36 Quality Tweeps to Follow

I have been on twitter for a while. At first everybody thinks that number of followers determines how good twitter user one is. But once you gain some experience you get to know that the answer is not quantity but Quality. And what I have done is, I have compiles a list of quality people you would like to follow, much like my previous list. This list includes an interesting mix of engagers, web marketers, social media enthusiasts, web designers and bloggers. They have the best content to share with their followers and they do not spam your inbox. They just make your stay at Twitter absolutely wonderful.
You can follow them individually or all of them at once.

Twitter Tips Twitter Avatar@Twitter_Tips – Tips, Tools, Status
Bio: On Twitter.Alltop.com — Twitter tips, tools, news & status from @SarahJL (radio DJ, dance teacher) & @QuantumGood (resident geek)

Web Addict Twitter Avatar@webaddict – Joel Mackey
Bio: Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO, Partial Hippie, Techie, News and Idea Syndication

Sharon Hayes Twitter Avatar@SharonHayes – Sharon Hayes
Bio: Entrepreneur, Motivator, Domains Domainate.com, Email Marketing Listcast.com, @reply 4 follow ♥ music news tech fitness coffee green REI travel sushi smiles.

Lori Moreno Twitter Avatar@LoriMoreno – LoriMoreno
Bio: Escaped Corp World as Attorney. Now Enjoy Life all Over World w/ Laptop/Phone. Love♥You Culture*Film*Plays*Art*Music*Dance ·**•.♥ #LOVE ♥.•** Success Muse.

Beebow Twitter Avatar@Beebow – Lauren Litwinka
Bio: SEO/SMO blogger trying to be social in cyberspace. Social media specialist @hudsonhorizons. Likes: good music, good movies, good wine, and gummy worms.

Flipbooks Twitter Avatar@FlipBooks – Blair Semenoff
Bio: Red Bull drinking, UFC watching, Entrepreneur/CEO interested in unique marketing ideas, Laws of Attraction, promotional products, Neuromarketing and FLIPBOOKS

Kim Twitter avatar@Kim – Kim Sherrell
Bio: Filmmaker, educator ﹠ independent media passionista. Founder of #Artwalk. I tweet about art, design, film, music, social media, culture, tech, twitter, #humor.

Iconic88 Twitter Avatar@Iconic88 – Iconic88
Bio: Chief Happiness Officer on Twitter, Friend, Ideas Evangelist, Relationships Engineer & Foodie. Inspiring YOU through Social Media & Business.

Shelly Kramer Twitter Avatar@ShellyKramer – Shelly Kramer
Bio: Marketing strategist,idea generator,creator of buzz ‘n awareness,scribbler,social media lovah+information junkie.Wife+mom+friend to many.Luv MilkDuds+Beer

Livetorque Twitter avatar@livetorque – Arun Charles
Bio: Mechanical engg student, Part time teacher, liverpool football fan..I love Cars, quotes and green earth..Feel the world of LOVE..♥

Dudeman Twitter Avatar@dudeman718 – Joseph Cannizzaro
Bio: Ask no questions, find no answers, live with problems.

Trendy Dc Twitter Avatar@TrendyDc – @tFarkas
Bio: I am the golf Fashion & Events Director at WOC, I love to shop for WOC and others. A spiritual seeker 24/7__lover of wine, beaches, travel, and hiking.

Purplehayz twitter avatar@purplehayz – purplehayz
Bio: Husband, father, have a schipperke, love to travel, write music and read. Make computers do things. Oh, I manage a software development team #hashtagmafia

dpkmpmb twitter avatar@dpbkmb – FunDave
Bio: Married Christian. Prior; Systems Analyst, Attorney, Daytrader, Programmer, Deacon, MENSA. Love; Jesus, Fun Wife, Church, Dogs, Dining out, iPhone, HDTV, Movies

Modelsupplies Twitter Avatar@ModelSupplies – Anita Nelson
Bio: Twitter obsessed mad scientist creating the fountain of youth available on Etsy + eBay PowerSeller. xNewspaper. Blogger. Radio Host, Law of Attraction Newb

Gaksdesigns twitter avatar@gaksdesigns – Gerrel Saunders
Bio: Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator // gamer, into fine arts,student, Laid back dude, Cool Guy ..Contact me for anything 🙂

Writer Sheri Twitter Avatar@writer_sheri – sheri strykowski
Bio: Just hangin . Kiva – Support our troops- artists/cReAtiVes Learnin CSS, Photoshop, WordPress, DW, Internet Marketing – White Pineapple healthy lifestyle concept

piervix twitter avatar@piervix – Piervincenzo Madeo
Bio: I’m a student of engineering and a web designer. I play the bass and love blues, jazz and rock music… I play football in a little team of my city.

Nymphont twitter avatar@nymphont – Lauren Thompson
Bio: dweeb. font geek. freelance designer. single mommie. coolest person i know. humble too. silly. lover not a fighter.

Gopal Raju Twitter avatar@gopalraju – Gopal Raju
Bio: A web designer and developer from India who loves blogging! Owner of ProductiveDreams.com

Charles Lau twitter avatar@charleslau – Internet Reviewer
Bio: I review about products and services published on websites.

Pliggs Twitter Avatar@pliggs – Pliggs
Bio: Blogger, web designer, social networker. When I’m not designing a theme I’m reading blogs. I would love to check out your blog, DM me your URL.

Tycoonblogger Twitter avatar@tycoonblogger – Tycoon Blogger
A really informative and generous blogger.

insaneej twitter avatar@extremejohn – extremejohn
Bio: CEO Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc., Insane Limos, Inc. and a very outspoken personal blogger. HUGE MMA Fan.

ditesco twitter avatar@ditesco – Francisco Perez
Bio: Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Blogger

bbrian twitter avatar@bbrian017 – Brian
Bio: SEO Marketing

rembeatz twitter avatar@Rembeatz – Remergence
Bio: Official Twitter for electronica duo Remergence, release updates, music downloads and blog posts from Remergence & Blazing Minds plus the usually erratic tweets.

Happysoul twitter avatar@HappySoul – Mx
Bio: Global citizen & wandering soul. Dabbler in project mgmt & chaotic domestics. Infinite quest for humour espoused by uncontrolled bursts of mad sanity.

Konfigmaster twitter avatar@Konfigmaster – Mats Eivind Karlsen
Bio: mac tech geek, computer technician, like technology

Gloson Twitter Avatar@Gloson – Gloson
Bio: Blogger, student, kid, bookworm, pianist, funny poet. My funny poetry – PoetryTalents.com | I will follow you if: – http://bit.ly/iwillfollowif

MonaeveDF twitter avatar@MonaEveDF – Erika Martinez
Bio: Erika writes, designs and teaches in Miami, Florida. Written and visual communication are two of her greatest passions.

Mahesh Kukreja Twitter Avatar@MaheshKukreja – Mahesh Kukreja
Bio: Webmaster, SEO, SEM, Traffic, Marketing Tricks & Tips, Computer Tricks, Technology News, Make Money Online

Hnatarajan twitter avatar@HNatarajan – H.Natarajan
Bio: Passionate Writer, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Global citizen, Networker, Twitterholic, Sports Nut, Dreamer, Inspirer, Humorist, Humanist and Optimist. Phew!

wpbulk twitter avatar@wpbulk – wpbulk
Bio: RT good tech, design, photoshop tweets…. IM: red.gold786@gmail.com

vasuwrath twitter avatar@vasuwrath – Vasudevan M
Bio: A techfreak,opensource enthusiast,gamer and a metalhead

Element321 twitter avatar@Element321 – Element321
Bio: Novice Web Design and SEO Consultant. I also enjoy organic gardening as one of my hobbies.

Not Included? Don’t worry add a comment below with your twitter username and Bio.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Sensational list. I'm following most of these people.


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  • Gopal Raju

    Thanks for including mine 🙂

    Recent blog:=- Trend Review: Paper Planes

  • gautam

    Anytime:) I like your design tweets and plus your blog design is really awesome

  • piervix

    Great list and awesome and helpful people! Thanks for including… Cheers!

  • TJ Abif

    Thanks for putting this list together. I follow some of the 'Tweeps' on the list and might be following some others, based on the recommendation here.
    I'll re-recommend: (@kim, @livetorque, @flipbooks, @HNatarajan, @Iconic88, @Twitter_Tips and @SharonHayes) @Kim really connects with people and thats the big difference! 🙂
    Again, thanks for your recommendation!

    Recent blog:=- TJAbif: RT @tweetmeme 36 Quality Tweeps to Follow | Blog Godown http://bit.ly/2NGNnY (RT @kim)

  • Karen N. Woodham

    Many, many thanks for adding me to the list, it's much appreciated 😉

    Recent blog:=- Why A Relationship With Your Blog Readers Is Vital

  • gautam

    I like your design tweets 🙂

  • gautam

    Like your blog and tweets are good too 🙂

  • Mahesh

    Thanks for including me in the list!

  • John Soriano

    A great list!

  • Nymphont

    Thanks for including me 🙂 I follow many on this list and agree they are some of my favorite tweeps, keep up the great work 🙂

  • Shelly Kramer

    Thanks for including me, sweets. You might think about making this list at TweepML.com, then anyone who wants to take your recommendations can simply follow all of those people with just one click. @nongling turned me onto it and it's quite cool. Thanks again for your kindness in including me – I think you're pretty awesome as well.

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  • gautam

    Anytime 🙂 I like interacting with you and the blog design is equally awesome 🙂

  • Sharon Hayes

    Thank you SO much for including me. You are such a sweetie *hugs* I wish we'd come across each other earlier in Twitter time but so glad to be getting to know you now. :*

  • Gloson

    Thank you very much for including me! Now I am following several people from the list too 😉

  • CashGiftingExpert

    😎 Great List and Cool Blog

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  • Erika Martinez

    Thanks for including me, Gautam! Found some great folks here. Thanks for sharing as well. 😀

  • Happysoul

    Hello to Everyone, especially Virtuosoblogger

    First of all, Big up Respect for the excellent effort & generous consideration for making this list. I totally appreciate the time and considerate thought you put into blogging & listing the list. Much much respect.

    Last but not least, I am sincerely touched & honoured to be on this list. It is such a humbling experience to be put in a list with such great awesome twitterers unlike your awesome self. I hope I will be able to rise to the occassion & create a continuous enjoyable twitter experience such like the greats in this recommended list have effortlessly done for their gazillions of followings.

    On a personal note to you my friend, you are one talented young man combined with a lovely genuine personnality. I look forward to see you shine and bring further greatness, not only on Twitter, but beyond to the global community.

    Simply, THANK YOU for this amazing honour!

  • Tycoon Blogger

    I was very surprised to see my name on your list. Thank you so much! I also wanted to stop by and let you know your blog has been selected for entry in the "Rookie Blogger of the Year" contest on TycoonBlogger.com. Voting will start on Oct 15, Good Luck!

    Recent blog:=- “Rookie Blogger of the Year” Contest

  • gautam

    Hey shelly i have made one and linked to it at the top, you might see at the starting of the list, where i have mentioned that you can fall all at once (that is via TweepML- It is a really great service). And i like ur tweets a lot 🙂

  • @element321

    Gautam, thanks for adding me to the list. Great list. I follow most of the peeps on here. I just added the rest of them. 😎

  • gautam

    My pleasure Mahesh, I like interacting with you 😎

  • gautam

    Me too! I wish i knew you much before we got to know each other, but better late than neve , Right? 🙂

  • gautam

    Yes do follow, these will help you a lot and make tweeting fun. And that is what makes it easier.

  • gautam

    Anytime Mona! I like your design tweets as well the way you engage and spread love 🙂

  • gautam

    What an awesome response, That os what i like about you, you have a way of expressing things which is very unique, and makes me like you :). So you deserve the spot 🙂

  • gautam

    That is what i wanted to do! I wanted to surprise pwople :-D, that makes it even awesome :). I am happy to be selected for the rookie blogger contest, I want to really win this :). Thanks Dan

  • gautam

    Cool! 😎 I have a very good interaction with you and that is why i mentioned you here 🙂

  • Carina

    Thank you for sharing this list 🙂 I will check them all out. It's really not so easy to find quality content on Twitter! If you are interested in media, design and marketing you might find some @CarinaFranz

  • simon sangster-smith
  • Nong (@Nongling)

    Shelly is definitely a class act; and, I'm grateful that she is my friend. My other friend Damon @dacort, wrote the library for TweepML, among many other phenomenal apps. If you click on URL on my Twitter profile page, you will see my UnHub- http://unhub.com/nongling . UnHub was developed by my buddy @vacanti. @vacanti also created http://140it.com/ and Yipit. I am grateful for being surrounded by the most creative minds on this planet. Further, thank you for writing such an insightful article. Indeed, I know many of the people on this list.

    Recent blog:=- Nongling: @arnteriksen Please meet my brilliant friend @ralphtalmont. Ralph, my dear friend Arnt is from Norway and is a true visionary.

  • @marlat1112

    Bio teacher/trainer, speaker, knitter, tech geek, animal lover, stock watcher and investor, book lover, world traveller, tennis player and a whole lot more…

    love your twitter lists!

  • Amara

    Hey I one of your Twitter Followers, @amazinglyamara . I am looking forward to getting to know some of the Tweeps on this list. I wanted to also let you know that on my site, Absolutely Amazingly Amara, I am doing a project gained from http://www.eduFire.com on making 1001 High Quality Twitter Followers.

    Recent blog:=- Twitter Followers: Day 10: Have I Got a Comment for You

  • Klaus @ TechPatio

    Just wanted to let you know that I decided to follow all of those recommended "tweeps" (already followed a few of them actually), as I felt like I needed to expand my twitterhood a bit – thanks for the list 🙂

    Recent blog:=- Learn How To Launch & Make An Income From Membership Sites

  • gautam

    Nongling that is like the clest group developers to be surrounded by, that's just way awesome, I will also follow these cool people. Thanks for letting me know

  • Technokyle

    I just made my fourth twitter account and now back to zero, I'll follow these people to get my twitter board fed up

    Recent blog:=- Miley Cyrus deleted her twitter account and made a rap video of it.

  • DiTesco

    yay. I'm part of the list now. Thanks Gautam for the mention, really appreciate it. Hope you had a nice weekend

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  • gautam

    Anytime my friend 🙂 Like your work 🙂 !!

  • jan geronimo

    These are cool people. What's great is that I've followed most of them already. You look familiar. We're friends in Twitter, right? Ahehehe. Of course, we are.

    Recent blog:=- Speed Limit: 500 Words

  • Alex Priest

    Great list! For what it's worth… I'm:

    Bio: Mktg & PR student in DC, but from KY. Lover of tech, politics, environment, design & media. Goal: to have good stories to tell when I'm old.

  • gautam

    Yes we are connected on twitter. I am @virtuosoblogger, this might give you a major hint 🙂

  • Ching Ya

    That's quite a huge list for me to go through. I agree on some of the suggestions because I would recommend them myself; as of others, will try to follow their tweets and see how's it. Always great to meet quality tweeters. Thanks for sharing.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    Recent blog:=- StumbleUpon Had A Makeover!

  • Farrhad A

    You've included some great Tweeps in the list, way to go!

  • Will McCulloch

    @whatawebsite – Will
    Bio : promoting a selection of quality websites ( such as Brian's brilliant Blogengage.com ) using whata domain name branding

    Hi Guatam

    Thanks, this is a very good looking list –
    but it's been a long long day …
    and I'm going to save it for tomorrow
    ( always good to have things to look forward to )



  • taranfx

    Look at my Tweet history. @taranfx
    Meets same criteria

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  • Jens P. Berget

    Interesting. I hope I'll be included in your next big list 🙂


    Recent blog:=- How To Create Your Own Facebook Domain

  • Scribulz

    I would love to be added into the ranks of those listed. Scribulz offers unique patented wooden coins for advertising and promotional use. They are 100% customizable in full color, with no setup or design fees! 😎

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  • Nice list. Agree @SharonHayes is awesome!
    .-= Garrett´s last blog ..Library News & Notes 11/20/09 =-.

  • I know we didn’t just see a list without Source Blogger on there?! (laughs)

    Source Blogger
    “Determined To Make You A Better Blogger”
    .-= Source Blogger ´s last blog ..How RSS Helps Your Blog With Backlinks and Exposure =-.

  • This is wonderful list of people to follow, I have followed them all and some of their followers too 🙂
    .-= Hesham @ FamousBloggers´s last blog ..$1000 for The Best of the Best Famous Bloggers Contest =-.

  • Hi,
    I’m following all of the Blog Engage members here. Thanks for the others.
    .-= ileane´s last blog ..Do Twitter Backgrounds Attract New Followers? =-.

  • @SourceBlogger

    Bio: Source Blogger is determined to make you a better blogger! A premier site offering tutorials and detailed instruction on SEO, Increasing Traffic, and Making Money Online.
    .-= Source Blogger ´s last blog ..The Secret of Making Money With AdSense – Exposed! =-.

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