Blog Engage – A Social Media Site for your Blog Promotion

Before i write about Blog Engage. I would like to let you know that i came to know about the site a few months ago, but at that time i didn’t know about the power of social media sites.
Now I know about the power of social media, i am using social media as a basis for my Blog Promotion.
I would like you all to know about Blog Engage which is an upcoming social media site for blog promotion.

Blog Engage

Why should one use Blog Engage?

1. Blog Promotion: If you submit your post at Blog engage, it will be read by other users and therefore your blog will get free promotion.

2. It is new so there is more chance of become a power user. Being a power user, you get the power to publicize any post you submit and that may increase your traffic inflow to multifolds.

3. It is a community of new and active Bloggers: It means that not only will they vote for your post, but they will engage by commenting and also subscribing to your blog.

4. Do Follow Link Love: Blog Engage is Nofollow free, i.e each post you submit will get a link back. And this may increase the page rank of the blog post.

5. Get on to the Spotlight: Blog Engage also rewards it’s active members with a spotlight on their blog. This means more exposure to your blog and therefore more traffic.

6. Get Featured on Brian’s Blog: Blog Engage’s owner Brian has a great blog and he links to most voted posts on his Blog. This means an up on your technorati rank and authority.

All in all it is a great oppurtunity for new and active bloggers, to promote their blogs and get attention.

I have added a Blog engage button on top of each post so you can vote for the post you like. And i believe in “Sharing is Caring”

Are you already a Blog Engage user? If yes, share your experience with us.

  • bbrian017


    Thanks so much for the free promotion and positive words about blog engage. One thing I really like to stress is like anything else in life it is what you make it. There's opportunity to develop real and true relationships using blogengage. You can vote, comment and meet new people, blogger within your own niche and gain relevant backlinks at the same time. I'm excited to have you as part of our community and hope to see you taking full advantage of our resources.

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  • cheth

    Sounds great.. will try it out ASAP

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  • Tycoon Blogger

    I have been a part of this community for several months now and I agree that it is a great community for bloggers. I try to submit all my posts to the site and have seen a good amount of traffic lately.

  • gautam

    I am also looking forward ro reap maximum benefits from blogengae and make contacts with new bloggers

  • gautam

    I think i am also hoping that blogengage becomes a leading source of traffic for my blog, that is why i have added the vote button so that i get more votes on the story.

  • gautam

    You should try. It is a great social media site for bloggers

  • Guest

    I tried to use Blog Engage and had a less than stellar experience. I signed up and chose my user name and password only to not be able to log in 5 minutes later. Then, when I requested my password be emailed to me, (even though I know I didn't make an error, password was extremely simple) I found that there was no password in the email. The email provided me with my username but the password field was blank….

  • gautam

    I don't know about this feature because i made my account months ago but never used but tell me your user name or name so that i can tell brian about it

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  • Aswani

    Hi Gautam, it is a pleasure for me to be on your blog. I really like the way, it has been put up. Nice layout and very informative posts. yes, I am on blogengage but not as active as others. With so many social networking sites around, its getting very difficult for me to manage each and everything O:-) I think I should have been more active there, looking at the reasons mentioned above 😛 bty, I will try to be more active there.

    And yes, many thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. Thanks and Keep in touch 🙂

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  • gautam

    Thanx for dropping by Aswani.
    I know i have the same problem that social networking sites are taking a lot of my time and don't get to blog frequently because of that.
    But do try Blog Engage, maybe you might find some good bloggers there

  • Asswass

    I love Blog Engage and I'm a heavy member. I submit all my posts and I like to browse around and vote on other peoples blogs.

  • gautam

    Thanks for stopping by, i too am looking forward to do the same thing

  • DiTesco

    Yep. Heard about it but really have not had time to really jump into it. However, I do like the benefits you online here and I will therefore check it out and see what it can do for my blog. Good one. Thanks

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  • Jennifer Wagner

    I've been using Blog Engage for over a year now and am very happy with it.

  • Blaine Bullman

    I've only been a member for a few weeks and I really enjoy being there. The community there is definitely one of the best with great articles being published there. The web could do with a few more sites like this.

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  • gautam

    HEy it is a must see, because if u gain reputation here, you get a lot of people coming to your website

    Recent blog:=- Blog Engage – A Social Media Site for your Blog Promotion

  • gautam

    SO have you got some traffic from it?

  • gautam

    I know it is a really good site by brian, plus the spotlights are making it even better,

  • Ching Ya

    I've joined but have yet a heavy user. However I do plan to put more effort in it since I'm quite fond of all the user-friendly options and clean layout. I think Brian did a great job for introducing this site to all of us. Thanks Gautam, I will need to really use it more often.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • Keegan

    I just got on Blog Engage today but I can tell we're going to have a long relationship.

  • gautam

    You should use it to submit each and every post you write (you can get traffic from it). I am new and getting traffic from it already.

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  • BlogEngage is a great community and it has introduced to me blogs I may not have come across any other way, I found this article on there! 🙂


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    • Yes i agree to this fact, i have seen a lot of traffic from blogengage, and it has grown with time. When I get to the first page of Blogengage, i receive atleast 15-20 comments from it.

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  • Gautam, after reading another one of your informative post, it has to be said, “I knew it was a reason I keep coming back to your blog.”

  • Had to make an adjustment with my blog:

    Gautam, after reading another one of your informative post, it has to be said, “I knew it was a reason I keep coming back to your blog.”

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view.