Blogger to WordPress Tutorial

Now you know why you should convert your Blogger blog to Self Hosted WordPress.The next step is to convert from Blogger to self hosted WordPress.

There are many questions which come to mind before converting from blogger to wordpress.The most asked question is:

Will there be a decrease in blog’s pagerank due to the conversion?

If you are using a blogspot domain, you will be losing out on page rank because blogspot domain is only available for blogger and for wordpress you have to buy a custom domain. If you have a relatively new blog, then there is no need to think about page rank, because you can always regain it by posting good content and link baiting.

If you have already bought a domain and you are using it for your blogger blog, then you would not be losing on anything, so go ahead and convert.

Blogger To WordPress Conversion

Blogger to WordPress conversion can be done manually or by using our Blogger To WordPress services.

You can convert your blog manually using the following steps :

1. Buy Web Hosting

The first and foremost step in conversion is buying a reliable web hosting. Web Hosting is required to set up your wordpress and also to add files. You don’t need hosting in blogger because blogger provides free hosting for posts and 1GB hosting for images which is enough for most bloggers.

There are a lot of  Web Host providers in the market. But there are only a few which have a good service and support.

Some Recommended Hosts

2. Changing Nameservers


If you are already have a domain name, then after buying web hosting, you will receive a mail from web host provider containg nameserver details. You need to add the details of the nameservers in your DNS dashboard. This will help in forwarding your domain to the blog posts.

3. Installing WordPress

In your email you will also receive your host account information. After logging in to your cpanel, click on Fantastico and then click on WordPress and then install it. You will have to add details regarding your database, and then username and password. After filling in all the details your wordpress is will be up and running.


4. Importing Blogger comments, Blog Posts

Next step is to transfer all the posts and comment data to your server, this can be easily done using the WordPress Import feature.

Go to Tools>Import


Then click on Blogger and then click on authorize.


You will be redirected to a page as shown below.


Click on authorize, then you can easily import posts from any blogger blog that you own by clicking on the import button.

5. Maintaining Blogger Permalinks

Blogger has a really different permalink structure than wordpress, it uses month and date and the title of the post in permalink, whereas wordpress uses postnumber(eg. To prevent any loss in page rank, we need to modify the permalink structure used in wordpress, to keep the blogger permalinks intact.

To do this, Go to your  Dashboard and then click on Settings>Permalinks

And change it to Custom Structure and enter /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html


Keeping Blogger Permalinks Intact


6. 301 Permanent Redirects

301 redirects will be used to tell the search engine that your blog has been moved to a new place, and all your traffic will automatically redirected to thenew domain address.

For more info on 301 redirects follow the information provided by the following post

How to migrate from blogspot to wordpress with 301 permanent redirection without leaving traffic behind

Now start posting and try it out :).

  • Thanks for kind word but the WordPress migration post which I have written was very old and that trick doesnot work anymore.. 😐
    Thats why I have developed a brand new method to seamless migration of blogspot to wordpress.
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Hostgator 20% Discount Coupon for December 2009 =-.

    • Actually you can easily redirect using the custom domain option in blogger dashboard, that is what i am using to get google friend connect gadget for blogger. Though it always asks before redirecting to the website

      • Gautam, it works and it’s dirt easy. I wonder why people pay for it. I’ve migrated 10+ blogs without a penny, and that too in minutes. Information has to stay Open source, cheers!
        Even Amit agarwal had posted a video on his blog which does the same (in minutes)
        .-= Taranfx´s last blog ..HostGator $25 off Discount Coupon =-.

        • I am totally agree with you. Its really easy to migrate from blogger to wordpress. I have shifted my blog in only a few minutes.

          I wonder why people pay when there are lots of tutorials on it.

          • Nice post, Gautam, that you start right from pagerank.
            So true guys @Taranfx and @Simran. It’s something that WordPress has by default and is importing is no big deal that even a kid could do. Charging for it is totally pointless. Secondly, the satisfaction that you get seeing your client happy with the job you did for free, is priceless!
            .-= Joseph´s last blog ..Maintenance Splash Page [WordPress] =-.

          • That is because some people don’t want any mess (especially those who have little info about coding). though it is really easy to convert, now i have learnt how to do it.

  • Well just got into wp with the help of harsh.
    .-= Amal Roy´s last blog ..How to Get a Valid IMEI Number For Mobile Phones in India =-.

  • Nice post buddy. I am going to switch to WP but not now. Will do after sometime
    .-= Rahul Jadhav´s last blog ..Best Blogger Templates Released In November 09 =-.

  • Pretty good tutorial Gautam and congrats for your migration. Hopefully you had no problems while doing so. This is probably what I need to encourage myself in moving once and for all…
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Using Google’s AdSense Channels – Video Tutorials #1 =-.

    • no problems, just was getting used to wordpress, but i didn’t know that conversion was easier than i thought. p.s. you could easily do it on your own

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  • Nice tutorial.
    .-= techprism´s last blog ..Deep Secrets of 30 Expert Bloggers for Successful Blogging =-.

    • Hi gautam, Thanks. I have been gathering as much information as I can so I can do the shift smoothly. I even asked Harsh but then decided that it was not yet the right moment. Anyway, if I can ask you a question that slipped me by the last time:

      How did you deal with your link structure. I mean, did you change all your permalinks manually (one by one) or did use any specific plugin or application for that? Appreciate it

      • Hey i missed the blogger permalinks part, i have updated the tutorial to include the necessary info to keep blogger permalinks intact

  • Thanks for the tutorial Gautam, I will use this when I will change my blog from blogger to wordpress.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..How to success on work at home [Digg] =-.

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  • Harmony and peaceful indeed. A picture can speak a thousand words. Love the tranquil feeling. 🙂 Hope all things are well with you, always.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..8 Lessons Derived from Vacation to Boost Your Blogging Experience =-.

  • Very nice post for beginners. Good job!
    It’s important to move from blogger to WordPress as fast as you can because you want your new posts to get indexed from your WP blog as soon as possible.

    Knowledge Reactor’s Blog
    .-= Gordon´s last blog ..Branding Websites And Blogs =-.

  • This blog is layout very beautiful and attractive and in this blog have wide range information.And many things information here.

  • nice tutorial my question is! i already in blogspot. and recently i purchased the domain, and running my blog in custom domain. when i purchased my web hosting , in case, i will also loss my traffic, is it so? what is the key benefit of wordpress. can u tell me?
    .-= Ali Qayyum´s last blog ..Remove Threats including worms and viruses from your AOL or WLM =-.

    • You will not lose any traffic, because you already have a custom domain for your blog, all the permanent links will be intact and you might get more traffic, due to the seo features you have available in wordpress,

  • Great tutorial Gautam, most Bloggers usually wants to shift to WordPress but are really worried most of times of loosing traffic, readers and google link juice.
    Thanks for the great explanation…
    .-= Link Exchange Forum´s last blog ..Google loses Canadian Groovle domain name claim =-.

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  • Thanks, I just buy my own domain and blogging with WordPress. Please take a look my new blog, I really need your feedback.
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..How To Import Your Blogger Blog To WordPress? =-.

  • I think it would be better to shift to wordpress but i don’t think that it affects traffic .A great tutorial given here,thanks!

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  • one great tutorial!!!! thanks!!!

  • Best Tutorials on this topic
    .-= SmashinGeeks´s last blog ..Download Twitter Bird Icon Set for Social Networking =-.

  • Wonderful and useful post. But I would like to show you some perma link issues b/w WordPress and blogger.

    Even though we set the custom structure (link) as

    It will not give as the same blogger url structure (one word more or less than the actual blogger url structure)

  • really a very nice tutor..
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline´s last blog ..Tips to Boost Pagerank – Next PR update March-April 2010 =-.

  • hey, gautam i am thinking to get into wordpress from long days and now when i got all these tutorials i can easily switch. But i still am confused about investing into hosting and whether it will give me the returns or not…
    .-= Prav´s last blog ..How To Make Money With Blogvertise =-.

  • I’m stuck at number 4, does this step happen in cpanel or word press? How come I can log in in word press?

  • Thanks a lot for yet another first-rate WordPress tutorial. I am always on the look-out for awesome WordPress tips to suggest to my readers. Thanks for taking the time to write this post. It’s exactly what I was searching for. Truly great post.

  • thanks a lot for this tutorial.Will migrate to wordpress soon..

  • when i try to import form blogger it says:

    Could not connect to

    There was a problem opening a secure connection to Google. This is what went wrong:

    Connection timed out (110)

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  • Josh

    Hi ,

    Nice tutorial . Your article helped me lot .
    I also found this article ,

    I followed all steps mentioned in the article . I am very happy , i successfully migrated my blog .

    Cheers ……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!