Kickass Alternative Commenting Systems for Blogger

When Blogger asked for suggestions, the top most suggestion was that there is need for improvement in the default commenting system. While Blogger is trying to implement these suggestions, those who cannot wait and are really looking for good alternative commenting systems for blogger, then you’re at the right place. Blogger’s default commenting system lacks basic features like spam filtering, threading and gravatar support which is found in many other commenting systems.
I will be comparing 3 kickass commenting systems which you can use for blogger.


  • Spam control with Akismet
  • Banning : Ban a person by the user name or by IP address
  • Gravatar Support
  • TrackBack/PingBack: Trackbacks/Pingbacks can be automatically be included in comments.
  • Comment Ratings and Karma: Users can rate comments.
  • Blogger Comment Sync: (Best Feature) Transparently switch back and forth between native Blogger comment system and JS-Kit Comment system with no loss of comments because comments are always synchronized with Blogger.
  • Emoticons: 16 emoticons are available.
  • Threads: Threading is also available
  • Pagination: Comments can be paged.
  • Commentluv a feature to give love to your commenter is available to only this commenting system
  • Photo as well as video comments.

Intense DebateFeatures:

  • Comment Threading
  • Reply By Email: Respond to and moderate comments with ease via email
  • Commenter Profiles: Special Profiles for commenters so that there is more interaction between people.
  • Moderation/Blacklisting
  • Reputation Points & Comment Voting
  • Twitter: Tweet your comments
  • Widgets: widgets like blog’s comment stats, the most recent comments made on blog, most popular posts and the most recent comment
  • FriendFeed:(Best Feature)When comments are made in the context of a blog on FriendFeed, IntenseDebate will republish them back on the blog.
  • Plugins API:Developers can enhance the comments by plugins like Seesmic video comments, PollDaddy polls, YouTube videos, smileys.
  • Gravatar support.
  • Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign-in: People comment via their facebook and twitter profiles and can further broadcast the content.


  • Social Media Reactions: (Best Feature) Display mentions and comments about post from other services around the web (e.g. Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, YouTube).
  • Trackbacks
  • Seesmic Video Comments
  • Pagination
  • Threading
  • Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign-in: People comment via their facebook and twitter profiles and can further broadcast the content.
  • Widgets like Popular posts and top commenter’s widgets.
  • Blacklisting as well as whitelisting people.

Among the three commenting systems, Js-Kit is the easiest to install, whereas
Disqus and Intense Debate are feature rich.
Js-Kit is best for people who want the option of reverting back to blogger.
But above all they are much better in comparison to the blogger’s default commenting system.

  • Benjamin Cip

    Never heard about these programs before! That's nice to see new things! Thanks for sharing them!

  • Term Paper

    i am having few blogger blogs but not self hosted. can i still use this features ?
    at first glance of your blog i didnt make out that its a blogger blog. a tough one to WP blogs 😉

  • gautam

    You can use it if you are using google blogger platform. Also if you have wordpress you can still use these systems.

  • iWrite2Know

    I agree with Benjamin. These programs look new to me; will test them out. Thanks for the plugins.

  • Jason

    Never heard of any of these but it is good to know that they are out there. I have a couple of blogs on blogger and will definitely be checking out all three of these.

  • lunaticg

    I am using js-kit on my blog now. Do you know how to uninstall it?
    Cannot find any site that can give me that info.

  • George Serradinho

    Having a wide selection of choices is good and it helps the user to be able to choose what is comfortable for them. I'm on WordPress and like the normal commenting system.

  • gautam

    @lunaticg just go to your layout>page elements and find a widget named js-kit and just remove it.
    @George These can also be used on wordpress

  • Tycoon Blogger

    I never heard of the first one. I really like the idea of rating comments.

  • Tech @ InkAPoint

    My choice is always the inbuilt commenting system. But sometimes, such systems are rocking.

  • The Gooroo @ Finance Advisory Stop

    I realize you said this can be used with WordPress, but just a question — what version of WordPress is this compatible with?

  • gautam

    @Tycoon Blogger ya these services are really great and js-kit quite new
    @Tech-InkAPoint ya these are rocking!
    @The Gooroo i would suggest you to check their sites you may get the information there.

  • Noridah

    Hi, I'm using JSkit at my adsense blog a few month ago maybe because of its easy to install, and agree what have you said. ..I'm just put it cause want to try it first. But i like it so I leave the things there.

  • divya sharad – ♥♥♥I Dream♥♥♥ Therefore I Am

    very useful info

  • Phaoloo

    Tried JSKit and IntenseDebate before and stay on Disqus now.

  • gautam

    @phaoloo ya disqus is cool and plus many big players use it too

  • Typhoon

    Well according to me intense debate is amongst the best which blogger platform users must choose. Disqus is currently popular only for wordpress blogs. I hardly see blogger platform blogs using it.

    And JS-kit is comparatively new and does need a lot of development specially in the design side..It looks very bad. I have tested it.

  • gautam

    Ya intense debate looks good and plus the rating options are also great additions

  • Extreme John

    I have tested all of the systems above with the exception of Intense Debate, so far I really can't say I like any of them. I think they have a lot of room for improvement before I can settle in with one of them, and it just took JSkit 4 days to get my database moved over. Ridiculous.

  • gautam

    @Extreme John: I agree they need a lot of improvement in terms of exporting and importing and loading issues but in blogger there are no gravatars and these have so these can be used for blogger. Among these disqus is the most used one.

  • Chris

    Great style, Precise & neat to give what people might really be in need of. Great stuff, Gautam!

  • Kaushik

    How did you make your comments threaded using the default comment system?? Tell us how.

  • gautam

    @Kaushik: My comments are not threaded, i've just changed the layout a bit to highlight my comments

  • Brad Farless

    JS-Kit is too complicated to customize. With the new JS-Kit Echo you can't even move the comment form to be above the other comments. It's not supported. I used to use Disqus, but then wanted to get rid of it because I didn't like how my site's comments were aggregated elsewhere. I just wanted my comments to be on my site. Then I realized there was no way to export them and import them into Blogger's native system. So, now I just use the native system and hope they get their heads out of their butts. So far they've been adding features that no one really needs and claiming it's what people asked for in the Product Suggestions.

  • gautam

    @Brad Farless: I agree js-kit is not customizable and other commenting systems don't have options to import and export comments which is a major requirement. I think a lot of features have been rolled out and i too expect to revamp the commenting system along with other major features such as gravatar support and spam filters

  • Sushant Risodkar

    I think IntenseDebate suitably best for blogger platform and Disqus..For Worpdress, Diqus is best and then IntenseDebate.


  • gautam

    I think what works for blogger, also works on wordpress, these commenting systems work for both the blog platforms.

    For blogger, js-kit is working fine, but it surely needs a name-email type of input.

  • EcoMeg

    Another value-added post, as usual!

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  • University tickets

    I too like this system as I am a blogger and daily I visit more then 100 blogging websites.

  • Michaele Aulia

    I'm using DISQUS on my other blog. It's great but I found out that if you uninstall it, you 'll lose the threaded comments when it reverts back to the old WordPress commenting system

    Recent blog:=- Real time & social media search on the way

  • gautam

    yes disqus don't add value tp seo of the blog post.

  • I have tried Disqus, but after I installed updates to Blogger Disqus functions were affected. I tried to re-install but to no avail. I will try Intense Debate this time & see how I get on.

  • im using js-kit on my site it is cool.. rocking..
    but now its not free.

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  • really nice inforamtion
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  • This is good info to know. I really thought (up to this point) that “commenting is commenting” and I hadn’t thought about (or known about) all the different issues (and tools available).

  • This was a most helpful post. The overview for each alternative system was what I was looking for. Thanks very much.
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  • Now Js-kit not available for free…

    we can use intensedatabase it is very good for seo
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  • for Intensedebate, I dont recommend it, because the feature of synchronizing with blogger is not available, so when uninstall happened, all commends are gone.

  • I see JSkit, not very well-known in comparison with the other two, disqus and intensedebate, have to try it out.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good blog.