Tips to increase comments on your blog

An Important metric for a blog’s success is the amount of feedback it gets from its readers via comments. Blog comments are also considered as major blogging milestones.
It is not a difficult task for established blogs like Problogger to get comments, mainly due to their readerdship. But if one has started a fresh blog then it becomes a tough job to get comments. There is not a sure shot method to get a comment train(large number of comments), but there are some ways to increase the number of comments one gets.

How to increase comments on your blog

Here are some tips to boost comments on your blog:

1. Killer content:

Complete and well written posts always have an edge over others and are a hit among blog readers. Always remember “Content is King”, after all blogging is about sharing information and knowledge. This means that you should add value to each and every post. Make sure the posts are descriptive and try to cover each and every aspect of topic you are writing on.
Resourceful articles like lists and roundups can get you lot of comments.

2. Debate

Start Debates like Tweetmeme vs Twittley.
You should choose topics which are quite popular or are in the news and are quite debatable.
In a debate there are readers supporting one of the two sides. And they try to comment on your blog to support their side. Some debates may be never ending and you might see a continuous surge in the number of comments you get.

3. Be Controversial

Being controversial can get you a horde of comments. You can say something like “bloggers are freaks!”, anything view which different from the view of the masses. I personally don’t use this technique, but this technique is a comment attractor. The only negative point about this type of post that you might get a lot of rude comments from readers.

4. Bring Traffic

There are many posts that are really good but they don’t get the required attention or exposure and that is why they don’t get enough comments. Boost traffic to your blog by following these simple tips.

5. Reward Commentators

One way very easy way to get commentators on the block is by rewarding them.

There are many ways one can reward their commentators, i would like to list a few:

a. Commentluv :
Commentluv is a relatively new concept where commentators can add a link to one of the recent blog posts. The advantage of commentluv is that it can become a good traffic source for commentators. And thus, it helps bloggers who use commentluv get more comments than bloggers who don’t.

b. Dofollow Movement:
Bloggers are always looking for ways to increase backlinks so that they get a higher search engine ranking and Page Rank. You can make your blog Dofollow by removing the nofollow tag/attribute from your comments and rewarding the commentators with a free backlink.

c. Commenting Contests
This is one of the easiest ways. Just start a commenting contest. Award the the top or the best commentators with prizes such as cash or vouchers.
It is a super easy method to increase comments.

6. News

Post about the latest news and be the first one to do it. Bloggers who posted about “Remembering Michael Jackson” got a surge of reactions from his fans.

7. Add Social Media Connect

Social media is a rage nowadays. Each and every one is using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Adding Facebook and Twitter connect (These services allow users to login directly through their social media accounts) to blogs can tremendously increase comments. You can also use Alternative Commenting Systems such as Js-Kit. These commenting systems, have built in options to login via various social media accounts.

These methods will surely help you gain comments on your blog.

  • Marie

    Brilliant post, thanks for sharing it!

    Another great tip is to add a question at the bottom of your post(s) directed at the readers to spark thoughts and questions. This is a great way to find about more about your audience, get feedback on your ideas and hopefully get them to stay, remember or return to your site.

    Great content will get them to read, interesting topics will get them to stay, and suggestions, ideas and questions will get them to comment!!!

    Thanks again


  • Ryan Hanley

    I like the idea of CommentLuv. Is this tool being used widely throughout the blogging community?

  • gautam

    Great tip Marie, Asking a qustion, starting a discussion can also increase comments, debates are an intense form of these discussions

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  • gautam

    This tool is being used by some of the leading bloggers, and is a very good concept coined by Andy Bailey

  • DiTesco

    Very powerful tips Gautam. I fortunately have been following all these tips and I have to say, they all work. Like you, I have not yet tried calling "bloggers a freak", but who knows, maybe one day. I think that will depend much on my mood, hehe.

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  • Kayla Dawson

    I also really like the CommentLUV tool and this is the first I have heard it but will be using it from now on. Downloading it is the first thing I am going to do after posting this.

  • Klaus @ TechPatio

    Would be interesting to see what kind of comments a post on "bloggers are freaks" would show… are you up for the task? hehe

    Recent blog:=- Woopra – Live Visitor Statistics For Your Blog

  • gautam

    That's just an idea, i may say twitter sucks, something like this, and if i tweet this i might get a horde of comments, that would be an idea i would try when i sell my blog. LOL

  • gautam

    I would be but it will surely increase my blog haters πŸ™‚ LOL

  • Will McCulloch

    Hi Gautam,

    First time here and a great post to start with. All really good tips I'm sure & I'll definitely be following most of them over the next weeks & months ( but there's never enough time is there?!)

    Comment Luv definitely has advantages …. and I wanted to add to my own site
    ( but I don't think this is possible as I already use Disqus . and it's a case of either / or isn't it ?! )

    All the best from Hamburg

    P.S- if you’d like to add Blog Godown at , please just leave a message on the site itself – with (i) the link (ii) a very short site description and (iii) preferred category. Would love to include it in the "what a" collection.

  • Tycoon Blogger

    Great tips. I have used them all at various times. My favorite is the start a comment competition. This is a sure fire way to boost comments.

    Recent blog:=- VOTE now for the Rookie Blogger of the Year

  • gautam

    I think Andy is working on commentluv for Disqus, he has already done that on Intense Debate

  • landing pages toronto

    Really great one and I appreciate it that you shared something so useful with the readers of this blog.thanks

  • David Shaw

    Nice post!

    I talk about blogs that get more comments in one of my most famous posts:

    Hope you like it!

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  • nagamas

    thank very much for tips…i'm still beginner in this case..
    and your articles help me so much.. πŸ˜€

  • David |

    Hi gautam. This article is really instructive. I created a new blog just 2 months and a half ago and now I'm trying to increase the amount of comments. But you're right, it's not easy, it will take time πŸ™‚ I think that comments are really necessary to succeed as a blogger, building a sense of commnity you can attract new readers and get them hooked on your blog. In order to increase the comments I added the ComentLuv plugin; a list of top commentators and turned it into a DoFollow blog. I hope this may help to my purpose.

    Thanks gautam for sharing these tips.
    By the way, you have a fantastic blog. Congrats! πŸ˜€

    See you soon.


  • dhdd

    Finally………you have written a long awaited post..that we wanted….currently at can find medical related posts….BlogGodown is great…really a most follow blog……..

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  • gautam

    You are rewarding your bloggers, that is mighty good thing, it will boost your comments. Patience is the key here, you might not get results at the start, but you will get to see it after some time. Commentluv does help a lot.

  • monika

    Ii appreciate your post it helps me a lot because after using you tips i got more comments on my blogs.

  • ANSH@Miami web design

    Your tips to increase comments on particular blog is good and very informative. By using all these techniques we can make good business. Anyways Keep sharing.

  • David |

    Thanks gautam, I hope you are right πŸ™‚ I will keep working hard on it.


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  • gautam

    It is good to see that these tips are being used and are giving results in such short time :), that is wwhy these tips if followed can be very helpful.

  • monika

    please keep sharing your tips as it helps me a lot i got more number of good comments on my blogg.

  • Jordasche Bledsoe

    Manners are always important and necessary and Twitter is no different. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  • security camera

    wonderful tips given here i really like it thanks for sharing

  • monika@Web design sunshine coast

    tremendous tips i got more traffic on my site after using your tips.

  • Nymphont

    Wow, your posts are getting better and better. Excellent suggestions here. Comment Luv on disqus would be way cool (BTW can't ever get my comment luv to work on your blog even signed in under three categories but oh well…)

    One question though; I am totally all for do follow and linking fellow bloggers for sure, but I have not removed any no follow tags from my code because I read that this could hurt your PageRank in Blogger.

    Since my site isn't that heavily trafficked and has an Alexa rank of upwards 350,000, I am not trying to mess up my cherished Google PR 5! He he! Had you ever heard of any correlation to negative PR from removing no follow tags from Blogger? Again, great post.

  • gautam

    I donno Andy Bailey(Owner of commentluv) is removing it from js-jkit, so there are chances it may not work, but you need to add http:// before the website for it to work.

    Do follow is good if u have spam free content else it can be a nuisance and yes can have a negative impact on pr. Depends who you are following.

  • ali qayyum

    thanks for the awesome tips. can u tell me? my blog is dofollow attribute or not! tell me

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  • gautam

    No it is not dofollow !

  • work at home

    Hi Gautan I am your StumbleUpon friend. I have visited your blog first time.. Really your blog is very nice. Your point that you mentioned here is really great for get comment more. I will be your regular visitor.

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  • gautam

    Welcome aboard! Glad you liked my blog πŸ™‚

  • work at home

    Your blog is really rocks. Yesterday I have read some of your blog. I like those.

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  • gautam

    good to know you liked it πŸ™‚

  • Gordon Cindric

    Being controversial is the part I like the most, it's so much fun! πŸ™‚ Also, CommentLUV is one of the latest best things I've seen on WordPress in a while.
    Nice post, pretty much covers all the main things πŸ™‚

    Recent blog:=- 6 Ways to Write Better Than Chuck Norris

  • gautam

    Good for you, being controversial is a good option, i personally don't try this option, can be a really good of attracting comments

  • R Kumar

    Commentluv is an excellent way of managing your blog commenting system. The best part about it is the fact that it automatically picks the latest blog post from the commentator and displays a link to it. This way a specific post can get good exposure and in turn it encourages people to comment.

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  • Very powerful and useful tips to increase comments on our blog

  • I would like to know about the tips for how to attract new users to your blog.. other than the content as content is always a king but there is some marketing involve .. so how to get that ?

    • You can increase traffic by marketing your blog, using social media is my suggestion for you

  • very nice post..
    But js-kit is not free of cost now

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  • great tips,thanks for sharing..For me,I loved comment luv and making comment competition.It’s effective ways to increase comment..once again thanks..

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  • Nice Tips, will help a lot. Thanks