25 Super Firefox Addons For Bloggers

Firefox has been a very popular browser among internet users because of it’s customizability, features and handy add-ons. These Add ons though slow down the browsing a bit, but add a lot of functionality to the browser. Today I am presenting a list of 25 super firefox addons especially for bloggers, which will increase productivity and speed.

1. Measure It


Measure It is a really helpful tool, for designers as well as bloggers. It works like a ruler and measures the height and width of the area selected in pixels.Β  This tool helps in determining the size of header logo and makes this task really easy.

2. Colorzilla


Colorzilla is an amazing firefox tool. The eye dropper feature can find out the color code of your selection (even if you are clicking on an image). Other than this it has features to choose colors from color picker. You can also zoom the page you are viewing and measure distances between any two points on the page. The built-in palette browser allows choosing colors from pre-defined color sets and saving the most used colors in custom palettes

3.Β  Search Status


It is a must have firefox addon if you are addicted to stats. It shows all the major rankings such as Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete ranking and SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank. Along with this it has fast keyword density analyser, keyword/nofollow highlighting which helps in finding dofollow blogs, backward/related links, Alexa info and other SEO tools.

4. SeoQuake


An important task for every webmaster is search engine optimization. After all it is the source of all the organic traffic. SeoQuake is one such tool which helps in SEO and SERPs. It helps you find out that how effective is your SEO. It has a bar which is similar to that of SearchStatus plugin which shows the various rankings (Page Rank, Alexa Rank). Other than the SEObar it shows additional in search engine results such as page ranks and inbound links, which help in estimating the importance of web pages.

5. Feedly


A part of being a blogger is to be updated with all the latest happenings that are related to your niche. For that you need to subscribe to important websites. When there are only 2-3 subscriptions then any feed reader can suffice, but when there are more than 50 sites to follow, then it becomes a tedious task to follow each and every thing. Feedly solves this problem by providing a full RSS feed reader with a magazine like interface. It syncs with google reader and makes it easy to share articles on twitter, tumblr, delicious and facebook.

6. Google Reader Watcher


Another useful tool. If you are a google reader fan, then this add on is for you. This add on will check your Google Reader for unread feeds and if you have, the plugin will display them on your browser’s statusbar.

7. FireBug


Firebug is the most powerful tool that firefox could have. It is really useful for blogger as well as designers. It comes with development tools, which help in changing styles. It also breaks up the source code of the page into Html, CSS and scripts, which can be easily edited and used for webdesigning.

8. GreaseMonkey


Greasemonkey is for those coding junkies. Through this add on, one can change the display of each web page by using simple scripts.

9. Reminder Fox

It is but natural to forget. To prevent you from forgetting important dates, reminder fox helps you remind of important dates and tasks via easy-to-use lists, alerts, and alarm notifications.

10. Fastest Fox

Fastest Fox speeds up your firefox and increases productivity. It has features like parallelized downloads, auto-loading of next pages, improved searching and many more.

11. Google Analytics Watcher


For all the bloggers who are constantly checking out their statistics, this is a real time saver.

12. Fire.fm

Music improves productivity and fire.fm makes it possible to listen to music from the firefox browser. It gives you access to the extensive music library on Last.fm.

13. Zemanta


Zemanta enhances your blog dashboard with content recommendations like relevant images, videos, links and also affiliate links. It has features such as re-blogging, image addition. It can link to your older posts and save a lot of time in blogging. Zemanta supports WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, Ning, Drupal, LiveJournal, Tumblr and email platforms like Google Mail and Yahoo!Mail.

14. ScribeFire

Blogging right from firefox!. It is a full-featured Blog Editor and make posting really easy . You can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, upload images, and post to multiple blogs. Super easy to add photos or graphics from you places like Photobucket, Flicker or from your own computer. It supports a host of services like WordPress, Xanga, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Myspace, b2evolution and splinder and many blogging platforms including Blogger, Drupal and Movable Type.

15. DashBlog

Another good blogging plugin and lets you quickly collect videos, images, text/quotes, songs and screen-captures from any web page and publish them to your blog (word press, blogger/blogspot, tumblr) and/or twitter. With DashBlog you can do a screen capture and then draw, comment, crop and post all with one simple click.

16. Easy Comment

If you are power commentator, then this firefox add-on is for you. Easy Comment makes commenting on Disqus, IntenseDebate, WordPress, Movable Type, etc really simple. It saves you time to fill out forms, by creating commenting profiles, which can be added by a single click of mouse.

Snapshot Tools

17. Aviary Screen Capture Tool

This snazzy tool makes taking snapshot a piece of cake. You can crop and edit pictures in the browser and download it on the Desktop. It also includes advanced image editors such as Image editor, markup editor, vector editor, color palette editor & effects editor.

18. Pixlr Grabber


Much like Aviary, Pixlr Grabber is a snapshot tool. It saves the time to first save the images to your computer and then cut, annotate or edit them. It does all of these in the browser itself.

19. FireShot


This snapshot tool is unique in its own way. You can upload the images to free screenshot hosting, or save it in various formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP), print, copy to clipboard, send to external editor or e-mail it.

Social Media Add-ons

20. Delicious Bookmarks

The most popular plugin. It is the simplest way to organize your bookmarks online with tags. It makes it easy to import your existing firefox bookmarks. Also it makes searching through your favorites easier. One can also see the reviews made on a specific page through the info button.

21. Stumbleupon

This is a very handy tool for all stumbleupon users. You can easily stumble through your friend’s shares. If you are viewing a page and you like it, then there is no need to submit it through the stumbleupon page, just click on the Like it option in the toolbar and its done.

22. Digg Toolbar

This is a really a time saver for diggers. When you’re browsing the web, the toolbar will let you know if a story has already been submitted to Digg and if it has, the it will show the Digg count and the number of comments made and also a link to Digg the page. You can also see the latest submissions and comments made by your friends. Though it does not show all the diggs by your friends.

23. AddThis

AddThis is a tool to making sharing on social bookmarking sites really simple. It supports more than 150 services and sharing is just a click away. The content can also be shared via email.

24. ShareThis

Another Social Bookmarking plugin which makes submission to multiple sites super easy and you can store your shares for later to reshare with the ShareThis ShareBox. It has support to more than 45 services.

25. TwitterBar


A simple yet very useful plugin. Tweeting made easy. Just tweet from your address bar.