5 reasons why bloggers quit blogging


Blogging starts as a hobby. Many people start blogging for a number of reasons. Some treat it as an outlet for their views while others do it because they think it can be a source of their pocket money. The best part of blogging is that you can write about any topic you want, without any restrictions. But not all are able to continue this good habit. This is because a lot of stumbling blocks come in their way, when they are new to blogging. This acts as a deterrent and makes people quit blogging. Here are  five reasons why bloggers quit blogging:

1. Lack of Interest

Many bloggers start blogging just for the sake of it. Probably because their friend thinks it is a really fun hobby, and they thought they should also give it a shot (rat race and peer pressure). But when these people start blogging, they constantly think of blogging as an extra burden which has been put on to their shoulders and they constantly lose interest in the whole thing and therefore quit. And i think they should quit if they don’t like blogging, because in my opinion blogging should be a fun task and not a burden :).

2.  Wrong Niche

Niche is the essential ingredient of blogging. All the posts are related or are centered around the niche. If it is not present then the whole essence of the blog will be lost. Most of the bloggers get diverted from their main niche. They find out that writing about their niche becomes a really time consuming job. I have seen a lot of bloggers who started their blogs to make money and started blogging Making Money Online, but they were not very comfortable with their niche and hence left it after some time. The point is to experiment with different niche areas, and when you are comfortable with one, then start posting about it. It is highly advisable that you use free blogger platforms like blogger and wordpress for experimentation, so that you don’t have to pay any money for it.

3. Too Many Distractions

It is very difficult to keep focussed in these times, where gadgets like iphones and Xboxes are available. Bloggers are usually addicted to computers, and they waste a lot of their time in unproductive activities such as in playing games and surfing social networking sites like orkut and facebook. Social networking sites are very important for blog marketing purposes, but there should be a limit to the time spent on these sites. Many bloggers have confessed that they are addicted to social networking sites like twitter and it eats up most of their time and they don’t have enough time to blog.

In my opinion, one needs to strike a balance between the time spent on blogging and social networking sites as both of them are very important for a blog’s growth.

4. Not Earning Enough

Majority of people start blogging because they think of it as an income source. Many bloggers are people who were earlier jobless or they left their job for blogging. A good blogger may not be the one earning the most because good blogging doesn’t guarantee good earnings. Many bloggers get discouraged when they see small size of their earnings. Patience is the key to earning money. You cannot expect your blog to earn six figures in one month’s time. Blogs start earning when they have a decent amount of traffic and good reputation. The earnings depend on ad placements, ad blending and many other reasons. Consistency is more important. If you are a consistent blogger you will see your earnings rise as the time passes by.

5.  No Feedback

Bloggers are always seeking appreciation for their work. Appreciation can be in the form of social bookmarks, retweets or comments. Comments are the best form of feedback and bloggers are constantly looking forward to some positive comments that will come in their way. Problem with new blogs is, that there is no awareness about them. So there are chances that you don’t see a single comment in two months of blogging. This sometimes acts as a deterrent for bloggers and they end up quitting. You can alway to try my tips to increase your comments using other methods.

The moral of the story is, that quitting is not the right thing to do. You should experiment with blogging and treat it as a hobby. Don’t think about the results, just blog consistently. Have patience and you will see your blog grow in front of your eyes.

  • Many bloggers quit because they don’t earn enough money from their blog.

    I agree with you bro, patience is the key here is you wanna do well with your blog.
    .-= Roseli A. Bakar´s last blog ..How to Become a News Writer =-.

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  • High expectations of earnings, makes bloggers quit.

  • Let’s be honest. Blogging is an attempt at being compensated for your opinion. While we all like the idea of going to the coffee shop and writing something snarky or insightful and the coolest laptop available in reality, this is just a hobby for most people. People do not want to be informed, they only want their own views reinforced (political blogs) or to be entertained, hence the millions of wanna-be celebrity/pop culture blogs. I think it is important to separate the two types of bloggers, those that consider themselves professional, who actually do some research, and in essence act like journalist of old from the snarky talk out of their ass kind of blogger who says anything for attention.

    Ultimately the ubiquity of blogging, microblogging, social network blogging, and whatever slight variant of blogging emerges will reduce this era to a fad. True, the pros with mass appeal and celebrities will always have the soap box but, for the average person, making money as a blogger is as viable as playing the lottery.

    • I agree with you that a lot of bloggers even like me start off to make an online presense or to be appreciated and get views reinforced. I think people quit when they think they have to research a lot before writing about a particular topic.

      I disagree with the point that the different variants will reduce this era to a fad. In my opinion this variation in blogging, is what makes it unique from other things.
      And i firmly believe that making money from blogging requires consistency, quality, marketing and a little bit of luck

  • Some bloggers quite because things change in their lives. So, for example, my blog is about being based in Bosnia. When we return in a few months time the blog is no longer relevent so I’ll have to stop it. Things change, circumstances change, it may lead to the blogger calling it time.

    • Yes that is what i think is the major reason behind a lot of bloggers quitting because they think the topic is no longer relevant.

  • If I had a $ for everyone thats asked me about “getting into it” that I’ve helped through time and quit, I would be retired… It’s like a hobby gone bad, I wish people would put more thought into it before just going with it.

    Great post.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..1 Reason to Choose Your WordPress Plugins Wisely =-.

    • Yes, I agree with you, A hobby gone bad. There should be motivation and no pressure, because pressure just helps lose interest. And there is no point i blogging without interest.

  • the right kind of post a blogger needs to ‘get-to-read’ in their lifetime, great read 🙂
    .-= Alien´s last blog ..The Good, Bad, and Ugly about iPad =-.

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  • deepak

    i think 5 wud b the greatest reason.. but get gud appreciation so dont quit 😛

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  • The blogosphere is a free and open country, let’s not forget. I know a few guys who blog two or three times a day and never had any intention of monetizing their blogs; they have small but passionate following of people who share their interests who they would otherwise never have met either because of social or geographical restrictions. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. The important point is that you know ahead what your motives are for blog and you tailor the kind of blogging you do and what you blog about (and how much promotion time you put in) to your motive desired outcome. You have to know what your vision is, however humble or grandiose and then take a look at your skills base. After that there’s only one thing to do; start as you mean to go on or don’t start. The key is to know what you want and combine fantasy with reality as a realistic vision.