Browser Toolbars for Blog communities

It is always important to hold your readers to your websites and make them good engagers to your blog, This can be done by Facebook Fan Pages, Google Friend Connect and Wibiya Widget.

Today I am going to review a really new and unique idea to build a blog community and that too in a 10 minutes.
Conduit has launched a new feature of creating browser(Firefox, Internet Explorer) Toolbars for your Blog Communities. This feature will increase reader engagement and generate more traffic.

Blog Godown Community Toolbar- Easily editing features and create one in minutes
Community Toolbar for Blogs/Websites

The best thing of this toolbar is that you can easily edit and create a feature rich toolbar for your community using the simple Toolbar creator in a few minutes. And features are quite comparable to that found in popular toolbars like Google and Yahoo.

The Feature list:

1. Basic Components

  • Your Logo – Add a logo and link to your website.
  • Link Button – Add links to specific pages.
  • Menu Button – Add Drop Down Menus
  • News Ticker – A News Ticker as shown in Tv News Channels.
  • Link in Main Menu – These links show up in the main configuration menu next to the Logo.
  • Separator – It is used to separate sections of the toolbar.
  • Label – Add Tags and Labels

2. Search


4. Games and Media


  • Games
  • TV
  • Gadgets
  • Podcast
  • work at home

    Gautam This is really very nice toolbar for blogger. I will use this toolbar on my browser. Hey Gautam my blog PR increase from 1 to 3. What about your blog?

  • gautam

    My also went from 2 to 3.

  • work at home

    Congrats Gautam. So what the advantage you will take by this PR update?

  • DiTesco

    Hi there. This toolbar does appear to be very interesting and one that I will try for sure. Increasing readers engagement is always a top priority for me and if this one helps, all the better. Thanks for this find

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  • Blogging world

    Great article by you once more!! Definitely you have been writing blog promotion tools and increasing visitors arrival on a blog.

    Well do you have active digging circle?

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  • gautam

    I don't think it is much of an advantage, just pleases me . that's all

  • gautam
  • Will

    Hi Guatam,

    It's a good topic – these toolbars definitely add a lot to a website in my opinion … and I've definitely noticed benefits since adding one to my own blog. Is there any downside them though ? Security? Privacy? Other issues ? Or is it all just positive? ( I hope so!)

    Best wishes


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  • gautam

    The only downside i can see is the loading time. It can increase by a substantial amount of the toolbar is really heavy.

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  • monika@children party invitation

    that's sound great thanks for giving this wonderful toolbar.i will use it in my blog and definitely tell you the your stuffs.thanks for posting this useful information.keep sharing.

  • David |

    Hi Gautam,

    Yes, I've seen many sites with this toolbar. But I'm not sure. I wouldn't like to increase the time my site takes to load.

    See you :).

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  • Tampa Real Estate

    Hi haven't tried this toolbar but have installed the wibiya toolbar and you are right you will increase your readership with these types of toolbars.They are very user friendly as well.

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  • gautam

    This has nothing to do with the site time, this toolbar is downloaded by you user in his firefox, so it does not take that much time

  • taranfx

    This has one serious problem, doesn`t work with Chrome.
    If open sources it, I can write extension for chrome! 😎

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  • web development

    They're supposed to be convenient, like if you want to search for something right away. Instead of going to, you can just click the toolbar and type in your search.But the other features, I don't know.

  • taranfx


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  • gautam

    They are quite convenient and plus you make them really convient and snazzy 🙂

  • seo manchester

    really great site.last time i came to your blog and gone through your post i used your toolbar really its great thanks for sharing this useful information with the users of this blog.i hope you will share again informative post.keep it up.

  • rubber wristbands

    i used this tool bar and i got tremendous results.i am thankful to you for posting this useful information.

  • looking really an excellent toolbar and wonderful for entertainment and professional purpose ,i have seen it on so many websites.thanks!
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  • Nice toolbar…
    But what is the use of this toolbar

  • Hi Gautam,

    Where can i download this toolbar? Is it available free or i have to pay for this?

  • rndtechnologies786

    View is good.