8 Traits of a Twitter Champion

twitter-superman-iconTwitter is used by many, for the sole reason that it is a very good marketing tool. Be it marketing a product or a website or a film, twitter can do it all! Not everyone is able to make the most of it.
Twitter can reap maximum benefits only if the twitter user has the will and passion to succeed. This quality is very rare to find and is usually seen in Twitter Champions. These twitter users are the most influential lot, they are trendsetters and it would not be wrong to say that they control the way twitter is being used. But what does it take to be a twitter champion? A lot of hard work and a little bit of luck goes behind the making of a champion.

Twitter Champions have some really good characteristics, which make them successful. Some of the characteristics that I have noticed in this brief span of time I have used twitter are as follows:

1. Quality Comes First

The champions know that they are powerful, but with great power comes greater responsibility.  Quality is the first and the foremost priority for every twitter champion. So they work hard to get quality tweets on board. Quality tweets ensure readability and also help in gaining heights in twitterverse.

2. Building Bonds

Public relations and good interpersonal skills  are prerequisite qualities for a twitter champion. Twitter is all about making connections and building relationships, but the twitter champions take it to the next level. They make bonds with their followers, bonds which are cemented and unbreakable and bonds which are very valuable.

3. Being Human

Nobody wants to be flooded tweets which are just content. The twitter champions are not bots who just spew tweets about their products. They are the ones that respond, communicate and make a mark on our hearts. And for them it’s not all about me me, but about you too! They are conversationalists, they interact, engage and take interest in what you say and reply appropriately.

4. Consistency

Matching up to the needs of a huge following is not very easy. It can take up all their time, the time which was meant for their job or other important work. They are “champs” because they are able to juggle through their work and still manage to be consistent on twitter. It is about making tough choices, prioritizing and being productive. It is the months of hard work that actually pays off in the end.

5. Niche

An important trait is being professional. Professionals are to the point and focused. In the same way, the twitter champions send tweets that are centered around their niche. This makes them look like specialists in their respective niche areas. ( For eg. @twitter_tips tweets centered around twitter tips and articles )

6. Entertaining

Seeing the same types of tweets, again and again can be a bit boring, but that is not the case with our twitter champions. They mix tweets like the bartender mixes drinks, and a little bit of entertainment to it. They jazz it up thoughtful quotes, add a pinch of humor and viola!,  the twitter super drink is served.

7. Be Polite

They will not shout at you, even if you have shouted at them. They are very polite, and this the quality makes them even more follow worthy. (Because anger only spreads hatred, and being polite may help in spreading joy)

8. Connecting with Other Champs

Building a network of influential twitter users makes the network even more influential. That’s what the champions do, they join hands and tweet in harmony. They retweet each other’s tweets and hence multiply their audience.

Here are some twitter champs that you must follow


Wanna be a twitter champion? Yes you can do that. Just follow these guys, learn from them and inculcate these values and you will reach the top. But if you are a beginner then you may start with the beginner twitter tips.

Who is a twitter champion according to you? Do you follow a twitter champ?

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  • Hey there,

    I am honored and humbled to be included in this list, my dear. Everything you say here is totally spot-on and great advice. Thanks so much for including me – it made my day!

    .-= Shelly Kramer´s last blog ..Will Google Buzz Become A Victim of Online Oversaturation & Marketing Mishaps? =-.

  • Nice Post buddy, and thanks for the special mention.
    .-= cheth´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day Inspired: Design Resources Roundup =-.

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  • Great post, I see the benefits of twitter and recommend to all my clients. You have a lot of valid points for being a champion. I am currently working most of your tips, trying to be a twitter user.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Google Announces Improvements and Response to Feedback =-.

    • You’re doing great, become a twitter champion takes time, but you are on your way to become one.

  • This is wonderfully written. Every twitter user should read and understand the points. Quality of a mind is very important which you have =)

    I am such honored to be included here with these amazing and fabulous twitter stars. And of course thank you for being with me as a true friend.
    .-= RuhaniRabin´s last blog ..Tips for Getting Started with Google Buzz =-.

    • Quality of mind is a god gifted quality. You can try to attain it by gaining knowledge, but the god gifted ones are always one step ahead.

  • Thanks so much for the include.

    The thing is I just love Twitter and the community, I don’t really think of myself as a “Twitter champion” but I am very flattered to be on the list nonetheless hehe 😉

    • I think you are not a twitter champion but a social media champion, being at top of each and every social media website is a tough job to do, but you are doing it along with other stuff.

  • Thank you so much for the special mention. I am truly honored to be included with the amazing list of people here that I already follow. I agree with all your points here, it will truly be a lot of help for Twitter newbies. May i suggest as well @adamsconsulting. She is one Twitter Champ that I am so honored to have met and become close with on Twitter. 🙂

    • Misty , I think you got a point @adamsconsulting is a twitter champ and I think that she has done a wonderful job in making relationships with her followers.

  • Very nice tips, I love that Twitter Champ logo…Very cool!
    .-= loswl´s last blog ..I’ve Always Loved You =-.

  • This is a well written article. Though everything that you have written is of value, I slightly disagree with your point that Twitter Champions need a bit of luck. If luck were to be of that importance then hard work would have ceased to get the importance it gets.
    Twitter champions are made by following the champion codes. Things that you have mentioned in this article are as parts of the champion code. One needs to have the determination and the will to be a champion.
    .-= R Kumar´s last blog ..10 Things I hate about Twitter and Tweeting =-.

    • I think you need a little bit of luck in almost every think. Many strive and strive and work very hard, but are not able to get results that they actually deserve. So, In my opinion luck plays role in success. Though hard work is essential for a twitter champ, without hard work you cannot expect them to succeed.

  • very nice one….
    Twitter champions that you h’ve given is a great list

  • Great points and you listed some twitterers I have looked up to before twitter was twitter like @sharonhayes. These Champions are basically building brands out of themselves.

    • They are making a brand of themselves. Like @twitter_tips is known for sharing the best twitter tips and everybody follows them because of the same reason.

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  • Probably one of the best Twitter tips posts I have seen in a long time and with some nice Twitter friend luv mixed in there too.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of.. Episode 2 [video] =-.

    • I agree John! he’s done a great job here and I’ve seen him around the web.

      great work Gautam! you’re becoming a champion yourself. 🙂
      .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..Choosing a style of comic blog =-.

  • I agree with what John has said, a nice round up of tips that people can take action on immediately.


    .-= Karl Foxley´s last blog ..Google Page Rank Score Too Low? Keep Your Links Thank You =-.

    • Karl, thanks for the mention 🙂

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  • thats a nice post to say. i’ve bookmarked and shared the link into my facebook account too. thankz a lot for the info.

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  • This is an excellent post with a solid list of traits to emulate. In many ways, it takes a special person to be a champion at anything. The twitter champions you mention are indeed stellar — they’re sharp and motivated, but they’re also persistent. They have bad days, like everybody else, but they stick with it and keep going. Perhaps it’s the “never say die” mentality that makes them true champions.

    • The “Never say Die” mentality do make true champions. Not each day is a good one, but one has to still go on and try and achieve their goals

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  • I don’t follow any twitter champion but people follow me as tweetaholics.. 😀

    Nice post anyway. glad I found your blog..
    .-= Fazreen´s last blog ..What the Heck is RSS? =-.

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  • Great Point you have listed down, everybody is in the race to become a twitter champ but they should know this point mention. helping other is important
    .-= Nikunj´s last blog ..Guide on Selecting Best Laptop According to Your Needs. =-.

  • Aww thank you SO much for including me. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I feel honored to be included with such great people – and might I say you’d be at the top of my own list of Twitter champions!

    • Sharon, you deserved it, plus you have been so kind to all your twitter followers.

      I appreciate you thinking of me as a champion, but I am

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  • Gautam, I agree with most of your general principles, but I don’t agree that there is a list of people who you “must follow”. Some of the people on your “must follow” list are not “champs” to me; some are great, some not, in my book.

    To you they are “must follows” but not to everybody. Because you are an individual, and other people are individuals, too.

    The “champ” is the person you enjoy tweeting with.

    I discourage people from following “must follow” lists, because I think that is one of the reasons so many people quit or go inactive.

    • Lovely Advice to many 🙂
      Yes this is a must follow list according to me – because I find this people interesting and in my eyes they are champs. But, according to somebody else, they might just be some ordinary tweeps. Also, I have also included them because of their influence and the love they get from their followers.

      I love your tweets as well. Everybody should have their opinion and it doesn’t have to match. You can be opposed to an idea as well, the discussion is what counts

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  • jenp

    Very nice article!

    You have a couple of typos if you’d like to correct them: “But what takes to be a twitter champion?” – fix the grammar…

    and it’s “Voila!” not “viola” which is a musical instrument or a flower.

    Best wishes,


  • Lovely post. Some of the people you have listed are already on my following list and I find them to be excellent human beings first, tweeters later. 🙂

  • jenp

    No need to post my comment if you can make the corrections…

    (“Viola” comes off as quite comical to musicians, by the way…)

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice thought.