Finding Great Content to Tweet

Twitter is a great place to meet new people and make new connections online. It is also a good medium to promote your blog and find interesting news. There are many more uses of twitter but here i am talking about finding great content to tweet.

When you tweet interesting stuff, it increases the chances of it being retweeted and plus it increases your reputation as a twitterer. Plus you can get more followers which might further your tweets retweeted. So it all depends on what you tweet.
But how does one find great content to tweet? There are many sites and twitter accounts which update popular content online and i am providing u a small list of them which i like and use.

A list of websites that show popular content on twitter:

Tweetmeme is quite popular because of its retweet button. Here you can find popular links on twitter. You can also browse tweets ordered by channels as well as by their popularity and the number of retweets. It also has a powerful search to find the news you want.

Twitt(url)y is quite similar to tweetmeme but it differs from the fact that tweetmeme usually counts the retweets made by its button whereas twitt(url)y counts all the links whether it is retweeted or not. Similar to tweetmeme it also has a search but it is not as good as the one provided by tweetmeme.

This site does not tracks the links but actually tracks the tweets which are frequently retweeted on twitter.

Retweet Radar
Retweet Radar displays the most retweetd links as well as many other information about retweets such as keywords and usernames.

Another site to monitor retweets. It displays most retweeted links on twitter along with their daily stats.

Besides these websites you can find popular content on social websites by following these cool twitter accounts:

Tweets webpages which have 50 or more bookmarks on delicious

Tweets links that get more than 2000 digs.

Hand Picked news by Mixx

Tweets which get more than 1000 retweets on tweetmeme.