12 Things to do when you are not Blogging

inncrease-productivityWe as bloggers are always talking about how to increase productivity when are blogging. But a lot of time is spent in activities which are not directly affecting the blog, but help in the overall progress of the blog. A lot of these activities can be done in your spare time, some maybe and some may not be productive. In this edition, I will be advising you in ways to increase productivity in the time when you are not blogging.

12 Things to do when you are not blogging:

1. Read Blogs for Inspiration

Read blogs of bloggers that you think are very successful in your niche. These bloggers should be your role models and they would inspire you to work even harder. By reading these blogs, you can gather insight into the way their content is written and presented. How they target their audience, what all words they use in their Titles. There are a lot of questions which crop up in a bloggers’ mind and reading popular blogs will help in finding the answers to it.

2. Check your Competition

Take a look at other blogger’s blogs that are at par with you and are blogging in the same niche. Read their blogs, to get more information about what topics they are writing on. Make a point to write the same or similar topics in a way that is better than the one written by your competitor. This way you will be one step ahead of your competition.

3. Redefine Goals

What goals did you set for your Blog? Are they fulfilled. Take some time to check the progress of the blog.  Also check whether the goals are being met or are they too unrealistic.  Set new goals for your website, which are ambitious yet achievable.

4. Redesign Your Website

Design is a very important aspect of a blog. A good design makes a great first impression. You can experiment with various free or paid themes available online. Try to minimize the clutter, and use a simple yet elegant theme. Try to reduce the number of images, because it affects the overall loading speed of the blog. Try adding plugins that can increase the speed of the blog and also add some functionality to it.

5. Engage with Readers

Engagement is as important as blogging. Blogs should be like discussion forums, where minds can freely interact and share knowledge. Readers prefer bloggers that interact and answer their queries. Pay attention to each and every comment because comments provide feedback, which can help in blog improvement. After all, it is about creating a relationship with your readers.

6. Blog Marketing

Blogging regularly is important. But what if the content doesn’t get enough attention. Some articles are very good, but don’t get the required attention. To prevent this from occurring you need to market your blog. Become an active member in major social media sites and try to comment on blogs regularly. Focus on getting traffic to your blog.

7. Balance sheet

If you are looking forward to make an earning out of blogging, then you should treat is as a business. Make a chart of your investment and revenue. From the graph, make out whether you are earning enough. If not, then you should reevaluate your money making strategy.

8. Read a Book

Books are vast sources of knowledge. They can motivate you to do better, inspire you to achieve excellence.Try reading books by famous marketers and businessmen because they can teach you how to  start and grow a business.

9. Case studies

Read case studies of famous bloggers who have succeeded in their respective fields. Learn about their marketing stategy, make notes on how they increased their subscriber base. Compare their strategy with yours, and see what is it lacking.

10. Write a Book

Writing a Book, is a really good hobby as it can improve your overall writing skills. The book when finished, can be used as a freebie or a free resource and then it can be shared on book websites, which can help in blog promotion.

11. Complete piled up work

When you are a professional blogger like me, other work gets lower priority and so the work just gets piling up. You should use this time to decrease the pile size and complete the work given to you.

12. Take a Break

At some points of time, you get stressed that you need some fresh air.
A tensed mind will not produce good results. So take a break(after all you deserve it), party with your friends, spend some time with your family and go on a vacation.

What you do when you are not Blogging? Do you have a better idea to improve the productivity in the spare time?

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  • Hey, that was really good! you pin point and summarize very well!Nice post and quite inspiring as well for beginners like me!!
    .-= Komal´s last blog ..Hazarron Khawaishein Kuch Aisiii…. =-.

    • Thanks, I am glad that you find it inspiring.

  • Gautam,

    These are all great ideas. I spend a great amount of free time doing a lot of those things. Well maybe not taking a break. I generally set my weekend evenings as blogging time. The rest of week I am thinking blogging or about ways to work on marketing my sites better.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Daily Delicious Posts Feb 4th 2010 =-.

  • Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

    To me, there’re both online and offline ways to do while we’re not blogging.

    I usually blog on every Sunday and Wednesday and that’s what I’ve committed to my blogging.

    While I’m online, I’ll read on others’ blogs (just like what I’m doing now) and try to connect with them by leaving a comment. I also read eBooks or any guides that help me improve my blogging or SEO skills.

    And when I’m not at the desk, I like (my favorite ones) going out with my wife and grab a coffee at Starbucks for a break. Sometimes my inspirations come from here.

    Kevin Tan

    • That’s good, sometimes relaxing helps to cool your mind, and it is the source of some really innovative ideas.

  • neo

    i’m newbie of blogging, so it’s useful for me, would you like if i’m repost this article in indonesian (bahasa). cause i wants to share to another blogger in indonesia.

    yana renggana
    .-= neo´s last blog ..Kartini Masa Kini =-.

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  • These are all good tips, and I follow all of them. I find that you can easily spend to much time doing “other” things than actually writing articles which can kill your article writing time which is more important.

    There are several ways to check your competition to see how your blog measures up, my favorite are using Alexa and Compete to see statistics of the blogs I strive to be as successful as.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Embed Email Subscribe Form inside your Post =-.

    • Yes, there is a need to balanced. If one just does the “other” stuff, he is bound to lose time for blogging, which is not a very good sign

  • I am mostly not blogging when I am studying or my big bro is not there at home and yes also when I am not sleeping(lol)…

    Balance sheet is something which I really don’t like to handle. I really hate that thing, it’s too complicated…

    Writing a book is also good thing..If you have some knowledge which most probably others people may not be knowing, then you can write it quickly and sell it on forums thus you will earn something from that time you spent in writing the ebook. The money can then be spent on blog marketing or other things..
    .-= Typhoon´s last blog ..Market Your Blog Using….. Spam? =-.

    • Yes that are some of things where investment of time and money takes place. Ebooks can earn you more cash if you have a really good reputation like problogger.

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  • The only thing that i don’t do is “Taking a Break” thats the thing that i mostly need!

  • great points …taking a break is a big problem of mine too…

  • When I am not blogging most of the time I spend on reading other blogs for knowledge and on redesign my blog.
    Nice post…tweeting this post.
    .-= Avi Singh´s last blog ..SocioFluid.com-Add Cool Social Bookmarking To a Blogger Blog =-.

  • 1. When I’m not blogging, I’m probably busy at school!
    2. When I’m not blogging, I read other blogs too.
    .-= IJ Styles´s last blog ..SEO Myths =-.

  • That’s an interesting concept — writing a book to promote the blog, versus writing a blog to promote a book. 🙂 I do the latter, not the former. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

  • When I’m not blogging, that means either of the following:
    1. I’m busy with my day job – the one I should be busy at right now. lol
    2. I’m writing content for some other guy. Writing under strict specifications should get your head going.
    3. I’m reading other blogs…like this one. =)
    .-= brianitus´s last blog ..From under a rock: Why I blog =-.

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  • this article is very good and i agree with it 100% i like number 12 . keep it up bro
    .-= ronlad´s last blog ..Getting yourself out there !!! =-.

  • Well actually i love to play pc game ! when i am not blogging 😛