6 Tips to get Traffic to your Blog

I’ve been asked a lot of my readers and followers that how i have gained a decent amount of traffic in just 6 months. It is not so difficult to do so.
And in this post i will give you 6 tips to get traffic to your blog.

Get Traffic to your Blog

1. Twitter as a Blog Marketing Tool:

In my opinion twitter is a really good platform to showcase your blog posts, mainly because of it’s popularity and also because many other fellow bloggers and potential readers are using it on a large scale to share links and information.
This doesn’t mean that you just keep on tweeting about your blog posts because that is considered as spamming.
Twitter is about sharing good stuff, so make sure you tweet about of other good articles and posts. This not only makes you a good tweep (Acronym for a person using Twitter), but also helps in gaining a good reputation among your followers and thus helps you get more retweets.

2. Entrecard

I think Entrecard is a boon for new and upcoming bloggers.
The core idea behind Entrecard is that, the more active you are, the more traffic you can get to your website. It is not dependent on how old your blog is but how actively you drop on other websites. I must say that it helps in boosting your traffic if you become a really active member.

3. Social Bookmarking sites:

I think social bookmarking websites other than twitter, like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Blogengage work on a similar principle. You don’t have to spam by voting only your website, but you have to vote articles that are good and worth a read by your friends.
It is also important to befriend new people and make a good relationship with them which helps in promotion of your blog content.

4. Power Commenting:

Yes, Commenting can get you decent amount of traffic.
By commenting, I don’t mean words like “great post”, “Thanks”, “Good Job”. One liners are never considered good comments. Comments should be such that you engage with the author and talk about the post or you add some additional information related to the post. If you write valuable comments, you will get quality traffic and it is most likely to increase your blog subscribers.
If you comment on Dofollow Blogs you will also get a linkback to your website.

5. Submitting Articles:

Submission of articles at popular article sites like Ezine and Squidoo, is an old way to get traffic but it still works. These websites are quite popular and easily get a higher rank at search engines. They can prove to be good traffic sources to your blog, if you submit good quality and resourceful articles to these sites.

6. Guest Posts:

Guest Posting is a really good technique to gain a decent readership and traffic for your blog. When you become a guest poster at a popular blog, you get a link back to your website and you also get exposure to new traffic. If you write something useful, then a lot of readers from the site will be directed towards your website.

If one follows these tips on a regular basis, one can easily reach the top in no time.

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  • Michael Aulia

    One thing I don't like about eZine or any article submission site is that we have to submit a unique article ๐Ÿ™ I always think that it's better to submit a unique article on my own blog rather than on other sites

    Recent blog:=- Want to be a great blogger? Be an ant!

  • gautam

    I think you need to submit resourceful articles, the ones that are complete in some sense. But you are right you can always use it on your blog. But for new blogs you have to do something to get traffic to your blog right?

    Recent blog:=- 6 Tips to get Traffic to your Blog

  • Dinesh

    Quite helpful. Landed first time on your blog. wanna exchange links.

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  • Vivek

    The better way to bring traffic on your site/blog by registering it on Blogosphere such as Technorati, BlogCatalog, etc. because search engine easily find them and quite easy for everyone.

    Recent blog:=- Pros and Cons of Blogging

  • gautam

    Yes a good tip, Technorati and Blogcatalog can help in search engine rankings and you can easily get organic traffic from it. I think though if you are new blog it will be take time to get traffic from these websites but yes these are good techniques to receive traffic.

  • Blaine Bullman

    I've seen and thought about using Entrecard but I just don't, I guess I should try it and see the results I get.

    I do see great traffic from blogengage, it's a great community. I want to guest post more, I'll be doing my best to be more active this october. Very powerful and useful tips gautam.

    Recent blog:=- 6 Benefits Of Blogging

  • gautam

    You should try it helped me a lot when i started blogging and it proved to be the best source of traffic then, now i have gained search engine ranks so i get traffic from google as well

  • DiTesco

    Hi Gautam. Very informative post, especially for the new bloggers. I followed all of these techniques in the beginning of my journey and I say without a doubt that they all work, and that includes Entrecard. I carry it but I am no longer active. I've grown hatred on dropping like crazy and no one dropping on mine:)

    BTW, don't forget to include a link to your post about BlogEngage, it is a very promising and strong community. Also, for traffic, exposure and making money at the same time, you can always check my latest post, lol. Its down there on CLuv

    Recent blog:=- Make Money And Get Exposure With Qondio

  • gautam

    I too don't drop that often now but i think it is a great way to start with entrecard, you get to meet a lot of new bloggers from the community. I have added a blogengae vote button at top if that is what you mean.

    I am checking out your posts. Great insight you have in each post. I get a lot of new things from you.

    Recent blog:=- How to add a Backtype retweet button to Blogger

  • Michael Aulia

    I guess you are right. You have to start from somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Gypsychant

    Wow, so many to keep up with. I just find it so time consuming to do all this that I end up with a sore neck and no new content of my own. What 3 would you recomment the most. I do digg and twitter and facebook effortlessly but blogcatalog has so many catagories. I am on them too but hours go by when I enter their site.
    I feel I put my heart and soul into this and not many are listening.

    Recent blog:=- Got Milk?

  • gautam

    In my opinion twitter and Digg are good, use twitter, social media sites, and commenting are the ones i would recommend. I thing posting regularly always helps. Social media helps you get the required attention to your posts.

  • DiTesco

    Thanks for the compliment. With regards to blogengage, no, that is not what I meant. I mean you are giving tips here to boost traffic right. I think you should include a link to your post about blogengage too, just like you did on Entrecard above.

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  • Inderpreet Singh

    You said social networking is a boon .But how to use them like face book .We should constantly send friend request to everybody?.Or send scraps that visit our blog or something like that.Why they will visit our account.PLZ suggest.How to expand in social. =-X

    Recent blog:=- A godly wonder – HT Inner Voice

  • gautam

    I think the mantra social marketing is t share good info and i think twitter can help you get a lot of friends on facebook if you have a good rapport among your followers. P.s you should always leave a message in each friend request(it increases the chance of being added as friend) .
    Also you should a facebook fan page for your blog and add a box to your website

  • gautam

    Thanks for suggesting, i will do that right ahead. I think it will help in search engine optimization

  • Maria

    Thanks for sharing! There are quite few blog posts about the same topic out there, but the way you write gives it a fresh tone and sounds inspiring! Also, I have not heard of Entrecard yet, so thank you for your tip!

    BTW, how much traffic DO you get after six months?

    Thanks again for sharing!


    Recent blog:=- The True ROI of Social Media Marketing

  • gautam

    I have got good traffic in six months and after six months it is just rising. Try entercard, it is a good site for the early traffic

  • work at home

    There are two points come when drive traffic to blog. One is direct traffic by social networking site and other is by search engine building lots of backlink. So I think for getting better targeted traffic we should focus on search engine rather than other traffic source.

    Recent blog:=- Ultimate list of dofollow social bookmarking and forum sites

  • gautam

    Yes search engine traffic is the one to look out for, but when the blog is new it is harder to get on search results and one needs to wait for some time for that, so at the start social marketing is the way to go

  • work at home

    Yes gautam. when I was new on blogging I did not get traffic from search engine,that time I was busy on SU for drive traffic. I use many tips for get traffic from SU. But SU traffic is not valuable for us.

    Recent blog:=- Ultimate list of dofollow social bookmarking and forum sites

  • gautam

    Su traffic has a huge bounce rate but is a good way to find new readers for your blog

  • Gordon Cindric

    Interesting concept this Entercard thing. I might try it just to see how it works.
    My personal opinion is that writing good quality guest posts and tweeter are the two main things you can start with. Especially if you save a great article and write it on someone else's blog instead of yours, people (and the author of the blog where you posted) will value that … or at least they should. I don't know, the Internet is a big place, might be some weird people out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nice post anyway!

    Recent blog:=- 6 Ways to Write Better Than Chuck Norris

  • rahul garg

    Well read your post, nice written…….you could have also added yahoo answers and video sharing sites such as youtube as these also help in generating nice and decent traffic.

    Recent blog:=- Get Daily Santabanta Jokes Free On Your Mobile

  • gautam

    Yes youtube videos and yahoo answers are good options, though not everyone can tap on it, but yes a good option for some video creators

    Recent blog:=- Browser Toolbars for Blog communities

  • Blog

    i am trying from almost a year but not got a good traffic.

  • work at home

    Yes but we can get those visitor as regular visitor if we nicely design our blog. Because for getting lots of traffic from SU, design is very much important.

    Recent blog:=- Top posts on work at home opportunties

  • Dennis Edell

    Sorry, forgot to subscribe to comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gautam

    Yes you are right, it has been a great traffic source for my blog too!

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  • Other social media websites like facebook also helps in getting some traffic.
    .-= Simran´s last blog ..Best Sites to Learn Photography Skills =-.

    • Yes, facebook is a traffic driver, it takes time and patience to get a good fan following on facebook. Though if you post a really viral image and video, it spreads like wild fire

  • Gautam,

    I haven’t heard from you in a while.

    I just saw this post through your Facebook post. These are some great tips, I think I will try some of these out. As for blog engage, I find I get most of my traffic from them. But the bounce rate was not so good. But I started commented on the member blogs my rate got better.

    I also get a fair amount of traffic from twitter when I post blog updates.

    Entrecard, I have heard, that the bounce rate is bad and it isn’t “real traffic”. Not even sure how the site works. Was / is your bounce rate effected?
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Daily Delicious Posts Dec 21th 2009 =-.

    • I think blog engage has a very good response, if you are post relevant to blogging or something of use to bloggers.

      Entrecard is starting step to get your site noticed. It helps increase rankings and helps you get more comments, even if you have a new blog.

      Now twitter can serve the purpose of entrecard if you have a good reputation.

  • The only method should not be in your list is EntreCard.. It doesn’t provide you the traffic you want.. even if you spread hard your blog to others blogs by using lot of ec-credits.. outcome will be close to zero.

    • I would like to disagree, Entrecard was a really good source of traffic. The first comment and traffic on my blog was all because of Entrecard. Though now Entrecard has been acquired by the new company which has not done a good job in reviving entrecard.

      • ahan ok.. I have same experience with it but its dying.

  • Agree I use many of these methods to get more traffic to my blog.
    .-= Stocks on Wall Street´s last blog ..Google.com Vs. Google.cn: The Difference Chinese Censorship Makes =-.

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  • I agree with all the methods except entrecard.I am a member of entrecard but because of unsatisfactory I remove the entrecard widget

    • Yes, entrecard was a great service, but it has lost the popularity after it was taken over by a company

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  • Thanks for sharing the Entrecard bit. I hope it helps.
    .-= Gedi Junction´s last blog ..2008 Black Suzuki Swift Modified =-.

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  • The better way to bring traffic on your site/blog by registering it on Blogosphere such as Technorati, BlogCatalog, etc. because search engine easily find them and quite easy for everyone.

    • Ya I have tried technorati and blocatalog, but it seems that they are not able to increase my technorati authority athough I get several linkbacks in a month.

      It would work for some, but It didn’t work for me

  • I just starting looking into guest post for my sites. Have you used guest poster on this site?
    Are you interesting in doing guest post yourself?
    .-= benwaynet´s last blog ..Bookmarks for January 26th through January 30th =-.

    • Actually I invite a lot of guest bloggers to my blog, If you are interested, you can take a look at my guest blogging guidelines.

      I do guest articles at some really good websites in my niche.

  • I think you have some great ideas here. Maybe the best idea, though, is something you didn’t mention, and that’s too provide great content. If what you are writing is innovative, fresh, and is written in a quality way, it’s a huge step toward gaining a following.

    • Joel,
      you are right – marketing can work only if it is backed by good quality content. These are just some tips to gain traffic that I used myself.

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  • Just stumbled across this post about sending traffic to my blog. One thing I was never doing was commenting on other blogs. I guess since you inspired me, I will start with this post.
    .-= Travis´s last blog ..Fackbook password reset scam! =-.

    • Travis,
      Commenting is the new generation method of generating traffic to your blog. People have brought in subscribers to their site by commenting on big blogs

  • In my view social n/w website is best one to drive more traffic than social bookmarking websites…

    More people engaged in social n/w site than social bookmarking websites..

    you can also drive traffic from weekends from social n/w sites

    • Sudharsan,
      social media sites is the no.1 traffic source for my blogs after search engines and I think it has massive potential for my blog.

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  • Great post to look into and can be a great help. Have a good reader ship and best of the luck for the more and more great posts like these.

    • Thanks a lot praveen. I am happy that you find my articles useful

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  • This is an excellent post for newbies like me to know more about avenues to increase my traffic :). Another way to get great traffic is to be listed on other people’s blogs! I know of this cricket buff whose blog got published on a cricket website and traffic increased not only for him but also for those whose Blogs were part of his BlogRoll!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Nishant Singh´s last blog ..Sheeshaโ€™s @ Shopperโ€™s Stop, Sheesh at the Hukka! =-.

    • Nishant,
      That is a big traffic driver, but the chances of that happening are less and here, I am teaching you how to get traffic where there is no probability involved

  • All very interesting and very true points you got there. But I also feel that advertising has A LOT to do with getting more traffic on your blog or website. But you need to look into all of the places that you can advertise in, that have the right people you want to target, and offer advertising within your budget!

    Thanks for the post, extremely helpful ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nina, Advertising is the best way to get some quality traffic. But if your budget is little low then these type of tips may be able to get more traffic without spending a penny

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  • hello Gautam…it is really great info, honestly I never try to promote my blog to social media but I will do it now, thanks for that info. success for you & have a great week end.
    .-= donadzku´s last blog ..How To Increase Website Traffic =-.

    • You should try social media. If you are not using social media to market your blog, then you are missing on something really huge.

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  • submitting blog post to social network is great and effective way to increase blog traffic.. I totally agree with you.and making contest is also great way to increase traffic,not only that,blogger also can increase subscriber using this way.

    Thanks for this great tips..

    • Contests are a really good way to drive traffic and make some money out of your blog. At the end of a contest, you may see an increase in the subscribers

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  • Hey thanks alot for these tips i have only just started to blog and try affiliate marketing and getting traffic to my blog is a great start.

  • Hey, jumping from blog to blog, I just found this post and find it really useful. I’ve seen these methods talked about in various places, but it’s nice to see them together in one spot. I’ve bookmarked the page.

    As a starting blogger, I find commenting on other blogs a fast and fun way to attract some attention to my own blog. It’s actually starting to become addictive. Article marketing is also something else that I do and that’s at hand.

    Social marketing is yet another way that I’ve started approaching, and I find it fun to give some real value to my tweets. Once every 10 tweets or so I put a link to the new posts on my blog, so people don’t think the only purpose of my tweets is to advertise my blog. And rightly so.

    Having contests is something for the more established blogs, with a good amount of subscribers. Can’t do much of a contest with 10 subscribers, can I? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Connie McKnight

    Thanks for the tips. I had never heard of Entrecard so am anxious to try it.

  • Connie McKnight

    I love getting ideas on how to get more traffic to my blog, so I can share them with others. I had never heard of Entrecard so am anxious to try it.

  • I think the #1 way to keep consistent traffic coming to your blog is to post regularly. And I’m almost starting to think posting at least once every single day may be needed. I have watched people build popular blogs fairly quickly this way. While it is probably not an option for me at this time, it is a sure recipe for success~!

    I sure do wish it was as easy as Entrecard, though I don’t do that with regularity, either = key ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Great post as always, Gautam~!

  • i read all the post. You explained every tips to get traffics . I want to add something more.
    I think we shouldnโ€™t forget that the main bunch of visitors sould come from search engines. This is essential . Because all the others methods are just seem as forcing and not too much organic! For example sending posts to facebook pages by manual can take visitors but can also take reverse reactions from the members of the group if this group is not of your website. On the other hand if you stop to post your link to facebook or another social websites like twitter, visitor traffic will also stop . There is no regularity. But search engines are organic and send you regular and quality visitors. So we have to make an optimum seo. If we think that seo of our website is okey than we can share our time for other methods.