Tips and Resources for Entrecard users

Entrecard is a really good medium to get quality traffic to your blog as well find bloggers in your niche.In addition to this it is a virtual economy, where you can buy and sell ads by transferring entrecredits.

Here is a list of tips, faq’s and resources for my fellow entrecard users:


Widget Placement
Always place your widget on the upper part of your webpage. If you put the widget at the bottom of the page, you will get very few drops in comparison to putting the widget on the top of the page.

Find Blogs of similar Niche

You can find blogs of similar niche by clicking on the campaign ,where you can find blogs from various categories.

Increase Your Backlinks

You can increase your backlinks by becoming a top dropper of various sites.
You can use this list which provides the top 270 sites by popularity and also provides a list of 90 sites which have top droppers or recent droppers widget installed on their blogs. You can increase a lot of backlinks by dropping on these 90 sites.

Increase Alexa Rank

Drop 300 entrecredits every day and you will get around 100-200 visits everyday and this will improve your alexa rank and other stats as well.
There are many ways to to drop 300 ec in a day, but here is what i recommend:
Download the entrecard firefox toolbar and drop on blogs in the order of decreasing popularity. This helps you get more reciprocal drops and hence more number of visits.

Get Help from Bloggers

Entrecard has many expert bloggers as members. You can get help from the best of the best from the forums.

Earn Money

You can earn money by signing up for cashout and then converting entrecredits into real money.

Boost Traffic

You can boost traffic either by holding a contest or by advertising on popular websites.


How to hold an entrecard contest?

To hold an entrecard contest is quite simple. First gather all the credits you want to giveway.
Then contact support to lift the transfer limit, as you cannot send more than 1000 credits in 7 days.
Then you can post about your contest in the forum or the market or in both.

How to sign up for cashout?

Sign in to your Entrecard account, then go to dashboard. Look for Your Account and then click on signup for cashout as shown in the image.

Signup For Cashout

How is the price of the entrecard advertisement calculated and how much do i get for showing an advertisement?

The complete answer to your query is given in this help page

How to add more websites to my account?

You can add more than one website to your account. For more information about adding other sites visit this help page.


Top Droppers Widget for Blogger Blogs

The top droppers widget will display the top 5 droppers for the last 30 days. Here is the link to the widget.

Recent Droppers Widget

Entrecard has provided a really good tutorial for adding recent droppers widget

Have any questions? tell me!

  • George Serradinho

    A very informative post. I applied for cashout option and was accepted after a few weeks of waiting. I then transfered 11,000 credits some time ago for cashout and I'm still waiting for payment. They took the credits off my account already.

    Would love to know if you have been paid yet or not.

  • gautam

    @George Serradinho: i had applied for cahout,got accepted as well but i didn't convert my credits to cash. I am using them for advertising and for blog promotion.

  • Tycoon Blooger

    Really good post and quite useful for EC newbies. I hope Graham adds to the blog or in the whats hot section. I wrote a similar post a couple days back and emailed him. Surprise, I have not heard back. I would love the extra traffic!

    @George- That is crazy that you have not been paid yet…I know you have been waiting for a while..

  • gautam

    @tycoon blogger: ya i have emailed too and your's will surely be added to the blog, it is pretty good 🙂

  • Techblizz

    hi, good useful post for EC newbies…
    have a nice day

  • work at home

    Nice review on Entrecard Gautam. I have also write one article on Entrecard. Although I not get busy on Entrecard but I like their dropping system.

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