Battle of the #Retweets:Tweetmeme vs Twittley: Which one is better?

Twittley vs Tweetmeme which one is better

Everybody knows about the power of retweet. It’s the best way to spreasd content through social media. The more you get, the more traffic you can get. For Bloggers like me it means a lot, it means extra exposure, more reactions and many more readers.

To make retweeting easier, many retweet buttons have been developed that also track the number of retweets made for the following link.

Here I am comparing two major and the most debated retweet buttons made by tweetmeme and twittley.

Why should one use Tweetmeme?

1. No need to authorize and the tweet can be edited and therefore it is customizable.

So for eg. i have a tweet: RT @virtuosoblogger Finding Great Content to Tweet | Blog Godown

Then i can easily edit it and and add hash tags as well as remove the Blog name.
eg. RT @virtuosoblogger Finding Great Content to Tweet #twittertip

2. Retweeting becomes superfast if you sign in via twitter using oauth(authorize function provided by twitter to Applications). It takes a second to retweet via oauth.

3. Awesome Analytics – Extremely detailed analytics. You get analytics by user and by domain. Daily , weekly stats of tweets made for a particular link along with users that tweeted it.

4. More Traffic – Tweetmeme is very popular so if your content is good, there is a huge probability that you get a huge amount of traffic from the retweets.

What Does Twittley have in store for us?

As Pointed by a wonderful post by tycoonblogger

1. Hash Tags- The ability to automatically add hash tags is a very unique and much needed feature found on this service.

2. Twittley is less prone to spam compared to twittley. They have a weighting algorithm as opposed to counting total number of tweets as in tweetmeme which can be increased easily by making spam accounts.

3. Twittley is used by a great group of bloggers, hence there is a chance of getting quality traffic.

4. It is much like social networking sites the more you use it, the more karma you get and more is the weight of your tweet.

5. It is not as popular as tweetmeme and therefore there is a great chance of your link to be featured on this site.

6. Link Juice – Twittley uses 301 page redirects, so in essence all the link juice is passed on to your blog. Hence more chances of increasing your page rank.

7. It has more button styles(two) to choose from compared to one provided by tweetmeme.

In my opinion i would like a button which is a mixture of tweetmeme and twittley.
Basically twittley is very good for bloggers and would be really great if they make some changes to it

What Do you think?

  • Tycoon Blogger

    The battle is on. I am very excited to follow these comments and see what your readers think about the great Tweetmeme- Twittley debate. Thanks for the link 🙂

  • cornyman

    I think it also interesting to mention the @guestbook. There you sent your message by DM and usually minutes later it is send to around 26.000 followers. More than tweetmeme and twittley are providing 😉

    Have fun with this debate!!

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  • gautam

    @tycoonblogger i am also looking forward to the debate
    @cornyman It is my advice to you that it is better if you build a reputation among twitter users. you will definitely get retweets and more than what @guestbook can give you

    @BloggingTips Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Dragonblogger

    I really like Twittley and did several posts dedicated to it, however it is highly unstable and often results in a blank button or a SQL error message instead of the SQL button on your blog. That combined with you often have to submit your first tweet yourself it takes a bit more time and garners far less tweets than Tweetmeme for me, though I think it is a more valuable service overall.

  • gautam

    In my opinion tweetmeme is working fine and has better features such as option of url shorteners that make it a better service.

  • Steve

    Twittley is not unstable. It was going through a change for those couple of days to a dedicated server. It is now up on a dedicated server and is much faster and reliable and will now allow for future growth and memory upgrades as required as the traffic continues to grow in volume it was necessary to upgrade to a dedicated server for future growth.

  • gautam

    @Steve: I hope it gets better because in order to compete with tweetmeme it needs to buckle up and add some really good features like option of shortening urls.

  • Steve

    It already does shorten the URL's. Twittley is much more accurate and cannot be faked out like Tweetmeme. If you want to use a real Social Networking News site for Twitter, Twittley is the only way to go. You will be seeing major changes soon and the growth on Twittley will be exponential. If you want to be seen on a real social networking site that has substance you will use Twittley.

  • gautam

    @Steve: I would use the button only if it removes the oauth because you cannot tweet the post if you don't authorize and that i think should be optional and not forced. Tweetmeme is also not perfect, it has some problems but at the time it is working for me. This is my opinion and secondly twittley didn't work for me at all. If i find it useful at any point of time i will use it.

  • Diana Freedman

    Thanks for sharing! You've convinced me to look more into Twittley (I currently use Tweetmeme on my blog I wish Tweetmeme had hashtag functionality.

  • gautam

    @Diana Freedman: I wish that too because it will make it even more awesome. And you should try out twittley and reply here about your experience of using the retweet buttons.

  • Klaus @ TechPatio

    "Twittley is less prone to spam compared to twittley" – what? 🙂

    I don't think the 301 link juice issue with Twittley really matters, cause Twitter adds "nofollow" to the links anyway, so it stops right there.

    Recent blog:=- 15 Minutes Of Fame & How To Instantly Boost Visitors To Your Blog

  • gautam

    I prefer tweetmeme, but it was not showing the right count and i so i switched to backtype, I think twittley is quite popular among bloggers

  • work at home

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