Wibiya – Cool Widget for Blogs

Many of my readers must have seen a new widget at the bottom of my site. This is a widget provided by wibiya and is loaded with really cool features , ones that every blogger would like . This is one of the best widget i have seen. And the best part is that it is easily integrable in blogger, wordpress and typepad. This widget easily customizable and one can easily add or remove features according to one’s liking.

I would give you a review of the features wibiya widget offers.

Wibya Widget - A really cool widget for blogs

The Wibiya Widget

1. Facebook Fan Page

This snazzy widget integrates facebook to your site. It has features like adding the blog’s fan page. For this you should have a fan page for your blog (which you created earlier). It displays all the latest updates on the page as well as the fans, a sureshot way to increase your fan base.
You can also see Blog Godown’s fan page on this widget installed on this website.

Facebook Fan Page Feature of Wibiya
Facebook Fan Page

2. Facebook Community

This is a community for your blog in facebook. Those who are logged into facebook can join easily and can post what they think by posting in the shoutbox.

Facebook Community feature of wibiya
Facebook Community Page

3. Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard is powered by backtype and is partitioned into two sections. One section displays the tweets about the website and the other displays the tweets of the website owner like mine (@virtuosoblogger).

Readers can tweet any page from this site through this tool. This tool is not only good for readers but also for the author as through this he can know who is tweeting about his website and pages and also track the tweet stats.

Twitter Dashboard Tool of Wibiya

Twitter Dashboard

4. Notifications

Notifications feature enables the blogger to notify readers about the latest news or site updates. These notifications comes as a pop up on the right side bottom and can be easily closed.
It is a great feature to promote content or news on the website.

Notifications feature for wibiya
Latest Notifications

5. Posts Navigator

These feature makes it easy for users to see the recent posts (with thumbnails).
Another feature is the random post button which on clicking directs the reader to a random blog post. A great way to give exposure to blog posts.

Recent Posts Feature of Wibiya
Recent Posts with Thumbnails

6. Blog Search

Another feature to keep readers on the website which offers an option to search for the query in the blog or the web. Right next to it bloggers can also display their site favicon.

7. Translator

This tool adds a another much need functionality to the blog, translation. It offers translation in 10 languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French Italian, Korean, Russian, Portugese, Dutch. It uses the google translator for translation.

Translator feature of Wibiya

Translator Tool

8. RSS And Share

These feature adds the ability to view the Rss of the website without even leaving the website.

Rss Feature of Wibiya
RSS embedded in wibiya

The Share function makes sharing on social bookmarking websites a piece of cake. Sharing is available for major social bookmarking websites: Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Yahoo, Digg, Myspace, Friendfeed, Google, Msn and Technorati.

Share Feature of Wibiya
Share Tool

9. Photo Gallery

It Provides readers with an immersive photo gallery through Cooliris’ 3D Wall. (Currently, this application only works with Flickr accounts).

10. Games

Power of 12,000+ of the most addictive games on your website. This will increase traffic and user time on site.

Games Feature of Wibiya
Games Powered bu HeyZap

11. Analytics

Wibiya Dashboard
Wibiya Analytics

This is a feature for bloggers, it shows all the analytics like the number of tweets read, shares, and many more rich analytics.

This can be called a wonder widget having so many features. This is not over there are many more features to come (according to the owners)

What do you think of this Widget? Comment Below and tell me.

  • Suneel

    Wowow, that surely is a collection of valuable resources.

    But, what is the load time of the page that uses this widget?

    Because, even after watching all the information on this certain post, I can still see 'Transferring data from http://www.blogger.com' on the status bar. That simply signifies that some script is still conflicting with any new plugins or widgets you have installed.

    I do not mean to say that the widget might be doing this, but, do check once.

    Thanks for sharing about this widget.

  • Dror Ceder

    Thanks for the nice post Gautam.
    I wanted to share with all of you that what you are seeing now of the wibiya service is only the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more to come and you will be surprised of what lies ahead.

    If there is anything we can help with feel free to contact us at info@wibiya.com

    Regarding the loading issues that Suneel mentioned it sounds like a blogger.com problem.

    Kind regards,

    Dror Ceder
    CEO and Co-founder

  • Extreme John

    As much as I like the features of this widget I would rather see it in a sidebar that at the footer of the page, there are so many blogs that i visit that have it now.

    Biggest problem is, it covers my "NEXT" link for my Feedly feed reader, causes me to have to close the window and go back to dashboard in another view, than continue to the next blog. Super annoying 🙁

  • gautam

    @suneel: That might some other scripts as well which are loading. Wibiya loads fast though it has some problems with the CSS but i think it will be resolved in some time.

    @Dror Ceder: I think your widget is super cool and hope to get more features.
    I have one problem that is the css. Due to the css my website layout has changed recently, you might wanna check that out.

    @Extreme John: John i think you should contact them about this so that they think about this. As you it is still in beta stage so still can be improved upon.

  • Carina

    Thank you for sharing this,Gautam, it sounds great! I've just signed up for Wibiya's private beta. How long does it normally take to get an invitation?

  • Dror Ceder

    @Extreme John: We have talked to the founders of Feedly and explained them how they can fix this issue for the Feedly users but its up to them.

    @gautam: what is the CSS problem you have, let me know what has changed so m team could inspect it.

  • gautam

    @carina: It normally takes two or three days. The wait is worth it.

    @Dror Ceder: You can see the search box at the top changes position after the widget loads. But now it seems to be working, so no problems.

  • Doug Dillard

    I have seen this on a lot of sites lately. Is there a way to tell if it gets much use? If so, have you noticed a lot of people using it? I have never tried clicking on any of the buttons on any of the sites I have seen it on, so I am not sure if people are actually utilizing it?

  • gautam

    @Doug Dillard: Yes you should try it. You can see all the stats in the dashboard and you get to know who is using the widget. People have little info about the widget and that is why i wrote about it but some are using it and i hope it will be used a lot of people after some time

  • Wordpress Themes

    I got Wibiya Invitation some time back but never actually used it..because I thought it may slow down the loading time of the page…
    What's your take?? What do you think ..is the juice (Wibiya) Worth squeezing.?

  • gautam

    @wordpress themes: It takes some time, not a lot. Plus it has loads of features like easy sharing and posts navigation and my favorite posts navigation.

    I have found its result as ok, mainly because my site is comparatively new and less people know about the features of this widget(that is why is posted it here). you should give it a try.

  • Tekkaus

    Indeed this is one of the best widget I have ever seen too. But we have to get the invitation right? 🙂

  • gautam

    @Tekkaus: yes you have to get an invitation and it takes around 2-3 days to get ir.

  • Hesham

    Thanks for the nice review Gautam, this is cool!

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  • Michael Aulia

    Wow looks like a very powerful widget. I hope the loading time doesn't hurt too much

  • element

    pretty cool, I have used some of those on my site.

  • Anonymous

    You are worthy of respect, thank you man good morals
    😉 😉 😉

  • Premier Joseph Stalin

    Nice Blog…!!!

  • work at home

    Thank you gautam, I am stumbling your post.

  • Oh! Great. I used it of my Blog.

  • Oh my god enjoyed reading your post. I added your rss to my reader.

  • I just installed the wibiya toolbar and was delighted how simple and fast it was to get this widget live. As with all things involving IM, tracking the stats will tell the whether I should include this widget on all of my WP blog properties.
    .-= Neil´s last blog ..Twit Automator Twitter Automation Software =-.

  • Hey man your site is broken and wibiya is not installed..
    .-= Thomas Norberg´s last blog ..Status of MP3 Player Plugin =-.

  • Im using this wibiya tool bar…
    very nice one

  • thanks for the resources now i have successfully implemented wibiya on my blog http://www.techpatel.com

    thanks gautam u really rocks.

  • now i’m using it.. thanks 🙂