How to get more retweets for your post

Twitter is a rage nowadays, and it is used by a lot of online users. It is the second most popular social media website next only to  facebook. Twitter users include people from different nations and having varied interests. But other than being a really good platform to interact with people online, twitter is a really good marketing tool for bloggers. Twitter is so powerful that it can get you traffic even if the blog is not very old.

The effectiveness of the marketing  strategy determines the amount of traffic you get from it. In twitter it is important to get more retweets because it increases exposure and hence builds traffic. In twitter if  you are able to start a “Retweet Train” then you can easily get a huge chunk of traffic in a very small amount of time.

A “Retweet Train” means a situation in which if one tweets about a post, and the other likes it and retweets the post and it gets further retweeted and further retweeted and it goes on to make a chain.

But most of the times not all the articles get equal amounts of traffic and are not able to start a “Retweet Train”. It depends on various factors such as the type of audience, who all retweet your post etc.

I would like to enumerate a number of tips to increase the number of retweets which will in turn increase the amount of traffic and which have helped me a lot while getting retweets.

1. Eye Catching Title

In twitter, the updates are in the form of pure text and contain no images or any other form of media (Though you can put links to the media). When somebody retweets your article, the only thing one can see in the update, is the title of the post and the link to it. So it becomes really important that the title attracts a lot of people’s attention and compels them to read your article. A good tip is to use Adjectives like “Kickass”, “Motherlode”, “Amazing” etc. This just makes the reader think that the article contains really useful information.

Another way to attract attention is to use controversial titles, which work like a charm. For example title like “Problogger sucks” may attract a lot of supporters of problogger to comment.  But the only downside of using controversial titles is that they can decrease your reputation, if you don’t back it up by good reasoning and facts. (P.S. Problogger does not suck at all :). His articles are great)

2. Good Content

If you have a really awesome title of the post, but the content of the article is not upto the mark, then there is very little chance that somebody will retweet your post. In order to get your post retweeted, the content should be liked by the reader. The content should be well written and easy to comprehend. Posts like roundups, have a really good response, because users on twitter are bombarded with a lot of articles each day, and so they prefer reading articles which are condensed (i.e. A lot of info in a single post).

3. Time of Tweet

Timing of the tweet is very important. People from various diffent nations are using twitter. Not everybody is online at the same time. So it is really important for you to tweet at the time of peak usage so that your post gets maximum exposure and hence get more retweets.

Many twitter clients like Hootsuite have really good analytics features which help in figuring out the peak usage time. Following is a chart of traffic versus the Pacific Time


(courtesy: garymccaffrey)

The Graph shows the number of visits on an hourly basis. It also shows that the best time to tweet is between 7:00 and 14:00 hrs Pacific Time. Tweeting between this time can help you get more traffic than tweetng at any other time.

4. Repeat tweets

As previously mentioned, not everyone is online at the same time. In order to get more exposure to your post, it is advisable to repeat tweets 2-4 times a day at a fixed time interval.

5. Quality Following

Having a huge number of followers doesn’t mean that the person is an influential twitterer. A person with say  100 followers may get more retweets than a person having a 10000 followers. That is why quality following is better than quantity following. To gain a quality following you have to tweet quality content. It helps in gaining a reputation in twitter and also helps build a quality following.

6. Increase your Influence

Once you have gained a reputation on twitter, it is important to find and befriend influential people on twitter, this helps increase your retweets and also helps you in getting the “Retweet Train” started.

7. Add the Retweet button

It is very important to add a retweet button to your blog, because it makes retweeting easier and faster and hence doubles the amount retweets a post should get.