5 Ways to Make Your Readers Return

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5-ways-to-make-your-readers-returnThere’s no shortage of material online with hints and tips for getting people to your website, either through SEO, online marketing or social media tactics. But once you have put all that effort into generating traffic to your site, how do you go about ensuring the traffic is going to come back? Here are a few hints!

Original Content

There’s not anything necessarily wrong with talking about items that are in the news or on gossip sites. But don’t just reprint the article. For a start, duplicate content is a big SEO no-no. But secondly, why would someone return to your site to read the same material that is already freely available on a host of other sites? If you want to talk about big news, put your own spin on it. Have your own opinion. Also try to avoid articles available from “free-for-all” directories. You really want original and unique content for your site to encourage your readers to return.

Allow Comments

On a blog, this is simple enough. But even if you have a non-blog website, it’s worth incorporating a feature that will allow people to leave comments and feedback on the material on your site. This makes your website a discussion platform, instead of just a lecture theatre. An open comment site is hugely interactive and this has a lot of appeal for readers who like to get involved. It also encourages the build up of a community around your site, which is absolutely invaluable.

Network with your readers

Go through comments that people have left, respond to them and, where applicable, visit their sites in return. In doing so, you create something of a network of bloggers and webmasters within the same niche, which in turn can create a group of loyal readers. Networking online in invaluable.

What is in it for your readers?

Who reads articles online because they are forced to? Not many people, I wouldn’t think. People tend to read online either for research or entertainment. Either way, as with anything voluntary, there must be something in it for your readers. Perhaps it’s a good old laugh, some entertainment, something emotionally stirring or just great, useful information. But your readers must get something from reading your articles in order to want to read more of them. Once you have completed a draft, read it and ask yourself what’s in it for them. If there’s nothing that springs to mind, you might want to think twice before posting.

Stay on topic

We all go off on a tangent from time to time. Perhaps you had a very bad day and want to make mention of it on your blog about golf. Do so! Make it an opening paragraph and then swiftly move on and tie your topic up with something on theme. But readers of a blog about cars are reading it because they’re interested in reading about cars. As tragic as it is, they don’t want to read about your dead goldfish three times a week or your new pencil case. So these might be extreme examples, but my point is that if you blog in a niche, wandering too far from your topic too frequently will alienate people who only ever read because they’re interested in your niche. If you have an audience, who are your audience because of the topic of your site, stick with it!

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive and everyone’s site caters to a different set of people. If all else fails and you’re not sure how to get people back on the site, ask them! Run a poll to find out what people want from your site and see whether it meets with what you want for the site as well.

Good luck!

  • Staying “on topic” is a huge thing. So many blogs seem to get bored with their own identities and try to become all things for all people. That doesn’t work well, unless it’s a general blog from the get go.

    Write about what you know, and stick with that.

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  • I agree. This is where I need help. How do I incorporate a feature that allows people to leave comments? Any ideas for a static site?

  • Good job on the suggestions. I too believe that content is the first priority, then it’s all about how to maintain your readership and encourage participation. I treasure all my readers for they are the audiences who I’m connecting with constantly. I return visits and connect with them in and outside the blog. It’s an ongoing relationship. đŸ™‚

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  • I read the other day that one way of engaging readers is by telling a story and so even if we do “go off on a tangent” about something completely unrelated, provided that we are making a point about our niche can result in a discussion amongst the readers which is vital to make them return.
    .-= Jasmine Henry from System Fail News´s last blog ..Which Console Do You Like Best? =-.

    • Yes a story is a great idea and it has a lot of appeal among readers. Even if it is little off from the niche, but is still a little bit related, then it can result in a discussion

  • I think that a lot of people don’t necessarily return for the content, but instead the relationships that they build with the writer.
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  • Network with readers is a very best one for getting return visitors

  • Stay on topic is the best because all visitors for the blog came for the blog topic

  • Getting readers return and network with them (sometimes even outside of your readers) is an ongoing task for us bloggers.
    .-= Kevin Tan´s last blog ..3 Important Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Blog =-.

  • To get your readers to return is what all of us, bloggers, want. And the tips that you gave, showed, are really helpful. I will really keep these tips in mind. It the networking thing thats keeping me from reaching my goal though, but nonetheless, I will try reach out to some bloggers and friends too.

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  • Tez Art

    It’s all about writing what you know and staying close to form. You have to refrain from getting bored too easily and trying to accompany another topic into your website. Before you know it, you’ve lost all focus. A well managed site will also get the readers returning!! Less pop ups, more decent content.

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