Get the amazing Dew Box

The Dew Box: 12 Second Video ChallengeThe Dew Box

Mountain Dew has been my favorite soft drink. I got to know about the drink during their Amazing “Do the Dew” Ad Campaign.
I just got to know from my friend Jason Pollock that they are giving 50 dew boxes (which is a piece of artwork in in itself) to artists on the rise.
The Dew Box Contains 7 new flavors of mountain dew and a flip cam. Out of these 7 flavours the people who get the dew box have to select the 3 best flavors.
To get Dew Box you have to submit a 2 minute video to show why you deserve to get the box and you might get lucky to win of the 50 amazing dew boxes.

For more information watch this video by Jason pollock. If you like his video, then vote or favorite it. Follow him @jason_pollock to get latest updates on this campaign.