šŸ™‚

  • I didn’t want the hassle of installing comment luv in my Blogger blog, being a bit challenged. In place, I answer comments with a link back to the commenter’s blog by pasting in the code and editing it.
    .-= Grampa Ken for social change´s last blog ..Plan for Your Daily Happiness =-.

    • That’s a good idea, but it is a little more time consuming, I think installing comment luv can be done using IntenseDebate, but it is not necessary to add commentluv. You can get comments even if you don’t have any commentluv.

  • I can see that since i made my blog dofollow and added commentluv plugin, the comments I receive have doubled.

    When I go through the comments left on my blog, I can which users actually read the post and the ones who read a bit and just entered more or less a generic and safe comment.

    I try my best to visit my list of fav blogs/sites and if I have something contructive to say, I leave a comment. If I don’t then I just pass the opportunity.

    What I can say is that leaving comments on other sites/blogs can be time consuming, but one has to make time and stick to it.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..eBook ā€“ A New You Year =-.

    • It is a part of the marketing process, so it is got to be time consuming. But the fact that it is time consuming doesn;t mean you shouldn’t do it. It is hard at first, but it is worth it because you do get great results after some time.

  • I have a question for you gautam. This is somehow related. What do you think of third party commenting systems like disqus and intense debate? Will it help decrease blog comment spams? I recently changed mine and I’m still observing.
    .-= Bogcess´s last blog ..Samsung First Bada OS Phone Blurts Out =-.

    • I have used JS-kit (I don’t it is free or not at this point of time) but It was not at all effective in decreasing even though it had akismet spam filter. But I think Disqus is really good and is the most popular alternative commenting system.

  • Commenting is the number one way to get noticed and make friends. People love feedback and interaction. It’s something I’ve debated since day one with my own website. I’d like comments, but I have a static site. I’m a blogger who blogs daily, but without a blog. Dilemma eh?

    • That is really confusing, I am not sure whether you blog or not?

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  • Sometimes it can be hard to comment on a Blog, specially when reading a post that is not in your field of expertise, but at the end of the day commenting is an important part of blogging and doing it as much as you can is certainly a must!
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Weekly Round Up ā€“ Facebook, TuneCore vs CDBaby =-.

    • Hey, if you think that it is not necessary to comment, then don’t comment, but using just thanks never works for any website whatsoever.

  • Good comments on comments. Keep it real, keep it sincere. Commenting “just to be seen” will get old after a while. Comment where you can offer input, support, encouragement, or just to say hi. But keep it real.

    • Yes “Keeping it real” adds originality to your comment and yes commenting just to be seen will get your comment deleted and will not serve it’s purpose

  • Now here is my issue with commenting.

    I read the posts – most times – and if it loses me before I get to the end, I don’t finish it.

    However, I do want to show the host my support and now I’ve read more than once that the way I show my support is unwarranted. I keep being reminded if I say I enjoyed it or whatever, then it’s useless.

    I agree with Karen….if I comment the way it is WRITTEN that I should, then I would NEVER have time or IDEAS for my own blog.

    So what do you really suggest? If you don’t have a meaningful comment (one the constitutes meaningful to the author), should you just move on to your next site or whatever your next step might be…..what about sharing the post? That’s what I started doing in lieu of commenting….if I find that I want to comment and can’t come up with a passable one, then I share with other networks.

    Anyway, this is like the 20th post I read about how and how not to comment … I think I get the picture now.

    I am interested in what you think a person who supports you and genuinely mean it when they say “nice post” should do with that unappreciative remark.

    Later ‘gator!
    .-= Kissie´s last blog ..The Unorthodox Indicator that I Love You =-.

    • If you didn’t understand the post, there is always an option to ask question, like you are doing it, here, on this post.

      Sharing can also make a connection with the blogger, if he is very active in that network and you are a regular sharer of his/her posts.

      I think instead of saying just “nice post”, you can write on what you liked the most in that particluar post.

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  • Dee

    I hate it when people post on my blog, “nice post” and “good info.”. It implies that they haven’t even read the post. It gives no specifics and I don’t know whether they liked it or not. The “Art of Commenting” had some great information. I am learning to lead by example, by making better comments myself.
    .-= Dee´s last blog ..Everyday Is Valentine’s Day =-.

    • Yes, you are right. Nice post and good info are just useless. But it would always be better if we add additional info to the comment by sharing our experiences or just what was so good or bad in the article

  • If you like to give give keyword in commenting you can give by separating keyword and name by @ symbol..

    ex:- sudharsan @ blogging

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  • Although it’s nice to hear people say “nice post!” it is even better to know precisely what they liked (or didn’t like) about it. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to know how to please our audience. (add the value they are seeking) That’s a great point about your post! I also like the idea that you are responsive to each comment. I can see how effectively that builds upon relationships. I have seen that done frequently, but your post helps me see more clearly the importance of doing so. As for being “time consuming” to comment on the blogs of others, I believe the time is worth it due to the value of information I receive! Thanks Gautam, for helping me learn more about “standing out!” I’ll be back frequently to learn more and appreciate your time and effort.
    Tor @NoCoding on Twitter
    .-= Tor Lowry´s last blog .. =-.

    • Hey that is what I call an arty comment. you have mastered the art of commenting and this goes a long way in building relationships with fellow bloggers and also with your blog readers. And It is always worth the time to appreciate somebody’s work to clear your doubts.

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  • Hey, I like it Very much

  • I don’t agree totally with everything. With KeywordLuv both name and keyword with anchor text is possible. And it’s not entirely offensive to the blogger since that was the intention of the plugin.

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  • very important tips from you. Firstly I tried to comment using my keyword but after some day i saw that I got no backlink. Which means my comments were removed as spam. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  • “Keeping it real” adds originality to your comment and yes commenting just to be seen will get your comment deleted and will not serve it’s purpose

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