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This is the second part of the SEO Tips for Beginners Series

The previous article on Essential SEO Tips for Beginners was just to give you a head start towards SEO, this post will take it to the next level.

To reach the top of the rankings, one has to receive an authority. The meaning of authority is to get quality links (links from high authority websites) from a lot of websites.  The amount of backlinks you need for a particular keywords, depends on the competition. In order to receive a lot of backlinks, you need to build links. The process of link building is a bit time consuming and a lot of work needs to be done to get backlinks to your website.

This article will focus on the various techniques which will help in Link Building :


In-linking is a easiest possible way to start link building. Each page of a website is taken as a single entity and linking pages to each other will help in increasing the number of backlinks and also the page authority or page rank.

In-Linking doesn’t mean, linking to every random page , but it should link to relevant pages. A tool which can help is publishing related posts using Yet Another Relates Posts Plugin (YARRP). Other than that you should make a habit to link articles to particular keywords for example If I have an article on social media icons and If I am targeting the Keword “Icons” then I will link to the article whenever I use the keyword “Icons” in any post.

To automate In-linking in wordpress you can use SEO Smart Links. This plugin automatically links to articles when it find specific keywords in an article.

Guest Posting

Another novel technique to build quality links is by guest posting at authority Websites. Guest posting not only helps in building an online presence but it also helps in getting keyword rich links to your website.

Dofollow forums

Being an active member of forums like Digital Point Forum can be useful in two ways. First, it will help in building relations with others and secondly, it will help in building backlinks through the forum signatures (which are dofollow and appear everytime you post or reply on a thread).

Social Sharing

Sharing articles on social media websites is not a direct method to build links but if you are consistent and post quality content, then there are high chances that people who will like your content will link to it in their articles.

Comment Frequently

Commenting may seem like a useless activity, as it is only a medium to interact and discuss. But how does commenting help in building links? If you learn the art of commenting then you can get a lot ofbacklinks. When you comment, you try to build a relationship with a blogger, and if you consistenly give your feedback to the blogger, then the blogger starts liking you and eventuallly links to your articles.

What Link building activity do you use?

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  • That SEO smart links seems like a great plugin. I might to have a play around with it. I have a few guest posts on the go, but commenting on do-follow blogs are my main SEO tool.
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..The Aweber Code….And Why You Need To Promote It! =-.

    • Actually, commenting on “DoFollow” blogs are great for building backlinks that are recognised by the search engines, nofollow blogs are just as great.

      You may not get a backlink count (vouch), but your link is still out there visible for hundreds or thousands of people and if your contribution to that blog was good you will invariably get targeted traffic and possibly a new visitor.

      In the much longer run those very same people may end up linking to you.

      For the short run, however, dofollow blogs are good if you want to go up the rank ladder quicker.

  • Hi gautam! I just wanna ask. What plugin are you using for related posts on this blog? Is YARPP really that good? I’m currently using Linkwithin on my blog. The only problem I don’t like about it is it slows down my page load. Is YARPP better for inlinking than linkwithin?
    .-= Bogcess´s last blog ..Samsung Builds up Compact Camera with TL500 =-.

    • I’m not using Linkwithin but did test it for a day.

      Since I’ve been using YARPP ever since I made for myself a custom template that looks similar to LinkWithin.

      I find YARPP as more powerful, it’s powerful enough to crash your webhost aside form providing more relevant posts.
      .-= Archon Digital´s last blog ..LinkWithin-Inspired YARPP Template =-.

  • Thanks for the tips, I’m still working on driving more traffic to my sites.
    I’ve been trying to set a side more time to leave comments on sites I enjoy, like yours.
    .-= benwaynet´s last blog ..Outlook Gets Social with LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace =-.

  • I have tried all of these techniques besides guest posting. How do you go about asking another blogger to do a guest post?

  • Hi Gautam, linkbuilding is one essential part of SEO. I like to build link by research on it.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Advice and tips on work at home =-.

  • All the points mentioned here are very good for seo

  • Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” search results for targeted keywords.really learned lot here thanks.

  • I think guest posting is the most efficient of them all. It will benefit you much more if you can write a good article on someone elses blog much more than just dropping a link or a two-lined comment. In Linking your blog posts together is also a great way to get extra exposure for your old blog posts. Nice article, thanks!
    .-= Gordon´s last blog ..Getting Rid Of Twitter DMs =-.

  • This is a very great post about link building, in linking is also a very important factor so many people neglect.
    .-= Bamidele´s last blog ..150 DOFOLLOW SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES(PR0-9) part2 =-.

  • Great post. All of the listed points are great ways to build links. I use both of the above mentioned plugins, and they work well.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Uptime Robot Server Monitoring Services =-.

  • I noticed what people always neglect is guest posting. Yeah they do submit guest post but if their entry got rejected or ignored, they give up applying second attempt.
    .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

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  • Useful Tips, However it would be great if you can also advise on the good forums to participate specially with Technology domain. Thanks in advance
    .-= Vikash´s last blog ..Videocon V1602 Dual SIM Mobile Review =-.

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  • Gautam, The commenting suggestion is a good idea. Though there are many sites, at this time bloggodown is moving me to comment more than any other site. Your articles on this site are very informative. On a weekly basis, this blog puts me ahead of the curve with experience that has taken years for some to get. Thank yoy


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  • i dont knw that Digital Point is a dofollow forum…WOW! ill go nw n post some contents there…thx brother 🙂

  • very good tips

  • these are great tips. i have built a lot of relationships through commenting and it has driven quite a bit of traffic to my blog! great article. i am going to work on the other tips 🙂