Managing Money through Budget Tracker

Making a living from blogging is not the easiest task to do. It involves a lot of hard work, patience and money. There is always an initial investment and a recurring expenditure required to setup (for products like Domain and Web Hosting etc.). Also there are earnings to be accounted for. It becomes a tedious task to keep track of all the money spent and received. And even if a blogger does all of it by himself, he might end up wasting a lot of time.

Budget Tracker - A Free Money Management Tool

Budget Tracker is one useful tool to help solve this problem. It is a money management system loaded with some really cool features and it makes budgeting for online businesses a simple and fun task. It features help in tracking all the money spent and earned through various sources.

It synchronizes transactions automatically or manually and one can keep track of Checking, Investments, Savings and even PayPal Accounts all from one account.
It is a really good tool for people having online businesses of their own, because it helps in Planning and maintaining balance sheets along with tracking invoices and contacts via the in-built CRM System.

It makes it easy to keep track of expenditure by the ability to record and print out shopping lists and Bills. You can upload all the receipts in form of Excel or any other type of document. These bills can then be emailed or sent to mobile so that you are constantly updated. It has a really unique feature which calculates the mileage according to gas bills.

Budget Tracker has a very useful feature of Reports and Graphs. This feature helps in tracking the money visually with the help of charts. A number of inbuilt metrics are available like Budget vs Spent ( It shows two bars showing the budget and the actual amount spent).

Other than Budgeting, it has features of an Organizer. It can store Bills, Reminders and other important office dates on the Calendar. It has the ability to save New year Resolutions (a good feature) Tasks and contact information.

If all these features do not serve your purpose, Budget Tracker has the ability to create custom applications to track anything you want.
And to top it all, it is a free service and you have to pay only if you want more sub accounts and features.

In Totality, Budget Tracker is a good tool for professional bloggers and people who own a business online.

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    Hi Gautam,

    I didn't know about Budget Tracker but sounds really interesting.

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  • hey Gautam, how are you?well you always shared useful and informative post wit the readers but this one is new for me i do not know much about it but i learned lot here thanks.

  • Why not just use something simple, like Excel?

  • Ugh. I need a budget tracker in my life. It’s so hard keeping track of every expense and income from all of my different online businesses that I’ve just about given up. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Excellent website and excellent review. I don’t think I’d be using it though – the internet where I am is unreliable and there are days when I can’t get internet access. I don’t want to be reliant upon an internet-based budget tracker.
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  • I think now would be a good time start something. The economy has just revived and its up and running..Surely if you manage your business correctly, it would as go in flow with the economy. So yes I do think its the best time to start a business

  • I want looking through and I think this website got some truly useful stuff on it! .

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    Think is good.