The 11 Types of Bloggers


As a Blogger myself, a lot of my time is devoted in reading other blogger’s blogs. The one thing i have noticed is that each and every blogger is very different in their approach and also in their style of writing. The same topic may be written in two entirely different forms.

We usually have the tendency to categorize people into groups on the basis of their behavior, characteristics. Today I am going to categorize bloggers into 11 different groups on the basis of their tone and style of writing.

1. The Funny One

This blogger has a very good sense of humor, and he always manages to make you laugh, even if he is writing on the most boring topics. He uses his wit to add a little bit of humor in each post. These type of bloggers are very difficult to find, but you can see a shade of this in every blogger.

2. The Friendly Guy

The guys we all like, the one’s who are true friends. These bloggers have a unique quality, that they promote their friends along with their work. They are amiable, they are helpful and very kind. Because of these type of people, the blogging community is surviving. Otherwise there would not have been a community, just a bunch of bloggers posting and promoting themselves.

3. The Angry Bunch

Bloggers whom you don’t like very much. These bloggers are not happy with what’s going around them. They just happen to have a problem with everything.  They are short tempered and in get into bad mood very easily. Their content is full of caustic comments and allegations.

4. The Highly Opinionated

People don’t like other people who are very frank. The Highly Opinionated ones are guys that blog straight from their heart. They are not very diplomatic and they don’t care what others think about them and you will not want to meet them in the dark alley. The best quality about them is that they are very genuine and are not influenced by others.

5. The Humble One

This type of bloggers are a very rare find. These are down to earth human beings, who will interact with anybody whether big or small,  even if they are very popular in the online world.

6. Crazy for Money

Most of bloggers are there just for making money even though they probably just end up getting in debt with a creditcard from the web because they do it incorrectly. There are a few like Shoemoney and John Chow that know how to do it. But the rest just forget about the main idea behind blogging and start their pursuit of grabbing as much money as they could, even if their reputation is at stake. These bloggers can be really annoying, if they become very greedy.

7. The Lazy Pigs

This is class of bloggers is looked down upon. Why should everyone write a posts a day or 3 posts per week? This is the question they usually ask. They don’t write a lot, they are very unproductive and are surrounded by a number of distractions. Many bloggers pass through this phase in their early days of blogging, where they don’t want to blog anymore and some of them quit blogging because they are very lazy to do it.

8. The Social Media Bug

The socialites, the ones that spend most of their time in social networking sites. These bloggers don’t blog much, i.e. they prefer quality over quantity. They know the art of marketing their articles. They promote their articles in a way which is not usually perceived as self promotion or spam. These are the guys, who are usually topping the charts.

9. The Conversationalist

The talkative people in the blogger community. These people have an inherent urge to comment and start a conversation with others. Whenever you see a threaded comment, you will always find a conversationalist there. I personally like these bloggers, because they are very engaging and they also give you positive feedback, which can help you grow.

10. The Perfectionists

Everybody wants to be perfect in what they do. But not all are able to actually implement that. A few of them are really good and have a good command over their writing. These are workaholics who put their day and night in blogging. And they don’t just make posts but actual pieces of art.

11. Copy Cats

The most hated people in the blogosphere. People with little or no conscience, cheat or i say copy from other people’s blog and then publish it without giving credit to original content provider. These are masters of copyright infringement.

What type of Blogger are you??