33 super engagers to follow

Twitter is basically about sharing knowledge and having some fun. This is a list of engagers to follow. These people are not bots who just spam you with links but humans that share and interact and engage in conversations and make your stay at twitter fun. Plus you get to learn a lot from these awesome guys. These people are from various different locations having varied interest and have different professions from webdesigners to bloggers, filmakers and developers.
In all they make your twitter stream a useful resource.
You can also call this my #followfriday list.

jason pollock twitter profile@jason_pollock – Jason Pollock
Bio: Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist. I just directed, The Youngest Candidate, a feature film about teens who run for public office.

cheth twitter profile@cheth – chetan
Bio: Design Guy, Blogger, Social Media junkie, Chief Troublemaker at Cheth Studios and also a Part time Design (Nerd). Altogether nice guy!

susan twitter profile@BuzzEdition – Susan Elaine
Bio: Hi I’m Susan from NC, Ambassador for @BCCF, Social Media Enthusiast creating social media campaigns.♥ ♥♥ Music, Movies & More! And I design t-shirts for fun!

minervity twitter profile@Minervity – Richard Darell
Bio: Web/Graphic Designer/Developer. Founder of Minervity.com, BitRebels.com, RazorMade Mediaworks and The MonoTwins.

ruhanirabin twitter profile@ruhanirabin – Ruhani Rabin
Bio: Founder of Tech2all.com, Reviews web 2.0 start-ups, Social Media. A Developer, Researcher, Technology Evangelist and a nerdy fun guy
mistygirlph twitter profile@mistygirlph – Misty Belardo
Bio: gfx/avatar designer, blogger, events specialist, , loves music, food, travel, art and self expression.. facebook fanatic

featureblend twitter profile@featureBlend – Ahad Bokhari
Bio: CTO Fluid New Media — Quality Web and App Services with a strong client focus.

Manikarthik twitter profile@ManiKarthik – Mani Karthik
Bio: SEO Consultant & Blogger by profession. Works from home office. Tweets anything fun and interesting, frequently, very frequently.

Calvin Lee twitter profile@mayhemstudios – Calvin Lee
Bio: Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan

bkmacdaddy twitter profile@bkmacdaddy – bkmacdaddy designs
Bio: web and graphic designer: SEO XHTML CSS PHP Joomla Templates, Magento Themes, WordPress Themes, Twitter Backgrounds – all your web design dreams in 1 place!

phaoloo twitter profile@phaoloo – phaoloo
Bio: It’s always nice to have new friends cos I believe more friends, more funs or at least more friends, less enemies (^_^)

Farrhad twitter profile@Farrhad – Farrhad A
Bio: 15 – Creative mind bubbling with ideas – Budding Entrepreneur, Blogger, Guitar Hero and much more. Creating awesomeness at @RockstahMedia!

rahul twitter profile@rahuljrark – Rahul Jadhav
Bio: Computer Engineering student,loves web and graphics designing.Animal lover,sports enthusiast,blogger,crazy gamer,into sketching n a complete nut.I am Rahul!!!

djr3z twitter profile@djR3Z – Brent Klauck
Bio: DJ, CEO of http://Streamline-Pro.com, SVP for Teen Media Prod, blogger, tech and travel enthusiast, love cars, bball and music.

rmilana twitter profile@rmilana – Milana Ryan
Bio: a tiny piece of a rainbow that stand out to decorate this big and worn-out world (^_^)™ a picker on http://rmilana.blogspot.com

trend tracker twitter profile@TrendTracker – Social Media Tips
Bio: Glen Gilmore, Esq: Social Media, Sustainability, Tech, Trends, Gov, Domaining ~ @NERRTC Adjunct Facebook.com/Glen.Gilmore @NJHallOfFame @DomainingTweets – etc.

iamkhayyam twitter profile@iamkhayyam – Khayyam Wakil
Bio: is Designer | Wordsmith | Comedian | Radio Guy | Photo Clicker | Habitual Line-Stepper | Made in Canada ♥ #hashtagmafia #typography | #badmash

mlomb twitter profile@mlomb – Marcelo Lombardi
Bio: Mobile apps/games developer with a passion for literature and exercising. Drake University grad working between West Des Moines, IA and Cordoba, Argentina.

denharsh twitter profile@denharsh – Harsh Agrawal
Bio: A Professional Tech blogger who writes on Tech news, WordPress, Blogging and How to make money online.I also provide wordpress services. IM den_harsh@yahoo.com

bradgal twitter profile@bradgal – Ingrid
Bio: Love cats, dogs, computers, entertainment info, luxury, high tech, iphone, fashion, comedy, poker and big Brad Garrett fan.

andysowards twitter profile@andysowards – Andy Sowards
Bio: Im a professional Web Developer, Programmer (primarily PHP, Javascript and Actionscript), Family man, and All around advocate of all things Tech. #hashtagmafia

adbert twitter profile@adbert – Adrián Bertolini
Bio: IT Manager, System Analyst, Web development, AJAX, PHP, javascript, Music lover, blip.fm machine, Shortyawards finalist, blogger soon….

diana twitter profile@adamsconsulting – Diana Adams
Bio: Wife, Mother, Godmother, Graduate of USC, Entrepreneur for over 10 yrs, Writer for BitRebels.com and Voice for the Homeless. I’m really into just being happy.

0boy twitter profile@0boy – JD Rucker
Bio: Social Media. It’s what I do. I love to find and share high-quality content.

geraldweber twitter profile@the_gman – Gerald Weber
Bio: I’m the kinda guy that shoots from the hip if ya know what I mean. I’m Also The H-Town SEO guy. …I was riding a cloud the other day….

aravind twitter profile@aravindajith – Aravind Ajith
Bio: hard core designer, blogger, coder. Loves Drupal and WordPress.

dharshana twitter profile@dharshana – sudhersana
Bio: homemaker

binoyxj twitter profile@binoyxj – binoyxj
Bio: Electronics and communication engineer,Author of TechGalaxy(binoyxj.com),Gadget lover,Twitter addict,Artist,percussionist,music lover.

arunbasillal twitter profile@ArunBasilLal – Arun Basil Lal
Bio: ProBlogger in the Making. Virtually Married to @MillionClues. Trying to Live the Dream. Always More-Than-Happie-2-Help (~_^)

jwoon888 twitter profile@jwoon888 – Justin Woon
Bio: Film Director, Arsenal Fan, n current avid gym goer! Follow me n I’ll show u how deep the rabbit hole goes! LOL!

monik pamecha twitter profile@monikkinom – Monik Pamecha
Bio: A 13 yr old male blogger, Good Student, Seo ,Online marketing and Social Media enthusiast. Developer of http://iluvtech.org

kevin twitter profile@oleeoebi – kevin
Bio: I tweet what you dont, so follow me =p

keith twitter profile@KeithDriscoll – Keith Driscoll
Bio: Tech geek since 1983 and IT Pro since 1990 – I blog about Tech, Web, and Social Media.

Not included, no problems. Comment with link to your profile and bio.

  • Tycoon Blogger

    This is a great list. I am going to weed through it and select some new people to follow. I see that Harsh is on your list. I love his blog and I am going to follow him right now.

  • peter

    Hi Gautam, what a brilliant idea. I like real people on Twitter!
    # Bio Internet Marketer, managing our small organic farm, father of 4, happily married. I am a free thinking & spirited traveler & student on the journey called LIFE.

    Have a great day!

  • Phaoloo

    Thanks for including me in the list, you rock!

  • Beirut_Khaled

    Loved the post… I was already following around 70% of these active followers most of whom I already engage with by RTs and other tweets (I lost 5,000 tweets so I don't seem to be that active and I'm so angry about it 🙁


  • Mohan Desai

    wow graet list, i follow most of in this list,

  • Extreme John

    This is probably one of the best lists I have seen out there, I follow a few of the bloggers on the list and there are even a few I use to follow.

    Now the task of going through and seeing who I want to follow, something I do only after reading their last few tweets to make sure they tweet things that interest me. Found this article thanks to Tycoon Blogger.

  • Farrhad A

    Thanks for including me 🙂

  • BlogrPro

    In this list, I love Cheth. He is sharing things in a great passion.

  • Richard Darell

    Thank you so much for including me Gautam! I am honored and inspired. 🙂 You rock buddy! Keep up the great work!

    Amazing list of great people! Great round-up!

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Hey great list and I'm glad that I'm also in the list and I'm following most of them 🙂

  • iSofa.tv

    I want to take part on it 🙂 @bpinaud
    I am trying to make tv 2.0: http://www.iSofa.tv
    TV with total control over what you see. You can even make your own channel.
    Cheers from Brazil, have fun!

  • Rahul Jadhav

    Thanks a lot buddy for including me in this list

  • Brian McDaniel

    WOW! What a great list with amazing people. I am totally flattered to be included – thank you! Great job, my friend!

  • Binoyxj

    Hey thanks bro for remembering me.You rock buddy!!

  • Nasir

    Followed 10-12 of them…whom I found kinda like me….can I be in the list too??
    Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/nasirjumani
    Bio: Blogger, Amateur Designer, Engineering Student & Half-fried Geek. That's all about me 🙂

  • Keith

    I'm honored to be on the same list as all these awesome people! Keep up the great work!

  • Noblesongster

    I would like to be included in this list. I come highly recommended by those that follow me and interact with me and have been included in many Follow Friday lists as well as specific mentions.

    I am a conservative, Christian, singer, photographer, blogger, tech geek with a passion for helping people.

    My id in Twitter is Noblesongster.

    Thanks for considering me.

  • Lauren

    Excellent list, Gautam! Thanks for sharing =)

    -Lauren (@beebow)

  • featureBlend

    Great list with some great people!! Thanks ever so much for including me on it, i appreciate you thinking of me!

  • gautam

    Thanks everybody for all the support
    @Tycoonblogger: ya i like his blog as well.
    @Extremejohn: you will find this list very useful. these twitter are must follow!

  • Misty Belardo

    Hey Buddy, very cool list, I think I already follow at least 95% of the people on the list. And I agree that they are very engaging people. thank you so much for including me on your list.. very much appreciated. I am so glad we connected on twitter and on bitrebels lol =)

  • Katjaib

    Great list. I follow several on here already.

    The Katnip Awards are another great way to find people who are engaging interesting. In fact, @mistygirlph @jwooon888 @adamsconsulting are among the winners there, too.


  • Jason Pollock

    Thanks so much for including me in this list! u rock gautam! http://theyoungestcandidate.com

  • Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

    Anybody interested in the inside view of the life of a first responder chaplain ? Come follow me at http://www.twitter.com/revcrutchfield.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Thanks for including me in! You rock 🙂

  • Mani Karthik

    Thanks for including me Gautam. Great list.

  • Gerald Weber

    Wow I'm honoured to have made the list.Thanks for including me.

  • rmilana

    Thank you for including me on that list with those awesome people.
    you're beyond awesome!! (^_^)

  • monik

    Thanks for Including me :)) U too should be in the list 😛

  • ruhanirabin

    Wonderful! You are one true gem! I am such honored to be in this list. Thank you so much! I'm so grateful that you've included me here with all these amazing peoples 😀 Keep rockin bro..

  • gautam

    Guys thanx but u all deserved it :). I missed some other great ppl but will make another list some time later!

  • bang ucup

    hi aku berjalan2 aja … seang bertemu km ..

  • Lauren

    I will definitly be checking out some of the people on this list that I am not yet following, you yourself are a super engaging tweeter so I am sure these are some great tweeps 🙂 Keep up the great work. ~Lauren @nymphont

  • Chris

    Gautam, its a perspective thats valuable to me, along with the list. Great post, way to go!

  • Diana Adams

    Gautam, thank you very much for including me on your list! I'm honored. You are a wonderful friend.

  • gautam

    @lauren: these are must follow bunch, very caring people.
    @Diana Adams: you deserved it.

  • Pemo Theodore

    Great list – love your popup 'Please fan my facebook page' – could you do one for my blog?

  • Gopal Raju

    Awesome list!

  • zooming_along

    hey .. a nice list …may be i ll start following twitter more often nw!!!:)…

  • gautam

    @pemo Theodore: If you are lookubg for the widget here is the link: Wibiya Widget

    @zooming_along: You should do it!, It is a great place to be.

  • Blog Header Guy

    I've been happy to find @mistygirlph on twitter, misty's definitely shared some cool sites. In fact that's how I found bitrebels.com

  • tanya25m

    Great list! I think I'm following them all!! 🙂

  • Stephen Tiano

    Good list. I've been preaching engaging over collecting followers since beginning on Twitter.

    Recent blog:=- Another Anniversary Approaches

  • Pallab

    Nice list. I actually follow many of the people mentioned in your list. And anyone interested can always follow me @indyan.

  • Pliggs

    Good list.

    Twitter: @Pliggs

    Bio: Blogger, web designer, social networker, and own of http://www.faqpal.com & http://www.pliggs.com

    Recent blog:=- 50+ Brilliantly Rendered Designs of Concept Cars

  • bbrian017

    ok I'm on it bro I'm heading ff to follow each one of them. Perhaps I can get some new members for our social community. Lets see if they can really be super engagers of blogengage!

    Recent blog:=- Friday Blog Traffic Report 10

  • Dee

    Very nice blog. I see your feeds everywhere. 😉

    Recent blog:=- Links for 2009-10-02 [Digg]

  • DiTesco

    Awesome list. I would have found this eventually but thanks to @bbrian017 , I came here quicker than a Tweet, lol. Like everyone else, I follow some of these Tweeple already and will weed through this and see which ones I am missing. Good job Gautam. A little sad though, "that me not included" buaahhhh :'( Just kidding. In any event, here are the goods: @ditesco – Bio: Business Consultant (offline)

    Recent blog:=- Free Antivirus From Microsoft: Security Essentials

  • gautam

    I donno you get more users or not but you will surely get mre quality friends.

  • gautam

    I didn't know about that, but that is a good news for me 🙂

  • gautam

    Hey this lists was made when i didn't come across blog and that is why you aren't include, but you will surely be included in my new list. I think these help you a lot and make you an even better tweep, so it is a good learning experience.

  • Aria’z Ink

    Check me out, I'm growing by the day!

    Recent blog:=- LMFAO Friday ~ Absolutely Fabulous Edition

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  • This is a great list — I actually recognize a couple of faces up there. Thanks for putting this together.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

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