350+ Fresh Twitter Icons

Twitter has grown a lot and so has the number of twitter icons. My previous collection contained more than 400 twitter icons. This collection is equally huge with really great illustrations by some really good designers and more than 350 twitter icons.
This list is for twitter geeks and addicts, for all the bloggers, webmasters and web designers.

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Really cool twitter icons

6 really awesome twitter icons. These are all handrawn.

really awesome twitter icons

Global Twitter Icons

Really beautiful illustrations.
The set comes in a zip file and contains 3 icons in PNG format at 128Γ—128.

Global Twitter Icons

Colorful Twitter Icons

Beautiful glossy comment shaped twitter icons available in 7 colors.

glossy comment shaped twitter icons

Twitter Square Icons

4 Square Shaped Twitter Icons which in Iphone icon style.

Square Shaped Twitter Icons

Free Vector – Blue Fish

A Blue Shark Twitter Icon. Really beautiful!

A Blue Shark Twitter Icon

Free Twitter Bird

2 Free Twitter Bird Follow Me Icons.

2 Free Twitter Bird Follow Me Icons

Twitter Icons by Collagist

22 different and unique custom twitter icons. The icons are available in two sizes in high quality transparency PNG file format.

Twitter Icons by Collagist

Animated Twitter Bird icons

A really great set of 7 twitter icons. These are hilarious!

Animated Twitter Bird iconsAnimated Twitter Bird iconsAnimated Twitter Bird iconsAnimated Twitter Bird iconsAnimated Twitter Bird iconsAnimated Twitter Bird icons
Animated Twitter Bird icons

Tweetle – Mini Twitter Icons

35 Really Awesome Twitter Mini Icons.

Tweetle Twitter Mini Icons

Exclusive Free Twitter Vector

A really great Twitter Icon made by Vectorific.

Free Twitter Vector Icon

@diumy Twitter Icons

Really Funny Duck Icons showing various expressions.

Funny Duck Twitter Icons

TwitterBurn – Twitter Icon

A Burning Twitter Bird Icon – really beautiful illustration.

TwitterBurn - Burning Twitter Bird Icon

Singing Twitter Bird Icons

Beautiful Singing Twitter Bird Icons by Noel Miciano

Singing Bird Twitter Icons

Free Twitter Icons

A really beautiful twitter icon by monkeyworks.

Beautiful Twitter Icons

Super Twitter Icon

Twitter Superman Icon – Twuperman!

Twuperman Twitter Superman Icon

Twitter Block Icons

4 twitter Block Icons by Fasticon.

Twitter Block Icons

Sports Twitter Icons

9 Twitter Icons for Sport Lovers. Available in regular, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Hockey.

Sports Twitter Icons

Twitter icons and badges

3 awesome twitter icons.

Twitter Icons and Badges

4 Strange Twitter Icons

4 Strange Twitter Icons – Superman, Elvis, Surfer, Meditation.

4 Strange Twitter Icons - Superman, Elvis, Surfer, Meditation.

One Eyed Twitter Icon

This icon is hilarious. This is the one eyed twitter monster icon.

One Eyed Twitter Icon

Creative Twitter Icons

6 really creative twitter icons, golden and ones with paintbrush effect.

Creative Twitter Icons

Four Hand Drawn Twitter Icons

Extremely cool twitter icons, hand drawn by snap2objects.

Hand drawn Twitter Icons

BIRRRDFON Twitter Icon

The Hooting Bird icons.

Hooting Twitter Bird Icons

Free Twordle Bird Twitter Icon

Fun Twordle Bird Illustration. Twitter words and symbols create a Twitter bird.

Twordle - Twitter Bird Icon

Freebie: Exclusive Twitter Birds Icon Set!

8 free twitter bird icons by Marla. It’s a fresh new set that you can use freely for your personal projects or even commercial clients.

Exclusive Twitter Bird Icons

Tweet Bird

Cute twitter Bird Icons by Nishad.

Cute Twitter Bird Icons

Twitter Icons

2 Twitter Replacement Icons by wurstgott.

Twitter Replacement Icons set 2

Tweet Pillow A Free Twitter Icon Set

2 Twitter Pillow icons for the lazy ones.

Twitter Pillow Icons

40 Cute Free Twitter Graphics: Badges, Icons & Buttons

A really awesome twitter icon set by wefunction.

40 Cute Twitter Icons

Birdies: Cute Free Twitter Icons For Your Blog

A set of 12 beautiful and lovely Twitter icons. This set was designed by IconEden and released by Smashing Magazine.

12 beautiful and lovely Twitter icons

Twitter Duck Icons

Quack Quack! 4 really beautiful twitter duck icons.

Another Duck Twitter Icons

24 sets of pixel Twitter icons/badges

72 free twitter icons available in square and round shapes and in plane and glossy styles.

Huge set of Pixel Twitter Icons

Free Twitter Icon by PoeticPixel

A really cute twitter duck icon by Diwa Fernandez

Duck Twitter Icons

Twitter icon by aleandros

Glossy twitter icon by aleandros.

Glossy twitter icon

50 Free and Exclusive Twitter Icons

Huge set of twitter icons released webdesigner depot.
The icons are provided in both raster and vector format. The icons are completely free for personal and commercial use.

50 Free twitter icons by webdesigner depot

Twitt-Twitter Replacement Icons

Twitter Replacement Icons available in 4 different colors made by Tomas Bartko

Twitter Replacement Icons

Twitter Icon By Icetrix

Amazing twitter icon by icetrix. This is a NCP (Non Copyright Product) icon and can be used for about everything without permission or whatsoever.

Gorgeous twitter icon by Icetrix

Blue Bird Twitter Icons

Gorgeous blue colored chick – twitter icon by detrans.

blue twitter icon by detrans

Twitter Icon by Phire Design

Innocent looking twitter birdie icon

Twitter Icon by Phire Design


A set of 7 great illustrations by carina franz.

Twitter Icons - Freebies

Cute Twitter Icon

A really gorgeous twitter icon

Twitter Icon by Snoopalicious

Free twitter icons 1stlogodesign.com

12 extremely cool twitter icons by 1st logo design

12 cool twitter icons by 1stlogodesign

Helvetwitca: Vector Typographic Twitter Bird Icon

A really creative twitter icon originally made out of number and punctuations of Helvetica.

Helvetica Vector typographic twitter icon

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