How to create a Facebook Page for your Blog/Website

The Success of blog nowadays is highly dependent on its popularity. For old blogs this is not a problem. But for new blogs social media makes marketing your blog easier. Though twitter is a great way do that, but Facebook is another social website (which is equally good as compared to twitter) to target. Blog and websites can be promoted with Fan Pages.

Facebook fan page has the following advantages:

1. Viral marketing:

Fan Pages are very useful because all the recent updates show in your fans home feed. This has chances of your posts going viral and getting you a lot of traffic in a small period of time.

2. Connect with your readers:

Website owners can reply to any queries and discuss using the discussion boards. You can also reply to their comments.

3. Publicize just abut anything

One you get a fair amount of fans, you can promote anything, your new website, portfolio, a product, just about anything. Isn’t that good.

4. Meet your readers

You can literally meet your readers by inviting them to events. This will help you get feedback and suggestions. This may boost your blog’s reputation.

Steps to create a fan page:
1. Go to create a new fan page link to create your website’s fan page.

2. Select your category

For your website/blog:
Check the Brand, Product, or Organization option.
Then select ‘website’ from the drop down menu.

Create a facebook fan page for your blog/website
Choose a category of the fan page

3. Enter your blog name

Enter your blog name and check the option: I am authorized to create this Page
and enter your full name as digital signature and then click on Create Page.

Now you can add information and profile picture to your page.

Here is an example of Blog Godown’s fan page

Blog Godown facebook fan page
Blog Godown fan page

More posts about adding features and customizing the fan page coming in the posts to come.

  • Maria@Conversations with Moms

    O.K I just created my fanpage. Now I feel lonely because I have 0 friends. LOL. I'm looking forward to your follow up post about applications.

  • gautam

    @Maria@Conversations with Moms: You will get more you should install the wibiya widget, this might get you more followers. Also share the page with your friends, you might get a lot of fans from there.

  • steppinout

    Looks nice and creative.

  • Farrhad A

    I am mainly using Twitter to promote my blog but now I think I should give Facebook a shot too.

  • gautam

    @Farrhad A: I think you should do that. It is a great way to promote on a site which is almost as popular as twitter.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    I believe Facebook has more potential when it comes to Viral marketing. Though one need to select the perfect Weapon.

  • Manmeet

    Is facebook page for your website/blog free of cost?
    because in facebook ad for facebook page is not free,you have to CPC?
    I have created a page but no ads still wanted to clear doubts!

  • gautam

    @Harsh Agrawal: I also think it can be a better way to spread the article than twitter.

    @Manmeet: The facebook page is free but if you want to advertise you need to pay for views.

  • George Serradinho

    Wow, seems to easy to create a fan page. I have been asked why I don't use Facebook to promote more and I just can't do it (personal reasons). I know it will help, but I need to stay away and just find other ways of creating something like that.

  • gautam

    I think just make a fan page for now if you don't have time and customize it when you get time. That is the best way to go about it :). Plus facebook has a great potential for websites like yours.

  • The Quixotic Jedi

    I, too, set up a fan page on facebook for my blog ( I'd recommend getting linked up with Networked Blogs on facebook as well – another way to meet and interact with other bloggers.

    I'm also a pretty active Mafia Wars player. I've made use of my 2k+ MW friends by suggesting the fan page to all of them every now and again. While not everyone becomes a fan, I'd say I pick up about 1 in 7-10. Anything to get my link out there, you know?

  • Guest

    I have been thinking that creating a fan page would be a great idea. Thank you for the info and the inspiration! 😉

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  • Thomas Rasinen

    I created a Facebook page for: and when people search for it in Facebook with "and" rather than "&" it isn't showing. For now this page will be the online presence. What're your thoughts/suggestions on this and is there anything you would suggest for this page? Thanks!

  • gautam

    I think you have made a huge fan base. This would do great for your blog promotion

    Recent blog:=- Site Updates at Blog Godown

  • ryssiebee

    Thanks for the helpful info. I experimented with a low-budget Facebook ad for one month and blogged about my experience. You can read about my results here:

  • gautam

    I think that advertisement is the best option to publicize and your report is very convincing, but i am trying to increase my fan base through other methods

    Recent blog:=- Site Updates at Blog Godown

  • gautam

    Use "And" instead of "&" so that u get into search because "And" and "&" are treated differently in search

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  • Mike Tok

    I'm a facebook addicted person , but I never come across this method of promoting a website until I read your article . This is a good idea and I might give it a try. After all no harm trying. I was having trouble getting a good incoming traffic to my blog, most probally because I didn't post as much content, I mean quality content to my blog. Maybe I should write more article for my blog. Anyway thanks for sharing the idea..

  • gautam

    Yes first you shiould make sure you post regularly, then you can think of promotion through facebook.

  • Maulik Patel

    can we call HTML page from tab link..??

  • gautam

    I didn't get your question, please elaborate a little more on it .

  • Fubar Vault

    Hi, I have recently started a technology blog and I have found your tips and advice very helping. Just wanted to say thanks.

  • Thank You for the awesome post, I loved reading it!

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  • Good blog, thank you! I really love it!

  • Very nice post

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  • I didnt use facebook for marketing my blog still now..
    I want to try this.

  • This is a great idea. I am thinking of trying to use facebook or twitter, but I am scared to try at the moment, will have to research some more.

  • HI,
    I created a fan page but it is not like
    it is something like

    how to customize this …

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice thought.