New Blogger Post Editor

I just checked my settings page and got to see a new feature blogger has added to its kitty.
Blogger has launched it’s new blogger post editor. So this post will give you a review of the brand new feature.

The new post editor
 Add the New Post Editor Feature

Here is a preview of the new post editor:

New Post Editor in Blogger
The New Post Editor in Blogger

This editor sure looks cool eh? But that is nothing compared to the features it has in store for us. It is one of the major updates blogger has done to its blogging platform.

New Features:

A lot of new editing features are available now. Here are some of the ones i would like you to see:

1. Firstly there is the Undo/Redo button which was much needed as i and many others used to use the button available in the browser to do the same function.

2. Strike through Button : Easily strike off text without dealing with any Html or coding.

4. New Color Pickers:

In the previous post editor there was only one color picker which could be used for the font color.
But there is a new color picker to choose the Highlighter color to color to highlight text.

The color pickers have a better look and organization and also have a faster loading time.

Here is a preview:

New Color pickers - font and highlighter 
Font Color – Color Picker 

 New Feature Highlight text color
Highlighter – Color Picker

These color pickers are easier to use and it is very easy to choose from them.

5. Add a Link :

New Add a Link feature
New Way to add a link on Blogger

The look has changed and so is the way you can add links in blogger. Now you don’t have to select the text to add a link. Just click on Link Button and enter the text and link. Super easy!!. And in addition you can also link to an email address.

6. Add a Picture :

New Feature to add an image 
New Dialog Box to add a new picture

Now this is the one of the best feature. No image popups, add image in the same post editor. All the uploaded images will all be displayed in the same box and you can add these images anywhere in the post, i.e where your cursor is placed and not at the top of the post.

Image placement and adjustment feature 
Placement and Adjustment of the size of Image

And after you upload your photo you can easily adjust the size of the image (small,medium,large) along with it’s placement (Left,Right and Center) and you can also remove it with a click of a button. Isn’t that awesome

What Features it lacked

Though this update was feature rich, it lacked some features. Here are some of the features which according to me would be great addition to blogger.

1. Image Bulk Upload
The image edit is good but i would like to have an uploader like that in facebook where you can easily add images in bulk without any pain. I hate to select and upload each and every image.

2. Underline Button :

I would like to have fast underlining without any coding.

3. Tables Editor

A tables editor to make adding tables to blogger easier by ability to select the number of columns and rows and also if  possible the template just like that in microsoft office.

This post editor feature is still optional and you can always revert back to the original one.

These are just a small number of features that i liked mentioning.
Have you noticed anything else ? What is your opinion about the new post editor? Have suggestions?
Feel free to comment.

  • Lauren

    These a re good improvements! I am looking forward to what else they have instore! Maybe better comments! Then I'd have to get rid of disqus he he. Thans for writing about this in detail 🙂

  • rahul anand

    looking forward to using the editor!!

  • gautam

    @Lauren: Ya i am looking forward to that too! better comments, gravatar support, twitter and facebook connect. They have added the tag cloud so i am expecting a lot now 🙂

  • JD

    Nicely done! but tinyMCE is still the best editor for me followed by windows live writer. Plus they should be adding a "read more…" feature.

  • Wordpress Themes

    It's been long time I have used Blogger , though this update seems to be useful for existing Blogspot blogger, but still Blogspot dashboard is way away from web2.0 quality…
    few more features would be great for Blogspot bloggers…

  • gautam

    @JD: Read more feature can be added easily using a hack. Read More… in blogger main page

    @Wordpress Themes: I agree but google analytics and easy monetization features and the bew post editor are great additions, and i hope there are more things to come

  • Jakes

    Itx like de Gmail composer

  • Faye @ ""

    It's very nice, having better control over links and image insertion points now.

    BUT! I've had a heck of a time with this thing "eating" raw HTML/Javascript tags, for code that I've pasted directly into individual posts. I've had to go back and delete and reinsert certain widgets, as the code gets corrupted by the new editor. A bit frustrating. Hope to see that bug worked out 🙂

  • DiTesco

    Great write-up Gautam. You beat me to it, lol. I was wondering, on the image above where you mentiuon "!The New Post Editor in Blogger", I've noticed that there is a "link" space available right under the title. What is this for? Is itr similar to that of wordpress for permalink?

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  • gautam

    Yes you are right that is if you want the post title to link to another website rather than the post link. You can activate it in the seetings tab of blogger dashboard.
    I haven't used it at all though.

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  • work at home

    Yes I am using this feature of blogger. This feature is available on blogger in draft. Blogger in draft is better than older blogger editor.

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  • Great Article , I thought it was extraordinary

    I look ahead to more great postings like this one. Does your website have a RSS I can subscribe to for fresh posts?

  • I’m an official Blog Star who has been away for a bit. When I returned I notice all the new features. I think Blogger has done a wonderful job giving users what they wanted.
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  • Hi Gautam,
    Did you submit this post to BE? I couldn’t find it there. It is a good one, I didn’t realize the new features were on Blogger. Thanks.
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    • Ileane i haven’t added the blog engage plugin, i am not sure whether i have submitted this one or not , but i am gonna add the plugin in a minute

  • The new editor is just graduated from Blogger in draft. Use for more cool features, and can also follow