Why you should convert your Blogger Blog to Self Hosted WordPress

As many of my readers might have noticed, i have changed my blogger blog to wordpress, due to a lot of reasons which kept on accumulating by time and also when i received more and more traffic. wordpress logo

Reasons why you should change from Blogger to WordPress :

1. Professional Blogging :

Most of the blogger blogs are owned by bloggers who blog as a hobby not as a business or a profession. Blogger is a really good platform for newbies, who don’t have any knowledge of blogging and who just want to explore. Through Blogger one can easily learn the basics of blogging and the art of writing good posts.

But if you are looking to move ahead and start blogging professionally then you should take the next step and  switch to wordpress, because of its features and the ability to have full control over its design layout.

2. Multi-Author Blogs and Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging and Multi Author blogging is a mess in Blogger, because there is no way to moderate posts submitted by other authors. In comparison to this, WordPress has the ability to moderate posts and also assign roles to content submitters as Authors, Contributors or Admin. This way you can easily control and decide which authors should be moderated and which should be allowed to have full control.

Another cool feature of the latest version of WordPress stable release 2.8.6 is that it fixes two security problems that can be exploited by registered, logged in users who have posting privileges. This makes Guest Blogging and Multi Author Blogging extremely secure and a really good experience.

3. Plugins

The Plugins feature of WordPress is one of the major reasons why bloggers move to WordPress. Though Blogger platform has recently added the Gadgets feature which is quite similar to wordpress plugins feature, but it is a relatively new concept and there are a handful number of people who are actually creating new gadgets. On the other hand, WordPress Plugins feature is an old one, and there is a vast collection of  useful plugins. Actually there are so many of them, that you need a guide to tell you which plugins are actually worth installing to your blog :).

4. HTML vs PHP Scripting

Blogger uses HTML and WordPress use PHP scripts. PHP scripts have much more functionality as they use dynamic HTML and therefore it can change automatically, but for HTML we have to manually update the code. Besides individual blog posts in Blogger can only include HTML, no javascript  can be used. Whereas in WordPress, you can easily add javascript to each page.

5. Themes and Design

Before the new version of Blogger was released, it really had no major design customizability and the Themes were few. And even when the new Blogger has been released, most of its themes are converted from the original wordpress ones.

WordPress has got a huge list of themes to choose from, some have good seo features, while others have good navigation and JQuery effects. You will always find one that suits your needs. And if you want to design your blog by yourself, you can do so easily, using the popular seo optimized Thesis Theme.

6. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very important for your blog, because it increases your search engine rankings and hence gets you a lot of organic traffic.

In Blogger, you can do SEO for images and Posts by adding the the meta keywords and alt tags for each post manually. And to top it all the meta keywords are to be added to the template, which increases the size of the template and hence decreases blog speed.

WordPress has the most sophisticated way to do SEO. There are many plugins which can optimize the site for SEO automatically. The best plugins for SEO in my opinion are the All In One SEO Pack and the SEO Friendly Images.  So SEO work in WordPress is minimal.

In all, Blogger is for new and rookie bloggers and WordPress is for the expert and professional bloggers.

Blogger to WordPress conversion is not very new and many have got fabulous results with WordPress.

What’s your opinion?

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  • WordPress is an awesome piece of software, you should have done that before.
    .-= Ilija Brajkovic´s last blog ..Video: Back up Hyper-V with System Center Data Protection Manager =-.

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  • I am all over this. Been using WordPress for years and wouldn’t use anything else. Points nicely presented.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Create a New WordPress Post =-.

  • wordpress is really good as compared to blogger.
    .-= MostlyBlog´s last blog ..Google Thinks Your Site Is Slow – Will Help You Fix It =-.

  • I fully agree. I was on blogger for a little while, but heard how great WordPress was and saw how popular it is so figured everyone must be on to something. 🙂
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Engage Your Blog =-.

  • Some good points you make. But the is definitely a place for blogger.
    I still have Two blogger accounts and blogs. But they are not updated frequently.
    I also maintain my main blog, via a CMS system called Dotnetnuke.
    I then also have two other blogs on WordPress.
    Remember that WordPress also comes in a public hosting form, WordPress.com. Which has some limitations. The much preferred way of using WordPress is on a self hosted site.
    I have written a short comparison between wordpress and blogger, you guys might want to read it and let me know your thoughts.

    • I don’t mean that blogger is not a good platform, i just mean that when you decide to start a professional blog, then do it using wordpress. Besides i have used blogger a lot and i must say it was really easy to use, wordpress is a bit complex because it has so many features.

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  • Hi bro, nice post. well I also think for change my blog to wordpress, but I think that might be I will lose my all rank.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Sponsored tweets- great work at home opportunity =-.

    • Yes as you are using blogspot domain, when you buy a domain, you will lose the pagerank, but you will not lose any traffic, because all your posts will redirect to the new domain using 301 redirect.

      • Chandan if you are using Custom domain you wont lose even a single PR but if you are using free blogspot . domain you need to wait for next PR Update….
        .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Hostgator 20% Discount Coupon for December 2009 =-.

        • Yes it could be a problem, if you are using a blogspot domain, but the thing is if you delay you will lose more links if you want to convert to wordpress later.
          P.S. through 301 redirects u don’t lose any traffic and by the way page rank is not used nowadays, traffic rank is more important

          • I might disagree with this point on page rank is not used these days.. It might not be very useful from admin perspective..but a good PR is always loved by advertisers and also shows the sign of authority.
            I believe Page rank above 5 is always good.. Page rank till 4 is easy to accomplish.. real fight is getting into 5+ Pr
            P.S : I would have appreciated if you have added a link to my service here. Some how I’m disappointed here not to see it.
            .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Google Webmaster Tools added Site performance Feature =-.

  • Thank you Harsh, So I do not want to loss my PR now. Might be later I will change.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Sponsored tweets- great work at home opportunity =-.

  • although all the commenter said wordpress is the best, but i still love blogspot. and I don’t think I will change my blog platform.
    @chandan: what Hars said is true man, you don’t have to change your platform, you still have good traffic and PR even you used blogspot

    • I think blogger is awesome, it is the best free blogging platform, but when it comes to professional blogging, only a few bloggers are using blogger platform, rest are using wordpress, because of shear functionality

  • Hi Guatam,

    I see these comparisons all of the time but you are the first one I found that mentioned multi-author and guest blogging functions. That is an excellent point to list. Thanks for the post. I am going to look for Robert’s post now too.

    Voting for this one!
    .-= ileane´s last blog ..Blog Engage Activity for Ms. Ileane Speaks in November =-.

    • That is because i have faced problems with guest blogging in blogger and wordpress has a lot of features that make it a better platform for guest and multi author blogging

  • Can I give a great big thumbs up for this? This is exactly what I tell potential clients. One addition: CONTROL.

    I think I’ll just send folks over here if they need a good list of reasons!
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Create a New WordPress Post =-.

    • WordPress has total control over the appearance, posting and SEO. And so the major feature about wordpress is ‘control’

  • You name a lot of advantages of wordpress over blogger and I think you are right. Customizing the blogger template can make up for some of the disadvantages but not for all. The biggest difference in my opinion comes from the fact that wordpress allows PHP scripting, while in blogger you can only do blogger xml + javascript. This makes wordpress more powerful and better for SEO.
    .-= Benjamin´s last blog ..Special Pages in Blogger =-.

  • Harsh Agrawal:

    I might disagree with this point on page rank is not used these days.. It might not be very useful from admin perspective..but a good PR is always loved by advertisers and also shows the sign of authority.
    I believe Page rank above 5 is always good.. Page rank till 4 is easy to accomplish.. real fight is getting into 5+ Pr
    P.S : I would have appreciated if you have added a link to my service here. Some how I’m disappointed here not to see it.

    You are right advertisers, still look for page rank, but this will change soon, because google is ditching Page Rank.
    And Harsh, don’t be dissapointed, i will link to service in my next post which is the next part of the blogger to wordpress conversion series.

  • Welcome to the world of WordPress. It would be the best move possible. I’ve done a few posts stressing the benefits of moving from blogger to WordPress.

    Another good reason for moving is that it’s a lot easier to leave a comment on WP. I seldom leave comments on Blogger blogs because they are such a pain.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow =-.

    • I am quite liking it, yes i think commenting at WP is and easy job for me, i don’t have to login yo do that, but there is also a downside to it, the spam keeps on increasing.

      • Have you installed Akismet yet. That plugin get’s rid of most of the spam.
        .-= Sire´s last blog ..The New FTC Guidelines, How Fair Is It? =-.

        • Yes i have used akismet, and it saves me a lot of time. ALL the spam box is full in a week or so, i scan through it so that i don’t delete any valid comment.

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  • WordPress is a Gift for Bloggers! I advice all blogspot users to Migrate to WordPress
    .-= Chethan´s last blog ..How to Add/Enable Extensions in Google Chrome: A Step by Step Guide =-.

  • Anyone else wonder if WP and Blogger are kinda working together you know…. I always wonder why Blogger doesnt just step it up, because they could… but maybe they dont for a reason…. WP is the unchallenged platform, and Blogger remains the alternate and sub standard platform.

    Just an idea. I am loving my Blogger blog and PR5. I am too lazy to go anywhere anyways.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Super Fonts In Use Roundup =-.

    • Lauren, this would be a great suggestion, but i think google didn’t want this merger to happen or else they would have done it years ago. But if they do, it would be the wisest decision they can take.

      Lauren, you can keep that blog and start a new wordpress blog, that would be a great option.

  • Thanks for the article, I’m considering to have my own domain.
    If you please I have many things to say about the article.
    1. I thinks WP not better than blogger, its depend how you see the different.
    2. WP for pro? When you see that happen? Many blogger are pros. About domain is just a myth that all hosting and domain seller talking about, they don’t want to loose their money 🙂 lol!
    3. About the SEO things. I beat all the Big Guy with few article, they all pro and they pay for the domain, but I still can beat them 😉
    4. If you are saying that pro is making money from blog by selling ads space or joining ads programs that you must have own domain, that is a big different.

    The point is never feel better than anyone else, that’s is the key. We all learn together 😉
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..Celebrating 100th Article With 10000 EC From EntreBlast =-.

  • i don’t say blogger doesn’t have pro bloggers, i know a lot of probloggers using blogger platform. But after some time or the other they change to wordpress becuase of its features.

  • Another great feature of wordpress is it dashboard, at a glance you can manage your blog from this one screen with news of the latest updates, your most recent comments, the most recent inbound links, blog stats, etc. If someone linked to your blog 5 minutes ago, you’ll know about it.
    .-= Link Exchange Forum´s last blog ..Google loses Canadian Groovle domain name claim =-.

  • @Gautam

    Just dropped here for the first time while doing some twitter search.
    There are some points which I am afraid are not valid with regard to Blogger.

    1. You said to start a professional blogging career switch to WordPress? What does the word “Professional” actually stands for according to you. Is it someone who is using a well organized template with lots of functionality? I pardon to differ.
    A professional blog is a platform which provides good reading content for its users and is able to attract fair traffic in return. A blog is professional in every regard if it has a good flow of traffic and continuous increase in number of subscribers, followers and advertisers. Like that of blognol and bloggerbuster.

    2. You said that Javascripts can not be used inside blogger posts, then you must check all my Javascript based tools that I integrated inside blogger post -> http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2008/11/mbt-tools-tos.html

    3. You said php is dynamic and I totally agree but friend how many people actually understand how to use it. Hardly negligible as compared to HTML users.

    4. The best advantage of blogger is that it allows you to edit your stylesheet whereas WordPress doesn’t.

    5. As far themes are concerned, no doubt WordPress has good quality themes but if all these templates are bloggerized and made available to blogspot users everyday then how come Blogger have limited themes?

    6. You said meta keywords will increase page load time. As a certified SEO my self I will again pardon to differ. Friend how can few bytes increase the page load time. 1000 Characters equal 1kb. Source use my Character Counter tool.

    If you ask me then honestly speaking Blogger is the mother of all blogging platforms. It doesn’t only makes you a good blogger but at the same time gives you full command on CSS, HTML and XML. The prove is me myself. The blog I use is fully ran by Blogger and I feel far comfortable working with Blogger then WordPress.
    Further the navigation in wordpress dashboard is so hectic that it takes long to maintain your blog settings if you switch from one page to another.
    And most importantly Blogger is free! The free wordpress with no Stylesheet editing fascility doesn’t deserve to be called a free service at all. Every good link in WordPress will ask you to pay first!

    For further details you can see my WordPress VS Blogger Comparison Chart 2010


    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    .-= Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai´s last blog ..30+ “Horizontal” Navigation Menus For Blogger With CSS & HTML Codes =-.

    • Professional blog according to me, is one in which the posts are well written and are easy to understand. I don’t deny the fact that there are a lot of professional blogs using blogger platform. But in my opinion the amount of features wordpress offers, one should convert to wordpress. Unless you have decent knowledge in coding, it is dificult to use blogger as a professional blogging platform.

      An important point to remember is that i am talking of self hosted wordpress and not wordpress.com (which is inferior to blogger).

      Self hosted wordpress is a paid one and it is worth it, if you are looking forward to serious blogging, because, believe it or not, most of the pro-bloggers using blogger platform, eventually convert to wordpress, or start a wordpress blog instead of the old blogger one.

  • i am using blogger because of unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwith and more secure.

    plus i can do all wordpress trics on blogger
    .-= ayman´s last blog ..50 Awesome Resources for Design Inspiration =-.

  • blogger is safe as its security is maintained , traffic is unlimited so we can use wordpress tricks on blogger both seems to be similar.
    .-= rahul ninja´s last blog ..CLICK THROUGH RATE =-.

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  • You have some excellent ideas here. I started on blogger and did that for a couple years. I switched to wordpress because of the tools / widgets available, though I know I’m still only scratching the surface. I’m discovering things through trial and error — terribly inefficient. Any good suggestions for books or other resources that would help me tap into the power of wordpress?

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  • Great points. I would also add that with Blogger you take the risk of having your blog shut down because some people have “flagged” it or Google decides you are violating TOS.

    Self hosted WordPress definitely has many advantages over Blogger, most especially control, as mentioned before.

    I also advise clients to use WP if they are serious about their blog. If all they want to do is put up a blog for fun, friends, or family, then Blogger would probably be the easiest route to follow.

    Most people do not realize that they can set up a professional self hosted WP blog totally free. The only expense would be for a domain name which is under $10 per year. There are also ways to get a free domain name but it will not be a .com address.

    http://computertactics.com/2009/12/12/totally-free-blogging/ is an article on how to set up free hosting and WordPress. I did this over 3 years ago and have absolutely no complaints. I have multiple blogs and 2 websites hosted this way.
    No ads, requirements, or costs.
    .-= G.D. Brown´s last blog ..Social Newsmarking =-.

  • I used to blog at Blogger before and later switched to the free WordPress Blog and found it far better to use (relative simplicity). Now I am also managing a couple of WordPress hosted blogs and am pleased with the functionality it provides especially the plugins, as you rightly pointed out.
    Offcourse, I still have to figure out the best way to move my own personal blog from a wordpress.com domain to my own domain without really affecting my readership… Still a newbie in this regard LOL.
    .-= Nishant Singh´s last blog ..Sheesha’s @ Shopper’s Stop, Sheesh at the Hukka! =-.

  • Intresting post, i really enjoyed reading it.

  • I think much easy to use than word press and as long as there is no such need of buying some hosting i should go on with blogger. Blogger is free and much easy to use than word press for me and i am using it for the last 2 years…
    .-= Easy net money´s last blog ..How To Make Money With Blogvertise =-.

  • Nice post. It seems there are so many advantages to WP. It makes me wonder – Why do so many folks continue to use the other one?
    .-= TMI Leads´s last blog ..TMI Leads for Moving Companies embedded video =-.

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  • aryan

    I am totally disagree with you :- Blogger blogs rocks in terms of seo even compare to old and high quality websites. There are tons of blogger blogs who are getting top 5 rank in search engines even they are new..

    In terms of professionalism, wordpress wins but we can manipulate the blogger blogs too. javascripts can solve everything.

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  • Catherina Burchett

    This is a very informative site and I think that in time I will learn something to better myself and contribute back to

  • nice info, I’m using my blogspot and wordpress for online bussiness 🙂

  • well this is very obvious that wordpress is far superior and user friendly and more importantly more seo friendly than blogger.. the use of plugins make my job so much easier as i m a noob to coding and stuff, so hands down wordpress is better and one shdu really consider moving to wordpress from blogger.. blogger seems to be a old thing now hehe 🙂

  • As much as I like blogger, I can not understand for the life of me why would anyone not want to move to wordpress.

    I mean, with all the great free themes and plugins out there that makes everything as easy as 1,2,3, its just insane to stay with blogger.

    Plus, if you are serious about blagging and making money, why would you put all your efforts in someones else’s hand.

    Blogger (assuming you are blogspot extension for your domain) can pull down your blog at any moment for any reason whats so ever.

    I think most of us know the guys who worked for years and had his blog ran 1 for most “make money online” keywords and one day his blog was simply gone because Google decided it was spam! (yeah he got it back, but it hasn’t been the same since then).

  • Chris

    Really good article! There is no question in accepting that self hosted wordpress platform is better than blogger. WordPress is a gift to all of us who love blogging. By using WordPress we get assured security and we own an asset in the internet world.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view.