How to Write Quality Blog Posts That Engage Your Readers

Quality Blog Post That Engage Your ReadersYou can put up a blog fairly quickly with very little knowledge using some simple blog strategies. If you do that, what have you accomplished? Probably very little, but what a blog really entails is well written, meaningful posts about all sorts of information that you wish to share with your readers and by the same token get useful insights and comments back from your readers.

Well written blog posts should get your readers excited about the subject and if your blog is designed well, give them the opportunity to supply you with their comments about the topic. Here are a few tips to write a quality blog post and get your readers involved, and then respond to you by leaving their comments.

Writing A Quality Blog Post

Probably the best blog post that you will ever write for a reader will be about a topic that you are very familiar with. Stick with what you know the best. If you write a great blog post and not just a mediocre post, you may impress a new visitor and keep your existing readers coming back. As a blogger, you should get to the point and cut out the fluff.

Adding photos to any post makes it more appealing. Blog posts that are written in a controversial style can bring new readership and lots of comments, which is your goal. A well thought out title will grab your reader from the start. Invite the reader or blogger to leave their opinions or helpful comments to be shared by everyone.

Include Navigation Within The Blog Post

Busy people like to read posts that can be scanned quickly and the addition of headers and bullets gets the general message across. Include related links to other blogs in your subject as a courtesy and add links to new blogs you find in your blogosphere. Build up instant communication with others in your community using a tweet me button. Each blog post should have share buttons, which include social networking sites.

Topics of Interest

Keep up to date on current news or trends that may be of interest. Include this information within your blog post. Including valuable reader or customer opinions may generate many useful comments. Original content will win first prize every time. A blogger has formed some sort of opinion about everything, so write it and ask your readers about theirs. Add additional links on your blog that may pertain to the same subject for easy reference.

Maintain A Friendly Blog Design

What I mean by a friendly blog design is one that is very easy for a visitor or reader to navigate. Even as a blogger yourself, you know when it is time to exit. A great way to get people to participate in your blog is through the use of surveys and polls. Special presentations and YouTube videos can also strike a cord with a visitor as well. These items may require some thought in your blog design.

Readers’ suggestions about your blog design can be added to your comment section, so make it happen! It is assumed all your blog posts are designed to accept comments for great feedback from your readers, respond swiftly and with interest. As a blogger, you need to interact with everyone, use care to answer comments, emails, or twitters. Include a photo of yourself if possible to give your readers a face to connect with.

Any blogger should give some thoughts to these ideas to achieve a great interaction with your current readers and new visitors. Writing a quality blog post not only develops your writing skills, but it can increase your blog traffic as well. You know when you have succeeded in developing a well written post when you get bunch of readers’ comments. Basically, everyone benefits from a quality blog.

What is your thought?

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  • Editing, expanding, re-posting older posts

    I collect new information and ideas on my posted articles and when a substantial improvement in content can be made I ready it for re-posting. This can be expanded content, improved wording, style, images etc. Some of my posts go from 350-400 to 1000-1200 words and are much more satisfying. Good posts in an ‘article blog’ will not disappear but only get better.

    Sometimes I delete the old post a few weeks earlier, or I else will update, re-date and republish it. Works well in Blogger.

    I posted on this, but that needs to be fixed up and extended, and will also repost the article in a few months.

    .-= Grampa Ken for social change´s last blog ..Store Shopping: Feels Like Theft =-.

    • Hello Ken,

      I used to like your ideas and that was what I was doing on my first Blogger blog few years back.

      I revamped my old posts whenever I run out of ideas. Sometimes I even delete them. Later on I realized that this is not good at SEO’ing. It confuses the search engines most of the time. Furthermore, it’s not a good idea to delete a post or page that is already indexed by the search engines, especially when you’ve built some backlinks for that post or page – which is what you don’t want because it’ll take away your link juice (eventually drops from SERPs).

      My suggestion to this is that always keep fresh and unique contents coming up for your readers. That’s why most of us are only blogging on what we’re passionate for.

      Nice to meet you anyway, Ken. You’ve a nice Blogger
      .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

      • I would like to agree that you don’t need to delete a post, unless of course, it is controversial in any sense. But I would like to disagree, that updating doesn’t help.

        Usually google ranks the website higher if the page has been updated recently.

  • Awesome tips and information, thanks for sharing

  • Kevin I appreciate your time in explaining your experience.

    I understand what you are saying about confusing the search engines and of late I have been only re-dating the post to bring it up. The url remains the same even when I change date and title (in Blogger).

    I would like to keep fresh and unique content and topics coming up but am not able as I am slow and work too long and hard for each post. It’s a senior (75) thing perhaps but I am enjoying it!

    Thanks again, kind regards, Ken

    I’ll drop over to imkevintan for some more tips.
    .-= Grampa Ken for social change´s last blog ..Store Shopping: Feels Like Theft =-.

    • Hi again Ken. I’m so happy to see you respond. 🙂

      You know I was shocked when I see your picture. I was wondering about your age but I think it’s discourteous to ask. Please forgive me.

      I like blogging as I can meet friends at every age and from everywhere.

      Thank you, Ken.
      .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

  • Max

    Kevin — nice post. Well written and to the point. I agree with not deleting older posts. While I’m all about keeping content up-to-date, sometimes I find that it’s better that you create a new post with updated information then link to the older post. That also gives you some extra link juice without duplication and keeps your backlinks and links to other bloggers in place.
    .-= Max´s last blog ..Missing: A Web Presence =-.

    • Hi Max. Thanks for your kind words about it. There’s another bonus of updating existing posts – it pings all our backlinks and search engines telling them that the post has been updated so that they’re notified and update their database (sending crawlers/spiders) as well.

      By the way Max, are you blogging for your business? I see you’re offering credit repair program on your blog.
      .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

  • I like all the points very much.
    Its useful for a new blogger like me

  • I really appreciate posts, which might be of very useful for beginners in blogging as I am. I already have a small collection of blog posts and other articles, from which I step by step learn various aspects of life. Thank you for your resource.
    .-= jinnie@uk phone deals´s last blog ..£55 voucher code for Samsung Genio Qwerty =-.

  • Very informative post.It is so useful for new blogger like me.

  • hey Kevin thanks for your appreciation.well i like your views about GAUTAM really great blogger always shared post which are very useful to other bloggers as well as newbies.his post are very well explained.anyways thanks ADMIN for this wonderful post.
    .-= iphone 3g spares´s last blog ..£55 voucher code for Samsung Genio Qwerty =-.

    • Hi again. Thanks for returning. Yeah you’re right, Gautam does have a good blog here that connects us together. I’ve been learning a lot from his blog and comments you all left.

      I also noticed that you own more than one website/blog. 😮
      .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

    • Thanks a lot for the appreciation!. I am trying to post quality posts so that everybody finds it useful

  • wish I had found this blog before today. The advices in this posts are very helpful and I surely will read the other posts of this series too.Thank you for posting this. Your Blog is Bookmarked

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  • Although I blog mainly out of personal reasons, I still think the tips here are great. If ever I start a blog that will promote an idea or business, I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind…heck, I’ll come back for another read.

    • Hi brianitus. I hope that you find these tips useful when you’re starting a new blog.

      I used to blog for personal stuff too. I got stuck at supplying new contents too even though that was a blog mainly promoting my personal life. So I think these tips are essential for almost every sort of blogs.

      I voted that I blog to promote an idea or business on your blog and that’s what I’m currently blogging.

      Nice to meet you.
      .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

      • Hi, Kevin.

        Thanks for the insights and thanks for the vote as well. I still consider myself as a newbie to the world of blogging but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon. That’s why I try to read up on tips from the experts.

        Thanks again. Nice to meet you, too.
        .-= brianitus´s last blog ..From under a rock: Why I blog =-.

        • You will surely learn blogging. It takes time, but it is worth the effort

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  • nice design is good..if the blog looks messed up it doesn’t seems to read the blog..

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  • Pat

    Thanks for sharing this! Would definitely help my blog to engage my readers. We’re getting decent amount of traffic but a few takes time to comment. 🙂

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  • I always glad i stop by this blog! always full of great tips for us as blogger.

    can i ask you, i read somewhere before, it said, for new blogger with average statistic below 700 click per day, it is better to put off the comment option. Because a blog with empty comment does not seem appealing.

    i had followed this tip! but i am not sure, what do you think.

    beside for new blogger sometimes, the comment that came is from bot! it is not really a genuine comment.

    appreciate your thought on this. thank you

    • 700 click per day – in terms of 700 visitors per day?
      I suppose comments can be moderated if you think you get comments from bots.

      I prefer comment sections because they are good way to validate your performance in blogging and alsogood place to build a rapport among your readers

      • I agree Gautam, I switch on my comment! I am new and it is always good to explore and get connected, comment is sure a tool for that. Thank you for the reply.

  • Gautam has a good point above. Enabling your comment section lets your visitors know that you’re a real blogger who will communicate with them.

    If you’re want some startup comments, I believe those social media sites will be your tool. They can slightly help bringing you some visitors. And if you really wanna convert these visitors to be commentators that will comment on your posts, I’d suggest adding a call-to-action message (or question) at the end of the article. Worth a try. 🙂

    Anyway if you still wanna hide the number of comments shown on your blog’s front-page, without disabling the comment feature, it’s possible with your theme customization. It requires some coding knowledge though.

    Hope it helps and thanks commenting here!

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  • yogi

    hi kevin,
    you had given extra ordinary information about quality blogs…
    actually, it would be helpful for me to write the quality blog post and tips about topics of interest….
    finally, it would be excellent post to share…
    Thanks kevin..

  • the ‘Navigation Within The Blog Post’ tip is for me. thanks for the great post.

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