Twitter Etiquette | Do you have any?

Are you doing your bit at Twitter, or you don’t have any twitter manners?.
Twitter Etiquette is a very subjective term, it may have different interpretations by different tweeple. So i asked my twitter followers at my facebook fan page, that what according to them is Twitter Etiquette. The response was really good and i would like to summarize the discussion to you in this post.

Twitter Etiquette - Habits you should follow

Twitter Etiquette

Good Habits to inculcate:

  1. Always bring something to the party (good content). Share something unique and interesting. Something which you think will be liked by others and would be worth getting retweets.
  2. Always respect others and tweet others like the way you want to be tweeted.
  3. Be polite, humble, generous & gracious – same as you should be in your life. Be yourself!. This will make you stand out from the crowd.
  4. It’s good etiquette to thank someone for a RT or RTs. You can thank them through @replies or DMs. Which media is better is quite debatable.
  5. Introduce yourself (good avatar, crisp bio, and say “hello” and “thank you” to others). If you don’t have an Avatar, you might be considered a spammer or a person who tweets infrequently.
  6. Don’t follow then unfollow people just to get your follower number up.. its the quality not the quantity that matters.
  7. Be a good listener, Check links before tweeting them. Make sure the tweet is worth sharing and then only retweet the tweet.
  8. When you tweet a dead link, fix it, send it again and delete the tweet with the bad link.Also if possible let your followers know that the previous link was tweeted by mistake.
  9. Avoid the Auto-DM Fail – Don’t use Auto DMs. Auto DM’s are extremely annoying and you may get unfollowed to this sole reason. It is better to DM people personally to introduce yourself.
  10. It’s not polite to twit-fight. Arguing your point is one thing, but fighting is different, just unfollow and be on your way. Don’t make it a place to attack on other people. Focus on the good things.
  11. Share your thoughts and ideas – and engage others about theirs. After it is not just about sharing links right?. Answer @replies and DMs, this will make sure, that your followers know that you are not a bot.
  12. Help whenever you can. Help others and you might see your reputation among followers shoot up.
  13. Don’t just tweet about your products/websites/organization, tweet other stuff too.
  14. Don’t post at very quick intervals (like 10-15 tweets per minute or so). It can be very annoying for your readers. A possible way to remove the problem is by scheduling tweets at a regular interval of time.
  15. Don’t just copy tweets, it is a form of plagiarism, always mention the person who tweeted it originally.

Thanks to @mistygirlph @rmilana @bkmacdaddy @Kellyolexa @the_gman @Trendtracker @aravindajith @modelsupplies @KeithDriscoll @rahuljrark @iamkhayyam and others for sparing time to share their views

The question is still open to discussion. What according to you is Twitter Etiquette? Do you agree with the habits listed out?

  • Martin Gray

    Great article, laying down some nice protocols, when nothing is really said. Its quite hard to know how to behave correctly with a new medium. I personally second the point about dont post every 15mins. I personally try to tweet 2-3 times a week and keep the quality high!

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  • Lee Hall

    You could add: Not great etiquette to announce one is about to go "deleting" people; why do some think their tuning of their followee list to suit their personal interests is world news? (Perhaps a detail that falls under Tip #3)



  • gautam

    I thinks 2-3 times a week is a bit less compared to atleast 10 tweets a day for an average twitter user but it is always upto you.

  • gautam

    Lee, it depends if one announces a spammer then it is god, so that other users can also remove him/her from one's tweets

  • Ricky

    Tweeting in a short interval is really annoying. I've unfollowed many people who spams my twitter.

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  • 9swords

    I believe you are referring to "link Bombers" not spammers. I tweet every 3 to 5 minutes when i am logged in and have lost thousands of followers. I still tweet the same way 😉

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  • gautam

    You are right these are tweet bombers , sometimes i too become one, and you are right that doesn't one is a spammer. But people who are following only a handful of tweeps may only see your updates and may consider you as a spammer, though you may not be 🙂

  • 9swords

    Another good word for it is "over sharing" . Your absolutely right Gautam , people who follow less than 700 others are more likely to un-follow someone who tweets too often. 🙂 Great tips from some of the top twitterers listed above , thank you for sharing this.

  • gautam

    Yes i think i should use "over sharing" but this happens to a lot of pro tweeters too, so it might be a problem to a few twitter newbies.

  • Misty mays

    great twitter protocol! someone will still not be considerate though. >:o

  • Rahul Jadhav

    Nice post buddy. Loved the points mentioned in the post

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  • Nymphont

    Great advice. I totally agree with these guidelines. The auto-DM's are tottally lame, and some really good tweeters or people to follow still use them. Had I not already known them or wanted to follow them, they might have gotten "unfollowed" simply for that.

  • David |

    Hi gautam, wow! there are many good twitter habits there. I enjoyed a lot reading it. I' use twitter often and I've learned some of these tips just with time. My favorite twitter habit is: Help whenever you can. Help others and you might see your reputation among followers shoot up. This is totally true. I love to RTand share what others share with me.

    Regards 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Gautam i would not follow you, cuz i find you boring. have a nice life.

  • Jason Benway

    I've been using twitter for a long time. my twits range from what I'm eating, where I am, to updates on my blogs. At one time I had my twitter and facebook status linked. That seem to both my facebook friends more than my twitter followers.

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  • gautam

    I had the same problem but then i realised that i should follow tweeple depending on what they tweet abd how good engagers they are.

  • gautam

    Keep on doing that, that has helped me a lot and would do good to you too :). I too learned some of these things with time.

  • gautam

    I have no problems with that, i may not cater to your niche and so you should unfollow me if you find me boring. Though i will try to be more interesting, up to best of my abilities.

  • Tycoon Blogger

    This is a great post and I hope people learn from it because people do need better manners on Twitter. I like the tip about checking the links first before passing along.

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  • Ching Ya

    Those are perfect tips for a perfect tweep. ^^ Social networking is indeed about communicating, knowing the etiquette and respecting others. Think about how you react to certain tweets is the best way of knowing what will tick people off and prevent of doing the same at all cause. Nice work, Gautam.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

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  • gautam

    Yes we need twitter police for that LOL, but there ain't any so it is upto the follower to decide to follow a tweep or not

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  • gautam

    Yes how you react will tell you a lot, i get pissed when i see a lot of tweets like i recommend and it is some affiliate link, i think they should use a blog for that rather than twitter.

    And I don't want to join any Mafia, why the heck are you posting DM's about it. The Dislike list can go on and on.

  • Aero

    Thanks for good suggestion. We all need to take these things seriously when we use twitter.

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  • Marilyn Messenger

    Good tips! Twitter is just like everything else – follow the golden rule; treat others how you like to be treated. Good manners are the same for any form of communication or interaction.

  • gautam

    Really true, that is how things should be done. You learn on things that piss you off. 🙂

    Recent blog:=- Twitter Etiquette | Do you have any?

  • Tycoon Blogger

    Just wanted to stop by again and ley you know that I liked this post so much that I am including it in my Sunday's Best weekly wrap up 😀

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  • gautam

    thanks for including it on your blog. thanks, I appreciate it 🙂

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  • Gerald Weber

    #9 is especially. The auto DM has to gotten to the point of extremely annoying. Especially when it is accompanied with a link to check out their blog or ebook. I unfollow 100% of these types of DM.

    I wrote a similar post in January 10 Twitter commandments 😉

  • gautam

    Yes the auto DM is really annoying ans similarly to this are tweets which have @mentions and say that i recommend you such and such stuff. if i wanted stuff from you i would have contacted you, right?

  • Prats

    true and very important ones !!!!

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  • One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the misuse of RT. Its ok to add a comment when RT’n a point from someone else but I see a lot of people using RT when they should be @replying, like (RT @someone: Did you go to dinner last night? <—- yeah) That's so irritating lol

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  • Thank you for putting the list together. I am a Social Media Community Developer and own 8 Twitter accounts. My goal is to create an environment people can trust and come together with the objective of sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. My community is not about followers but about members who bring value. I read profiles, check both the people I follow and who follows me regularly. Folks who are looking to waste people’s time are unfollowed or blocked. Everybody is given a chance and sometimes two, but if can’t correct behavior, they’re out; and that includes celebs; I don’t need to hear profanity or disrespect no matter who the person is.

    I tweet a lot and on a daily basis. It is the only way people get to know who I am and what I am about. I share my life experience and my wisdom. I don’t tweet about my personal business or what I’m doing. I also bring news and worthy information from around Twitter and introduce personalities and products and services I find useful and of value. This is my aim when I RT. People unfollow accounts for many different reasons. Sometimes, they don’t like what they hear because it means they need to change or they don’t want to follow any kind of structure. I am fine with that. I have an account dedicated to law enforcement and when I RT from that account people unfollow and I’m ok with that.

    Social Media is in dire need of leaders to develop communities of interest and value. People need to be encouraged and reminded to use the tools already in place to protect themselves and their communities. We have a large number of kids online that need guidance and encouragement. There is a lot of work to be done in Social Media. The infrastructure is already in place, now we need to use it effectively and efficiently. It is the next step!

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  • One more etiquette i want to add

    List the useful people on twitter and daily visit to them by following their updates and comments on their post to express them what do you feel about the same.

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